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Life's Changes

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51 Re: Life's Changes on Thu Mar 07, 2013 3:19 am

One by one the women met the king. When the last people were Lilith and Brutus; my king I like you to meet the young lady that nearly knocked you off your feet. Lilith smiled at him as her sister screamed. Lilith father ran up and grab Lilith by the arm; she wasn't to meet the king only my other lovely daughters were he said as Alexander had the guard stop the man. Alexander notice how Henri was looking at Lilith and smiled. Moving to his side he spoke softly; she is beautiful isn't she as they all waited for Henri to speak. Henri looked at Alexander, Who is this man that thinks he can make his demands of his King and those that the King might see! His name your Highness is Vincent, He has 4 daughters here for you to see, Gertrude, Francine, Milicent and This one here is Lilith. Alexander turned to Brutus and this man here showing off the lovely lady is Brutus. He has a thing for Grtrude over here who is the oldest daughter of Vincent Aye and she is not for the likes of him, I am giving him Lilith as his mate not my pride and joy Gertrude she is too good for him! Henri thought for a second,then smiled Brutus you want Gertrude then you can have her he said as he grabbed Gertrude's arms and pulled her to him sharply. The only condition is that you take her here and now if front of these fine people so that all know you have been mated. He held Gertrudes arms while she struggled to know avail. Brutus, dropped his pants and underwear and his big hard on popped out as he looked at her back side and pulled the sheer dress up over it. Vincent stepped forward swinging at the King who was holding his daughter, Before the man could get close John had him on the ground and in pain. Please no, Don't let him do this! Henri looked at the man and then the struggling woman. You have to understand there is a reason that Brutus wants your daughter she is his mate, she does not want to accept it, but she will!

Henri looked at the room, Recognition is what happens when our wolves find each other and you know your mate. It seems that You have gotten away from our nature. we start back now! This will be the first pairing that must happen. We need to get back into letting nature take its course. There will be no more of these showing off gatherings of coming of age. we will find another way of doing this maybe a coming of age pack hunt for the youths and then for the adults. Everyone have fun and Brutus when you are ready, mount her!

Brutus listend to the new king and realised that was the feeling he had, he knew that Gertrude was supposed to be his mate, his wolf kept yelling mne in his head, wait his wolf, he had not heard his wolf in a long time. Brutus shved his cock deep into gertrude and his wolf howled with delight as brutus shifted and began to fuck gertrude with ling deep strokes. He leaned forward and bit her in the nape of the neck marking her for all to see. Gertrude dropped to the floor trying to get away only pinning herself under the wolf. Frantically trying to breed the woman brutus shifted back to human and began to enjoy the pleasures of the tight woman that wasnow his mate underneath him. Henri watched as Lilth squirmed watching her sister, then she turned and looked into Henri's eyes and something in her seemed to say MINE! Henri looked at her and for some reason his wolf did not think twice and said MINE. Henri shook his head a bit. That can't be right! Henri turned to Alex as Gertrude screamed and shuddered as Brutus knot pushed deep and lodged into her seeding her womb and mating her. Brutus looked up at his king, Thank you sire!Henri nodded atthe man and then spoke to Alex, Why am i recognising a second woman, I have mated with Angel already. Alex looked at him, It is Avalon, search the memories that I gave you, You will see that Avalon requires a female from it to be the queen or atleast mated to the King, Angel is not born in Avalon but she is its queen, So youare being given a second mate to make things right. It is an honor of the higehst order, Avalon must see alot in you for it to do this!

Henri turned back to lilith and took her hand, won't you accompany me? she looked at her father and then back tothe king, Yes, If I stay he will only try to take my woman hood some how, so i will seem brokenHenri and Alex left with Lilith on his arm, Vincent screamed as brutus finally pulled out of Gertrude, Oh Phelan, go get Milicent and francine and bring them with us, I just found two more omegas for Angel and Lilith here. Your will be done, Mi'Lord! JOhn chuckled as he held Vincent while Valen and Phelan claimed the women, they were very beautiful just not as beautiful as Lilith or Angel. Alex lead Henri and his entourage to the rooms that were Henri's, Thank you Alex, we will see you for dinner later. Alex nodded and walked away as Henri lead the folks in the room. He snapped his fingers and the clothes on Millicent and francie were gone revealing their bodies to all. Snapping them againa dn they had nice collars on. Gentlemen you may use them for your needs for the moment. Henri lead lilith to the couch so they could watch and wait for Angel to show up. Pelan mounted Francine who seemed to wanna fight it and Millicent all but jumped Valen when he produced his cock for her. Henri looked at Lilith and said,how will you be?

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52 Re: Life's Changes on Fri Mar 15, 2013 8:10 am

Angel loved their new room it was truly fit for a king and more she thought as she watched Rachel undress. Good girl Angel said as she moves towards the girl. There is nothing to fear as long as you do as your told Angel said lightly touching Rachel nipple with her finger tip causing Rachel to tremble. Don’t be afraid no one will be hurt as long as you do as told. Angel move to the guard and whispered to him. Yes my queen he said moving to another guard and doing the same. Come… then Angel stops and looked at them. Comfort must be earned like privileges. Until then you are not to speak you do not say anything to anyone not even to each other. If I speak you nodded you do what you’re told no question asks. You three do not have names till I give them back. You will answer to bitch is that clear bitches. They nodded. Good now let’s go look at your room. Angel smile inward as she left the bathroom. Their room was so big it was hard to imagine another room anywhere near theirs. My queen this is the door you are seeking. It leads to your omega room. Thank you Angel said as the guard bow then opens the door for them.

Walking through was like walking through time to another world. Angel smiles again the room was like the room in that story. Hmm... why can’t I remember the name of that story she mutters as they looked around. It wasn't as large as their room but it was just right for her omegas... Several comfortable beds covered with fluffy pillow and soft blankets lined the walls all around the large room. Angel lost count of beds as she stops at a rather large and very comfortable seat position like the center piece or a throne. Then it hit Angel this looks like a harem from the story Arabian Nights but that would make Henri the sultan. Boy is his head is gonna swell at the thought of this and I don’t mean just that head she said to herself as a soft giggle escape her lips.

Looking around she saw only one way in and out of the room and no windows. Good your only escape is through those doors but know this if you try to escape you won't be punished. No… not you but your friends will that lesson Angel had learn from Henri. She knew if they try to escape and were caught they would have to deal with anger from within this room. Looking at the girls she felt like a show of strength was in order. Come she said to them as Rachel started to cry and tremble. Today one of you disobey and got fuck in the ass for it. She looked at Ebony; I think it wasn't enough to punish her. I think you two should share in her punishment that way you will understand and assist in keeping the other omegas in line. Ebony I want you to lay down right here on your back Angel said pointing to the pallet before her. Ebony did as told; good girl you learn fast. Open your legs and spread opening that hungry pussy for all to see but do not move. Tears streamed down Ebony face as she did what she was told. Good girl... Peggy, Rachel I want you two to each take a breast and suck a nipple like you were nursing babies and do not stop until I tell you to. When they did as she ask Angel smiled; Ok... now point your ass high in the air and spread you legs open show the world those wet pussy and keep them open no matter what. When they did as she was to Angel smile good bitches she said hitting them on the ass hard. Making Rachel cry out; no talking she said going as the first guard handed her what she ask for. Going up to Peggy Angel whack her between the ass and pussy three times very hard with a paddle. Peggy didn't cry out as she bit Ebony nipples to hide the pain. Good bitch she said; you have Rachel to thank for that. Who’s next? Angel return to the seat, sitting down she watched them waiting to see who would be punished next.

Angel could see Ebony was getting close to an orgasm when she heard a knock at the door. Enter! She said causing Ebony to release her legs and close them. Stop! Angel yelled at her bitches. Don't move stay just like that. Angel watched as the guard brought in four nude male omegas. Looking them over she nodded; they will do thank you she said and lead them to the girls. Angel return to her seat and started talking. Rachel... Peggy Ebony disobeys and put her legs down then she closed them so no one could see her wet pussy. Now one or both of you get’s punished for her act of disobedience. Which shall it be? Angel asks moving toward the seat. Turning back she looks at her girls; back to sucking bitches but put those beautiful ass in the air and don’t moved them is that clear. Angel watches as Peggy and Rachel started to sucking Ebony nipples like nursing hungry babies. Get those legs back into position bitch Angel said to Ebony who trembling at the thought of the men looking at her but she did as told pulling her up and opening them and her wet pussy for the man to see. Good bitchesAngel said returning to the seat and sitting down. Boys please lift your heads to watch the show she said as their eyes lifted to the women. Good now enjoy what you seeshe said sitting back and waiting to see what sex starve men would do. After a few short minutes the men’s cocks started to rise. Nice very, very nice she said standing and moving towards the men. Stopping at the first man she looked him over; you’ll do Angel said. You got that one she said pointing to Peggy. Looking at the next man… nope then the next one she smiled perfect. You to her she said pointed to Rachel.

Angel watch as the man move towards there intended targets. No moving bitches she said as the men moved behind the girls and to their raised asses. I want you to shove your cocks up their asses. Angel watched as the men happily did as she asks. Rachel and Peggy you better not scream because I'm going to keep punishing you two not Ebony. Get up Ebony and come over here she said watching Ebony scramble to her feet and moving to her side just in time to watch the men fuck Rachel and Peggy ass. Rachel cried and tried to get away but the man was sex starves and his balls needed release so he pound on her like a dog in heat. Peggy was different she was all ready broken so she let the man enter her ass. More punishment I told you no talking yet Rachel screams out and try to get away from her punishment. I can’t have Ebony punishment go unfinished now can I? Angel asks looking at the other sex starved men. Go lay beneath that one and you that one. The men did as told as Rachel and Peggy pussy were position over that cocks. Rachel you have Ebony to thank for the loss of your maidenhood. Now! Angel said as Rachel was force down on the man's cock causing a loud scream to escape her lips. I guess you get more ass Angel said to the man who renter Rachel sore ass and they both started fucking her but she wouldn't stop crying and pleading for them to stop. No can't we can't stop this. Ebony has to be punished looking at the men that was about to enter Peggy pussy; stop Angel said to him. Put your cock in her mouth to silent’s her cries but you keep ass fucking her till you cum. Angel watched the third man shove his large cock in Rachel mouth. Now that's what punishment looks like. Angel stood up and move behind Ebony. You think she will to be happy with your punishment. She just lost her innocents thanks to you and maybe gotten pregnant too. Come let me give one of them some justice. Angel took Ebony before Peggy; lie down and do what I told you to do the first time. Ebony swallowed hard when she saw the look on Peggy face but did as she was told. Peggy it milking time but don't suck bite them and if she screams I want you men slam your cocks into her hard she said to the men fucking Rachel.

Angel watches the show for what seemed like hours. The man in Peggy ass came deep pushing her into Ebony sore nipple. Angel move to Ebony wet pussy; see pain can also bring pleasure. Tell me you want to come little one; Ebony shook her head no. She did not want anyone touching her. Still; not to worry I see you're going to need more teaching. The men grunted as they all came deep into Rachel letting her fall to the ground. Angel saw Rachel blood caked with cum on two of the men limp cock. That's how you breed omegas. Ebony I want you and Rachel to get a towel and wipe each I man cock clean then clean Rachel. Angel watch as they did as told. Good bitches she said as they finished Rachel. Ebony sweet pussy is wet but she told a lie when she said she didn't want anyone touching her. Angel sat next to Rachel; are you sore little one. Wiping away her tears; I know but you only have Ebony to blame she likes seeing you like this. See she can't even look at you because she lied again and she knows someone has to be punished. Don't worry it won't hurt this time your maidenhood is gone. Boys pick her up Angel said as they move to lift her from the floor and placing her in her bed. You four may leave she said watching the men leave and six more enter. Good more just in time for more punishment you pull her to the edge and I want you six to fuck her in every whole when you've cum then you may leave. Peggy, Ebony come let’s leave the men to their punishment while you to get fed. No please stop... I will obey Ebony said begging for Angel to save Rachel. No because if I do you will not obey me a next time and you knew there would be punishment if I were disobeyed. Please let me take her place. Angel watched as the men clawed at Rachel like a piece of meat. Look Angel said as one man pushed his cock into her mouth another in her pussy and one in her ass. No your punishment her fate. Now come before I get more.

Angel took them to a small table and made them sit and eat knowing they wouldn't be able to knowing what was happening to Rachel in the next room. Several minutes pass when three men left the room with limps cocks. Ah shift change Angel said sitting next to Ebony; will you obey from now on she ask. Ebony drops to the floor at Angel feet knowing talking was forbidden she nodding yes as her body trembles in fear. Good! Peggy will you obey ... but Angel could not finish that statement as Peggy dropped to her knees at Angel feet. Smiling Angel looked at them when the last three men left the room. Good bitches she said; now go clean Rachel and bring her out to eat Angel said watching them run to Rachel. Angel watched as they brought Rachel to the table. Angel stood and moved to her; you will come with me always then she move to let her eat. Angel knew what she wanted them to dress only Rachel in but she need to get a weaver to make the outfit.

Moving towards the big window Angel gazes out at the woods; how beautiful the woods are she thought when a smile crossed her lips as Henri popped into her mind. It’s funny how life throws you a curve. How you think of all you thought you lost only realize you gain more in the arms of the man you were giving to as a gift. Yes destiny as a way of play with people hearts but everything worked out the way it was suppose to she thought as she felt Henri calling for her through their bond. Come!!Angel said to Rachel as she headed for the door. Looking at the guards she spoke softly; I wish to join my mate she said to the guard then turn to look at Peggy and Ebony; no talking bitches she said to them then looked at another guard. Whispering; if they speak say nothing just let them think they are getting away with it. The guard nodded yes then bowed. Angel wanted to see if they learned to obey or if more training was needed. Somehow she knew Peggy wouldn't obey. Angel could see she had a spirited that would need to be tamed. Angel and a naked Rachel followed the other guard to Henri.

God he was handsome she thought looking into his dreamy eyes. Biting her lower lip she couldn't stop herself as she reached out to touch Henri. You’re not from here are you? Lilith asks her breathing was deep and rasps as she took in his wonderful sent. He smiled at her making her body warm and tinkling. Her mind was saying run be afraid but her body want to yield to him. Please don’t be mad at me my but I must… I can’t fight this saying almost the same as Angel when she gave herself to him. Kissing him very hard but passionately taking her breath way when she did. Realizing he was asking about her sisters she stops kissing him. Turning to see what was happening to them she couldn't help but smiling as they struggle to be free what she assumes was the king’s closes friends. Turning back to Henri; I would be lying if I said yes my king. They hate me she knew it was a strong word to use for siblings but it was true they did hate her thanks to their father. They made sure my life was miserable not matter how nice I was to them or good I tried to do things not was right not was good enough ever. I could care less if the whole room had them she said watching at the man when ball deep and her sisters scream as the loss of their virginity. Turning to look at Henri; is that what you wish to do to me? She asks him as her body warmed at the thought if his touch.

Angel stops at the door when she saw Henri talking to a beautiful girl. At first she thought she felt jealousy but something it was something else she felt towards the girl. Her wolf didn't growl but she did come to the surface as if she knew the girl while it nudged her forward toward Henri and the girl. Alexander stepped forward; don’t be angry, he said to her. Angel looked at her grandfather and smiled; I thought I would be but it’s something more I feel. It’s as if I found a sister to love she said touching her grandfather arm to reassure him as she continue to move towards them. Sitting down she looked at the girl; hello I’m Angel she said has the girl turn and smiled at her. Lilith, she said smiling back. May I answer my king she asks looking at Henri and show him all the respect a mate, wife and lover should. When he smiled at her Angel return his smile thank you she said turning to see what was happening to the girls. No he will not let anyone touch you are I ever. We belong to him. Lilith looked at Angel are we sisters now. Angel smiled yes we are his and only his. Never fear him and never fight what you feel inside she said. Lilith glances at Henri then back to Angel; don’t be afraid follow your heart. But I've … Angel smiled he was my first as well. He won’t hurt you I give you my word as your sister mate to him.

Lilith moved closer to Henri touching him gently on the leg sending shivers through her body as she continues to move her hand upwards. His body was perfect in every way she thought as her hand kept moving toward the bulge in the front of his pants. Impressive she said giving him a slight blush. Lilith wasn't used to touch a man; but her wolf was waiting for him. She could feel her wanted to be closer to him as the heat rolled off him in waves. When he pulled her closer she gasps as his touch was like sheer magic; the tips of his fingers teasing her wolf who demanded to be free to respond to him. Lilith's stomach muscles tightened as small flames of arousal flickered over her thighs, spread up to her belly and teased her breasts. She notices how his eyes had started to glow, his mouth sensual and the edge of hunger sharper. She could barely catch her breath, her body craving his. Everywhere his gaze touched her felt it like a brand. Was she seducing him? Or was he seducing her? She couldn't tell and didn't care. All that mattered was that she wanted him. Biting her lower lip; I waited a lifetimes for someone like you she said as she move to his neck. Her tongue teased his earlobe then swirled over his pulse. I dreamed of this day. The thought of you. What I would let you do to me. How many ways I would let my body give you pleasure she whispered in his ear. Angel moved behind Lilith and undid her dress letting if fall to her waist. Lilith felt his gaze on her as she lowered her eyes hoping he was please at what he saw when Angel gently pulled her head back. You belong to us you are my sister mate and with that she kissed her deeply as if sealing their bond with each other and to Henri. We are only for him then she moved out the way to let Henri mate with her sister. I’ll be waiting for you two in our bed then she left the room with Rachel following.

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53 Re: Life's Changes on Wed Mar 20, 2013 6:28 pm

You belong to us you are my sister mate and with that she kissed her deeply as if sealing their bond with each other and to Henri. We are only for him then she moved out the way to let Henri mate with her sister. I’ll be waiting for you two in our bed then she left the room with Rachel following. Angel wait!He looked at his men, Follow her and punish these 2 for her, These are you 2 new Omegas Angel, Yours and Liliths! With their cocks in the women the men walked off carrying them, following Angel to the Omegas room.

Now for you!He leaned down and gently kissed her hardening nipple. HIs breathe had an effect on it. Slowly he trailed his tongue over it tasting her. Gently biting it causing a sharp intake of breathe from her. He smiled inwardly atthat her nipples were sensative and he liked that. Gently sucking on it and flicking his tongue he reached anbd grabbed the other one and began to roll it with a little pressure. He could hear her breathng begin to quicken, her nipples were attached to her pussy it seemed. He could smell her arousel and used his other hand to run over her clothing and against her wet mound that was seeping through her clothes. Mmmmmmmm you are very wet my dear, he mumbled over her nipple causing her more pleasure.

Henri was about to slowly take her when he had a pain stab into him like a headache, he shrugged it off and worked on her body. Henri could smel her wetness and arousel. he sat back and stood up with her still sitting. You saw how big they were right?She nodded and he removed his clothes showing a cock bigger than the two men who were fucking her sisters, and it was still soft looking. That is huge and will not fit in me!Henri smiled and said, Yes it will and you will like it! She looked at him with a bit of fear in her eyes and face, and started to back from him but Henri's wolf had taken charge and he grabbed her quickly and pulled her to him.

Lilith looked at Henri, she could not take her eyes off that monster of a cock that was being pushed at her. She stopped having fearful thoughts as his tongue began lashing her pussy. Up and down went his tongue and it felt wide and rough across her cunt and clit. She shivered at the feeling as it sent sparks through her. Lilith's body was on fire as Henri caused her great pleasure. She writhed and wiggled and screamed in pleasure as her orgasm hit Henri stood and pushed his cock into her. Lilith felt the girth enter her and fill her up spreading her woman hood and tearing it, pain ripped through her and she screamed and as he filled her fully and cause pleasure it was a moan of need that filled her. Oh My God it is so big and huge in me!

Henri looked down at her and smiled. He pushed the rest into her as his wolf roared with glee in his head. Henri felt his cock penetrate her womb pushing through her cervix. He lay there a moment letting her adjust and then began to pound in and out of her with a vigor, his wolf felt the need to mate and did not slow down when she made a few cries of pain, his cock made them pleasurable after that as well. Henri felt his cock boiling up to explode; he pulled out and roughly flipped her over and plowed back into her dripping pussy. In and out he went his knot forming He shoved hard making her grunt pushing into her womb past the cervix his knot lodging in her. She began to shake and orgasm as he came in her and bit into her shoulder and neck area marking her as his. Henri filled her full of cum, he was drained afterwards but managed to lift her up still on his cock and walk into the bed room where he found an awaiting Angel. He crawled up on the bed and waited .

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54 Re: Life's Changes on Fri Apr 12, 2013 8:30 pm

Angel was leaving when Henri stopped her. Wait Angel, he asks as she turn and looked at him. These two are your new omegas. They are for you and Lilith. Angel smiled. As you wish my king then she led them back to the Omegas quarters for more fun. Angel looked at both girls huddled together. Stand she said as the guard forced them to their feet. Angel looked at the marks on their bodies as she reached out and touched each girl’s ripe nipples. Neither said a word as Angel pinched and pulled making their nipples hard and tender. Good girls she said. You earn a reward for keeping silent but first my rules. No talking unless spoken to directly and do as you’re told always. As omega you have no name until they are earned so you will be called bitches. When someone calls for bitch you all better get there quick without a word spoken. You will kneel at our feet with your asses up ready for anything and everything and you will take it with pride. Is that that clear bitches? Ebony, Rachel and Peggy did as told while Millicent and Francine stood there looking at Angel.

Angel said nothing as she moved to the sit down. Let’s see how to get you two to understand and obey. Turning she looked at the guard. I need two small rooms with no window or light of any kind. The guard bowed to Angel then left the room for only a moment. Angel looked at the other guard. Bind their hands behind their backs. The first guard returned; there are two rooms here my queen. They were always kept locked by Alexander but he has giving me the keys. Angel rose to take the key and open the hidden doors in the omega room. This just gets better and better she said smiling realizing her granddad was kinky himself. Turning to Millicent and Francine she smiled this will be your room for tonight you will be treated like dog until you obey without question but let’s fill those belly with more seamen who knows I may let you become breeders. Like Rachel here she going to breaded with some of the guards maybe. Angel saw Rachel looking at the guard then trembling. Aww… does my bitch like those cocks. Angel moved to Rachel side and rubbed her wet pussy. I need to know when you ready to breed then she lean in and whispered in Rachel ear; going to have those hard cocks stretching that tight little pussy filling if full of cum and babies. Angel slaps her ass hard leaving a red mark. Guard for you good work you may fuck her like the bitch she is. Millicent and Francine watched as the guard pull out his cock ramming it deep into Rachel pussy making her grunt. Going to have that womb full in no time Angel said turning to Francine. You… you and you deep throat this one till she gags on your cocks but don’t stop until you have cumed down her throat. Pushing a bound Francine to the guards she turn towards Millicent you’re going to watch. Then she pulling Millicent close; you’re too beautiful to be treated like your sister. Angel kissed Millicent on the lips rubbing her hand from Millicent ample breast to her moist pussy. Mmmm you’re wet. You like what’s about to happen to your sister? Don’t you? She asks making sure Francine could see and hear her. Angel smiled she knew she needed to pull apart their bond so they could be broken but as long as they trusted each other they wouldn't be broken.

Began she said to the guards as the first one grab Francine trying to thrust his cock into her mouth but she kept is clamped shut. He looked at Angel who sighed. I don’t like slapping woman but do what you must to get it done. Yes my queen he said slapping Francine so hard she fell to the floor. Pulling her up by her hair; open or I do it again and again till you do. Francine looked at Millicent and Angel could see it was going to take some work. She needed one to be jealous of the other in order to break them both. Angel knew Millicent wouldn't trade places with her sister; come now Millicent if you like to trade places to help your sister say so. Angel pulled Millicent over to where the men had Francine kneeling. Untying her bound hands; you have two choices make your sister open her mouth or take her place. You chose. Millicent started crying as the words I'm sorry came out as she slapped her sister over and over till she open her mouth. The guard smiled as he thrust his hard cock down Francine throat making her choke. Millicent let go of her sister head when Angel stopped her; no you don’t you will hold your sister face till they are done with her. I want your sister to know you chose yourself over her. And you spoke without being told so that will start your punishment. They watched as the guard’s deep throat Francine and the other fucked Rachel. When the last guard finished with Francine Millicent released her sister letting her clasped to the floor. Standing Angel moved to check Francine. Open her legs Angel said making Millicent hold her sister legs open. Now stick your finger in your sister pussy and let me know how wet she is. Millicent shook her head no making Angel slap her hard; you will do as you are told or you will be next. Millicent put her finger in her sister pussy turning it and going in and out getting her sister hotter and hotter till she came all over her finger. Angel smiled good bitch now lick your finger clean. Millicent did as told. Angel turned to the guard; placed the bitch in her kennel. Kennel I like that she said looking at the rooms.... I will need someone to make me the word Kennel and have them place over those rooms. Yes my queen the guard said as he moved towards the girl. Angel turn to look at her bitches; no one is to talk to her or feed her not until I say so is that clear. Angel moved to the girl gasping on the floor; you will be broken. The first guard picked Francine up and placed her in the small dark room then locked the door.

Looking at the girl Millicent Angel realizes fear would be the key to breaking her. Come bitch Angel commanded but weeping girl but she did not moved. Angel was not happy with the girl as she orders the guard to bring her forward. You will not like me if I get angry and I’m getting angry Angel said looking at the guard who had Millicent. Bend her over I want to see her ass and pussy in the air. Millicent struggled as a second guard join to help but they got her bend her over. Angel stood up and moved to the back of Millicent. Using one finger she rubbed her clit then up to her dripping wet pussy; mmmm nice and wet like I thought. Angel used two fingers to fuck Millicent for a bit them move up to her ass and jammed a finger into it. Millicent screamed letting Angel know her ass was still untouched. Hmm… it’s not like Henri to leave that untouched but I can fix that. Release her Angel said motioning the guard to come closer. Can you show me the room my granddad has set up for… for… the guards blushed a bit then nodded; yes my queen. He knew what she was trying to whisper. Hold her down Angel said motion the other guards to pin Millicent down. Angel touched Rachel on the head this is my favorite bitch she does just what I tell her. Go eat your dinner my pet. Rachel moved between Millicent legs and started eating her pussy as if it were dinner. Angel moved to touch Ebony and Peggy on the head; you two are learning and will be rewarded. Go milk the cow and don’t stop till I tell you to. They both clamped on to Millicent breast and suckled as if they were being breast fed.

Angel followed the guard to her granddad playroom. When she enter her eyes lit up; this is going to be fun she said looking around the room for something that would match what she was thinking of and she found it tucked in a corner. Bring this she said leading the guards back to her room. Place it there she said then headed back to the omega room in time to see Millicent body convulsing with orgasms. Angel could have stopped them but she wanted to see how much more Millicent could take. How many orgasms have she had? Angel asks the guard. Four but then she started to fight so we had to hold her once more. Angel moved back to her chair and watched as Millicent body orgasms over and over knowing that sooner or later the girl would faint from pleasure overload. She didn't have long to wait Millicent last orgasm was so strong the girl passed out. Enough Angel said. Take her to the other room and bind her on the stock. Looking at Rachel, Ebony and Peggy and watched as the guard brought food for her bitches. You may eat bath then sleep if you do anything more than that you will join Millicent. Is that clear? They crawled on fours to the wash room and started bathing as Angel headed to her room to punish Millicent some more.

Nice Angel said looking at the unconscious girl. I’m going to like my granddad playroom. Wake her Angel said as the guard slap her several time waking her up. Millicent struggle at first making Angel smile. That is what we called a medieval stock with a twist. I like how it has you bent over some and the chains add a nice touch by keeping your legs spread eagle for a fucking. Basically you ass up and ready for a good fucking but let’s not forget the ball gag so we can sleep. Angel had the guard place the gag in the girl’s mouth. Now turn her around so can’t see anything. Angel knew the fear of not knowing what was going to happen would break the girl but she wanted to make sure she was completely broken and submissive to her and Lilith. Hmm maybe I should test it out she said watching Millicent wiggle her ass trying to be free. Angel giggled as she headed to the wash room to bath. While she bath she could feel the bond forming between Henri, Lilith and herself. Angel then dressed and made her way back to their bed to wait but it wasn't a long wait as Henri enter with Lilith still impaled on his cock. Angel could see how tired they both were so she covers them gentle and cuddling up to one side of Henri as Lilith cuddles the other side and they all drifted off to sleep.

The next morning Angel and Lilith woke before Henri and couldn't not control the horniest they felt. Angel wanted to fuck so she kissed Henri long and hard then moved to his massive cock. Lilith wasn't sure what or why she felt so horny but she follow Angel lead and kissed Henri long and hard then moved to his massive cock. They way the lead kisses and licks on his stomach made his massive cock spring to life. They smiled as they shared sucking and swallowing of their mates warm cock bring Henri wolf to the surface. He grab Angel by the hair and ripped her free of her underwear. I don't want you wearing anything to bed from now on is that clear he growled out roughly shoving his massive cock into her nice tight pussy. Yes my love she said gasping and moaning to the beat of his hard strokes. Henri fucked Angel till she came all over his massive cock. Just as Angel tried to move Henri's wolf howled as it sensed she was in heat. Growling he shoved his massive cock so far it penetrated her womb. Angel cried out trying to move when she notice his glowing eyes. Angel knew there was no stopping his wolf if Henri wasn't in control or was he. Henri flipped Angel on her knees then pulled her to the edge of the bed slamming his massive cock into the fecund pit of her cunt. He felt her tighten and grunt every time the knob of his cock drove itself into the delicate bud of her cervix, and yet, in spite of the roughness, she put her ass high in the air and opened it up to him as he fucked her. Arms splayed far to each side for balance, she gripped the sheets with white knuckles and braced herself on them every time he withdrew, knowing that one magnificent fraction of a second later his hands would tighten on her hips, he would pull himself forward, and drive his massive cock back into her flesh. Henri wolf howled as he came deeply within her seed her womb as his cock formed a massive knot. They laid there till they were all sleep or at least they thought he was sleep.

Henri wolf was far from done when it got a whiff of Lilith and realize she was in heat as well. Feeling the need to seed both it's mates he pulled Lilith to him doing the same as he did to Angel to her ripped her free of her underwear. I don't want you wearing anything to bed from now on is that clear he repeatedly growled out roughly shoving his massive cock into her still sensitive pussy. Yesssss, she said gasping and moaning to the beat of his hard strokes. Henri fucked Lilith until she came all over his massive cock just like Angel did and just like Angel Henri's wolf growled shoving his massive cock so far it penetrated her womb. Lilith grit her teeth. She also knew there was no stopping his wolf if Henri wasn't in control. Henri flipped Lilith on her knees then pulled her to the edge of the bed slamming his massive cock into the fecund pit of her cunt. He felt her tighten and grunt every time the knob of his cock drove itself into the delicate bud of her cervix, and yet, in spite of the roughness, she put her ass high in the air and opened it up to him as he fucked her. Her arms did the same as Angel splaying far to each side for balance, she gripped the sheets with white knuckles and braced herself on them every time he withdrew, knowing that one magnificent fraction of a second later his hands would tighten on her hips, he would pull himself forward, and drive his massive cock back into her flesh. Henri wolf howled as he came deeply within her seed her womb as his cock formed a massive knot. This time they did not go to sleep this time they waited for Henri knot to shrink and it did but his cock remain hard as a rock.

Henri massive cock was still as hard as a rock and needed something to dive deep within. Angel smiled; I have something for you my love. Angel pointed to Millicent who was still locked in the stock in their room. You left that tight ass untouched maybe you like it break the bitch in before the guards finish my training. Henri wolf growled as he slight transform into his lycan state. He growled and moved from the bed towards the sleeping girl. We can't have this he said raking his claws across her back leaving marks as he woke her with a fright; who told you to sleep? His wolf asks as he grabs her breast roughly playing with her nipple till they rose to his torture. Millicent struggled and tried to twist away from the animal pawing her. Henri’s hands squeezed her breasts tighter until she again cried out in pain even through the ball gag you could hear the cries. Angel I think she likes it rough and being fuck by animals. Maybe that’s why she didn't obey you. The rougher Henri got with her tender flesh the more her ass wiggle and she screamed praying for the monster to stop. Maybe you’re right my love. Angel moved to the girl and removed the ball gag. My bitch likes it rough doesn't she? Or is it the beastieality you want? NO! Wait a minute. I don’t.... No! You can’t do this! I'm human she said pleading with them. Angel smile; yes we can and yes we will she said slapped the bitch on the ass and smiled. She all you’re my love. Angel moved back to the bed and looked at Lilith. If this bothers you we will stop. Lilith smiled at Angel no it doesn't she said looking at Millicent. It is as if she is strangers when I look at her. Looking at you I see my sister and family. Angel smiled and took Lilith’s hand you are my sister my family not her. Looking at her mate she smiled; she’s all yours my love.

Henri wolf howled as it forcing her legs further apart slid his hand in between her legs to feel that her pussy finding it soaking wet. You like this don’t you bitch? His wolf asks pushing a finger inside her roughly caressed her pussy. After a few minutes of fucking her with his finger he inserted another and massaged her pussy fining her g-spot. Henri roughly moving his fingers in and out while wiggled them around. Her body couldn't help but respond to what he was doing. Henri knew exactly what would make her or any woman scream with pleasure. But it was not about her pleasure he wanted it was about teaching the bitch to know her place as an omega. After fucking her with his fingers to the point where he felt her pussy start to contract and her hips thrust back to take him deeper he stopped suddenly. Millicent kept saying over and over that she was sorry about everything but she pleaded with him not to stop to keep going. Saying that she would obey but her words fell on deaf ears. Hearing them made them smile. Henri looked at Angel and Lilith who nodded for him to continue.

Henri placed his hands on her ass and started to rub lightly up and down, feeling the muscles flex as she tried to move from side to side to escape the inevitable. His cock, still hard as a rock, reached forward and he began to slide it up and down the cheeks of her ass. Using his hands to spread her ass open then he took a finger and spread some of her wetness all over her asshole. When he started to probe her asshole Angel and Lilith saw her closed her eyes as she started to moan. It was hard to tell if it was sadness, fear or pleasure. Henri pressed his massive cock against her ass cheeks then forcefully shoving it into her pussy causing her to scream. Henri wanted tears and begging so he started slapping her ass hard letting her know it was next while his cock was pounded in and out of her pussy. She started to struggle against hit hard pounded then he felt her relax. Henri enjoying the feeling of total submission slowly he pulled his cock out until just the tip was inside her and then quickly slammed it back in her tight pussy. She cried out after the first few strokes as they watched her hands clench. Henri wanted more so he grab her hips while his cock was still inside her and slammed all of his massive cock into her a few more times as hard as he could. She cried out in a mixture of pain and pleasure. Then he spanked her ass hard enough to leave an angry red mark. At that moment Millicent forgot her place and looked back over her shoulder with a dirty look in her eyes. He locked his eyes with her and slapped her again and again until he saw tears escape her eyes and roll down the side of her face. As he spanked her he kept sliding his cock back and forth, just waiting for the right moment. When she hung her head down, he knew it was time. She was completely submissive. 
Pulling his cock from her pussy he shoved his fingers into her pussy and smeared more of her wetness onto her tight little asshole. Sliding one finger into her tight hole, relishing the thought of the pain his massive cock was going to do and making her take it no matter how much it hurt. Millicent started to cry out and try to struggle against the restraints holding her but it was no use. Henri took his finger out and grabbed his hard massive cock and positioned it right at her ass. As soon as she felt his cock against her backside she begged for him to stop. Henri pushed his cock forward and let the head penetrate her ass. She screamed loudly due to the pain. He loved feeling her ass expand around his cock so he pushed even harder until he could go no further. By now she was starting to cry but she had given up fighting against him. As he moved in and out he reached underneath her and started to play with her pussy at the same time. Quickly her movement started to betray her as he felt her body begin to respond to his hand on her pussy and his cock in her ass by starting to flex and move against him. Soon as he increased his pace her sobs turned into moans, and then she started to cry out. Henri continued to move his hand against her clit as his massive cock pounded away and her tight ass. He told her to stay submissive or else he would really hurt her. She listened to him as he grabbed her hips and he continued to pound her ass. Henri was getting really close to cumming and he wanted her to swallow every last drop of it. Release her Henri growled. Angel did as he ask just as he pulled out Millicent ass then grabbing her by the hair he pulled Millicent to his cock and shoved it down her throat making her clean his cock and swallow his cum at the same time. Good bitch Angel said as she asks the guard to take her to the kennel but to feed her and the other bitches. I can’t have them getting tired when training isn’t over yet. The guards did as she while Angel, Lilith and Henri enjoy each other once more.

Their days drifted into weeks then a month passed when Henri realize he has left his pack along to long and needed to go get them and bring them home. While Angel and Lilith found their bond and love for Henri deepened and didn't want him to leave. Henri ask that Alexander stay and watch over his mates. He knew nothing would happen he just didn't want to leave them alone. Alexander gave him a smile and told him he would be proud to watch his granddaughter and her new sister mate. Don’t you worry they will have hired new staff and have this palace up and running when you get back my king. The day Henri left was the start of Angel and Lilith feeling sick. Angel and Lilith didn't feel up to getting any new anything for the palace all they wanted was to rest but Alexander knew they need to move around and get the palace going. So he set some interview for some new staff. Alexander knocked waiting for an answer. As the guard open he stepped in to see two sick female. You two don’t look so good he said realizing maybe they should hire a doctor first. Come let’s interview the doctors that are here for the position of palace doctor. I think there are even some outside doctors. Angel and Lilith followed Alexander around the palace with some of the guards Kage left in charges to protect them. As one of the guard open the door to the chamber Angel had a moment of sickness that caused her to run for the closes bathroom only to miss the toilet which causes Lilith to lose her breakfast. No, I can’t have you two getting sick and Henri isn't here to see it wasn't my fault. The entire room stood around watching, well all but two. Kate a dark haired beauty stood up and moved to examine Angel and her twin brother Keith moved to examine Lilith. You’re doctor’s Alexander asks looking at them. Yes I’m Kate and that’s my brother Keith she said reaching in her bag. How long have you two been feeling sick? She asks but Angel and Lilith. A couple of days Angel said as Lilith nodded. I need to examine you both Kate said looking at Keith can you help me get them to… to. Looking at Alex she smiled I’m sorry but I don’t know where your doctor office is. Alexander smiled at the beautiful young girl and her brother. Show them to the doctor chambers while I get rid of the other applicants.

Kate examined Angel then Lilith while Keith straightens up the office. Kate and Keith were both human but they were raise around weres and knew it wasn't good to have a male doctor examining a mated female especially the alpha mate. When she was done she let Alexander and Keith return to the examining area. Are they Ok? Alexander asks Kate. Yes she said looking at the large man. They are... she stopped and looked at Angel and Lilith. We’re going to have a baby! Angel said excitedly to her granddad. Henri is going to be a dad twice over Lilith said touching her stomach. Kate smiled just do like I said.Then nodded at Kate and smiled at each other. And when you chose a physician let them know Keith said moving to stand next to his sister when Alexander looked at Lilith and smiled. They have the others were sent away the moment you two cared enough to help. Kate smiled then hugged them both you won’t be sorry she said. You’re human so will our ways both either of you? Angel asks them both. No they said. We were raise by weres when our parents were killed by a rogue were. We understand the law and rules. That is why Keith will be here to examine the males and anyone other than mated females but he will assist me when I need help delivering babies. Good Alexander said. I prefer a beautiful doctor. I think I'm getting sick. Then he started fake coughing. Angel and Lilith laugh; granddad as a point the men are going to want some of you. Maybe Henri can find her a mate. Kate blushed... if it is your wish then I will do was you want. Looking at Keith they realize the women would be fighting over him as well. Maybe we should do the same for you. Keith smiled; as you wish my queens then he bowed. We'll leave you to get settle in if you need anything just make a list then pass it to one of the guards. Or you can bring it to me Alexander said wiggling his brow at Kate. UGH! Granddad not with our doctor. Then they pulled him out the med lab. What's next Angel ask looking at the paper in his hand. We need to hire a lapidary to create jewelry for the palace and a weaver to make clothing, bedding and anything else that might be need. Then he looked at his list. I see no cook on this list. That's because Henri was bring his cooks. Speaking of cooks let's get something to eat before we continue the interview's. They followed Angel toward the kitchen but all Angel and Lilith wanted was to see their mate home safely in their arms.

Grandfather do you know how long Henri will be gone? Angel asks as the omega Alexander had to make his meals prepared them something to eat. It' shouldn't take him a day. He took several planes and enough men to clear a city. Angel and Lilith smiled they were over joyed at being able to tell him about the babies that day.

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55 Re: Life's Changes on Mon Apr 15, 2013 6:22 pm

Jacob was a young lycan compared to Henri but to others he was older than them. It was one of the reasons that Henri had left him in charge while he was gone. That was just a reason the big reason that only a very select few knew was that Jacob was Henri Nephew on a sister, long since dead, side. It was something that was kept out of the public so that no one could use it against Henri. Jacob had the ability to open holes in the veil that Henri made, this allowed people to continue working and doing things as well.

Henri and his group had been gone for a month or so when Serenity showed up. A beautiful woman that was running from something. She was a redhead with hazel eyes, decent breasts, round ass and tight body and wanted to talk to Jacob. Jacob came up to the shield and saw the woman and instantly imprinted on her just as she did him. He opened the shield allowing her in and then reset it. As soon as she had cleared the shield they both flew at one another, fighting and jockeying for position Jacob being faster and stronger won out and had her on the ground on her hands and knees in front of him. He quickly pulled out his cock and tore her shorts off and jammed his cock into her. His wolf was in full control. Serenity screamed out as he plowed into her with a rough abandon. Jacob reached around and with his claws he lightly marked her now bare breasts. then as she screamed in an orgasm bit her neck marking forever as his mate. Jacob pounded hard and fast making Serenity scream, orgasming multiple times as his knot formed in her and he came.

When Henri and his crew showed up things seemed to be running smooth, They moved into the  barrier and were swamped by many people. All were happy for Henri and glad to see him. Jacob made his way through the throng of people and made his way to Henri with Serenity at his side! As soon as Henri saw Serenity he shifted and had her pinned to the ground in a submissive position. Looking at Jacob, Why have you betrayed me? Why is she here, She is Jagang's DAUGHTER!Jacob shifted and charged Henri, She is my mate let her goHenri looked at Jacob, Your Mate, How could you do this? Henri growled, as Jacob tried to get to Henri. John, Phelan and Valen were there in front of him in their human forms but could change just as fast as the other two had. Henri, It was recognition!Henri looked at Jacob as he was fighting through 3 now transformed guards and winning, that was the scary part. Jacob tossed all three to the side and stalked his way up to Henri, LET HER GO NOW! Jacob swung and hit Henri, which did nothing but piss him off more. Henri flung Serenity at john who caught her deftly and set her on her feet holding her, turning his attention to Jacob. That was your second mistake, thinking you could even challenge me was your first, Henri squared up on Jacob and then shifted back to human form. Time you learned something, Henri watched as amazement and fear came over Jacobs face as he was transformed back into human. There are some things that you gain in time and you have not gained them yet! he walked over to Jacob and back handed him and Jacob dropped to one knee, I understand recognition It has happened to me as well. Now stand up!  Henri watched as Jacob got up slowly, he watched as the man looked at him with respect in his eyes but anger behind the mask. Henri in turn wad anger and betrayal in his eyes, How could his family do this to him, how could they recognize and mate with his hated enemy. He did not know what to say or do as this was his friend and family for many of a year and all seemingly tossed to the side at a mere whim.  Henri knew it was not like that at all but the pain he felt was real. He reached out and hugged Jacob, and motioned for Serenity to come here. As she walked She shied away a bit. he reached out and encircled both and hugged them, I acknowledge your pairing and bless it  Now get our family packed up we are moving.  

A couple weeks later they returned to Avalon the whole group. Henri could not wait to see his mates and what had happened while he was gone. Apparently Serenity was pregnant as well and her and Jacob were expecting, Henri wondered about his 2 mates, and went running to find them.

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The first day was far too quiet and Angel as getting agitated. She hadn't been this far away from Henri since they met. Alexander seeing her state reminded her she need to be relaxed for the baby sake. I know grandfather but it’s hard to do when I've been… then she shook her head never mind. It’s a long story. You’re right she said and I’ll do my best to relax.

As they eat in silent for a bit more Alexander spoke; go get dress and I’ll take you both to town to do some palace shopping.  Angel and Lilith smiled.  As the last bit of steak and eggs were down with a cold glass of milk  when Lilith chimed in… blah not going to get use to having to drink more milk. Understand sister, Angel said drinking the last of her milk but the steak and eggs were good.  Alexander laughed loudly.  Go get dress you two at meet me in the great hall when done.  Yes sir they said kissing his cheek then hurrying off to get ready for their journey into town.  

First was their bath with didn't go as planned since there was no time for fun with their omegas.  After they dressed they went to the kennel.  Morning bitches Angel said as she and Lilith enter the room follow by the guard with their breakfast.  Ebony, Rachel and Peggy were on their knees with asses in the air as they enter.  Angel and Lilith smiles good bitches Angel said.  Today you have a rest period so enjoy but we want you clean and naked when we return is that clear she said slapping each one of them on ass.  Now you may eat breakfast. Angel motions for the guards to remove Millicent and Francine from the cages.  Angel looked at Millicent then at Francine… feed them both and then make sure they get a good bath and have someone clean those cages. Rest for the day is still young and I'm not bored... Yet!  

Getting to the great hall Angel and Lilith found a young boy of Alexander call David waiting for them.  David was Alexander only male omega and a gelding.  Angel wonders why the boy had been castrated but she didn't ask the boy but maybe she would ask her grandfather.  My queens your grandfather as be delayed just a bit and has ask me to take some notes on what you two might like to find in town. Ok let’s gets it started Angel said as they moved from room to room, kitchen to kitchen (yes to kitchens) one small and one very large to finally round off their journey in the omega area.  Done yet Alexander said as he enter the omega women area. Yes grandfather they said as he sent David away.  Then let’s get this trip started as he led them to the waiting vehicle and vans. What is all this? Grandfather, Lilith asks. What you two buy will be place in vans and be brought back to the palace.  You two are going to need a weaver and lapidary and I’m sure maybe a few new omegas.  Yes grandfather but what’s a lapidary?  Angel asks.  Lapidary… is a person that specializes in stone, mineral, gemstones.  Turning them into decorative items Lilith said smiling at Angel.  Oh a jeweler Angel said laughing.  Yes child a jeweler.  Wait we get more omegas?  Yes and you should think of getting some male omega.  Angel and Lilith nodded.  You will need only two or three for breeding the lower omegas.  So pick your omega for stations.  Yes grandfather they said, but how will we know what station to put the women and or men.   Good question.  The ones brought at the auction house mostly goes for helping cook and clean pretty much never get breaded and we usually have them fix to make sure they don’t get pregnant.  Then there are the ones you chose for breeding.  They pretty much stay pregnant and will be fun at parties when men want something to put their swollen cocks in.  They also keep the guards happy and their beds warm at night so your omega staff should stay full after that.  Then there are the ones you breed only to be royal guards and servants to the royal family.  Those are the special one’s the only ones that will give pleasure to you two and the king.  They are only one’s you two chose who to breed them with… the royal guard and higher.  No one is allowed to touch them.   So the royal guards aren't gelding grandfather Angel asks thinking of David.  Alexander laugh no my child they aren't. The only eunuchs are the men guarding the queen’s  and your special omegas.  Keeps them from getting killed by the king don’t you think.  Angel and Lilith started laughing; yes grandfather I do believe you are correct as they thought of Henri temper; safe for all of them that Henri doesn't gets angry. Angel said with a laughter know how that man could kill when he angry.   

Grandfather if the omegas brought at the auction house are the lower class of omegas where will we find the breeders.  Angel ask as she and Lilith watched as the town came into view and people came out of their house to get a look at the vehicle as it drove by.  Alexander looked at them and thought for a moment.  It’s been a while but we used to get the breeders from families that hadn't paid their debt or from thieves that lost their families do to their crimes. So are there any indebted to the palace and if so do they have family to lose? Angel asks with evil but innocent look.  Do we have in thieves in the city? Lilith asks never really hearing of any one hardly getting in as much trouble as her father did. Yes and yes he said looking to both Angel then Lilith.  We do and we can visit them if you like tomorrow. Tomorrow grandfather!  Yes granddaughters he said looking at them.  This will be a long and exhausting day and you two need your rest. Angel and Lilith wanted to pout but they knew he was right plus they knew their choices have to be made around their babies.  Ok grandfather but you promise us some fun getting omegas. Yes and fun you shall have but tomorrow.   Angel and Lilith smiles and Alexander nodded.  

Avalon Town Market looked just as Angel thought it would be, something out of an old, no not old but ancient markets of history.  Like the medieval times and she loved it.  Where to first? Alexander asks looking at the girls.  Weaver Angel said, Lapidary Lilith said making them both laugh.  Hmmm… ok then this way to both the town’s weavers and lapidary but we’ll do them together understand.  I will not have the Henri upset with me by separating. Angel and Lilith nodded then held hands as they walk in and out of shop after shop finding what they like in Tom and Cora weaver shop and the widow Carrie and her daughters lapidary (jewelers).  

One more stop then we’re head home to look over the list of family. Then we can decide which family we visit tomorrow if not all.   All please grandfather. Ok, ok all it is but only if you rest up. Yes grandfather they said together like twins answer a question.  When the vehicle stop and the door open Alexander stepped out follow by Angel then Lilith. Welcome to the auction house ladies Alexander said as he lead Angel and Lilith through some rather large doors where they were greeted by a man who appeared to be the same age as their grandfather.  Ah… welcome, welcome to our home and business my queens and Sir Alexander it’s been a while since you been here, where is that famous king we heard a lot about since you two have arrived. Angel smiles; don’t worry sir you will get to meet him soon enough. I look forward to it my queen he said bowing.  My name is Satan and this is my family he pointed to the ten kids standing next to him. Angel lean over and whispered to Lilith; he’s been very busy making kids it’s a wonder he’s had any time for work. Lilith giggled… so true sis, so true.  Satan smiles; I know my queen everyone wonders how I get any work done but with a young wife it was easy to do both. Satan wife appeared looking all of twenty or less.  Welcome my queens and Sir Alexander to our home I’m Wynter.  If you please follow me, we have a great range of slaves ready for you to look at.

Angel and Lilith follow behind the beautiful woman when Angel spoke; how old are you Wynter? I just turned twenty five.  Winter turn and smiles at both Angel and Lilith; I was forced to marry my husband at a very young age.  Yes I know he’s older than I and he loves his sex but as the year went by I've come to love, respect and enjoy him as a man husband and the father of my children.  Angel and Lilith liked Wynter; she was straight forward and seemed genuine with them.  Wynter open a large door that led to a larger room with people lined up for them to look over.   One by one they chose omega from the female selection of slave Satan had.  Angel was about to sit when she notice a woman with something covering nipples.  Walking over to the beautiful brunette Angel loved what she saw…  Why are her nipples covered? Then Angel saw another blonde woman with the same covering.  Why didn’t we see these two? One of Satan sons answered.  These women never sell.  No one likes lactating women. Where are their babies? Angel asks feeling upset that they were separated from their children.  That’s it they never had any.  We do not believe in removing a child from its mother when we can make more money selling them both.  Wynter could see Angel was getting upset so she chimed in.  My queen when some women are sexual aroused they may lactate my mother was like that but some women just lactate.  I wanted to sell them as nurse mates someone that can step in and give a much need break to a woman. But no one wanted them well there are some men that love breast milk and will bye them for pleasure.  Angel nodded then smiles as she moved closer to the women to get a good look at the woman ample breasts, how long have you been lactating?  Since I was thirteen the woman said looking at her feet. How old are you? Angel asks.  I'm seventeen my queen. And you she said moving to the blonde, how long have you been lactating and your age. Since I was twelve and I'm fifteen she said being a bit bolder and looking at Angel.  Lilith and Angel whispered for a bit then looked at Satan. We’ll take them and any more you get provide they are young but don’t put them with the other they are for us Lilith said placing platinum chokers on them.   Satan moved them to another area so that Angel, Lilith and Alexander could finish their buying of slaves.  Where are the male slaves? Angel asks looking at Satan.  We keep them in another room my queens, it keeps the men in line. Inline!  Yes my queen some of the woman are the wives or daughter of the men and it gives them reason to try and break free. But if they don't know where to find the female they won't do anything stupid. Plus the men haven't seen a woman in a while so they are inclined to put there cocks in them. The men are kept intact unless otherwise requested by the owe for them to lose their cocks. I see Angel said when her grandfather moves closer to them.  I will help you choose.  Ok grandfather they said entering the male slave area.   Looking at height and muscle tone the men were good in that area but all of them fell short in the cock area so Angel and Lilith chose them for guarding the omega.  

The men were led out some screaming for mercy and their wives.  Maybe you should remove their tongues.  If you wish my queen it can be done.   No just making a statement on the screaming.  Alexander laugh; I would too if it were me he said making them all laugh. Thank you Satan, have the women delivered to the palace and the men when they are ready Alexander said as he and Angel and Lilith left.  

The ride home was quiet with Angel and Lilith napping while Alexander looked over the list of family they will be visiting.   As the vehicle pulled up to the front of the palace Alexander saw Henri coming to the vehicle.  Alexander steps out the vehicle to let Henri wake his mates.  Angel and Lilith felt a warm touch on their cheek as their eyes slowly open to see Henri.  HONEY! They said loudly diving at him.  We missed you they said as each gave him a passionate kiss.  Angel was so excited they handed Henri the surprise they found to let him know about the babies without telling him.  Openthey said waiting to see if he understood the meaning of the gifts. (baby booties and a sliver baby rattle)

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Henri had been gone a while from his women and family. He was eager to get back, but the Jacob and Serenity issue was still waying on his mind. Henri knew that recognition was a powerful thing but was not sure if she was safe from Jagang's power and control. He was mulling that over on the flight home to Avalon. As they got closer he worried more about how his wives were and what they had been up to. As they landed he had Phelan, Valen and John out and moving on errands.

As they cleared the port Henri, Jacob and Serenity made their way through town and came upon the Royal family and escorts. Looking around Henri saw Andrew and made a bee line to the car that he was at. Henri got to the car and Andrew shook his hand and pointed in the car. Henri looked in and smiled as he saw his 2 beautiful women sleeping, They had a glow about them. He leaned in kissing them one at a time until they woke up. They in turn screamed and kissed him back and handed him a wrapped box. Open they said in unison. Opening the box he looked inside and saw a pair of baby booties and a Silver baby rattle. Henri looked at the items for a moment and then the girls. You want to have a child? They shook their heads in unison yet again; He thought then looked at the items and smiled, grabbing them both in  a hug he said thank you! They kissed again and Henri said come out here I have some people for you to meet.

As Henri backed out of the car allowing the Women to get out Jacob and Serenity came up from behind him.  He looked at Angel, Jacob you know, but for Lilith I will make introductions again, This is Jacob, my Nephew and his new mate Serenity! Henri looked at the reaction he saw on Angels face and wonder on Lilith's. Jacob, Serenity these lovely ladies are my wives and mates! Jacob took each hand and kissed it in turn, Hello my Queens, Serenity bowed in turn as well to each. MI' Lady's Every one did their hellos and got to know each other as John, Valen and Phelan came up.

John spoke first, thing are doing good at the palace and things have been quiet with the changing and our people moving into the area Henri. There seems to be a gentle but orderly take over by your men into key areas. They troops of Avalon have begun to start training with our task masters and getting better according to the trainers.  We have made them stronger sire.

Then Valen spoke up, Henri seems things are doing good in town as well. The authorities in town have taken to the ideas that I had presented to them earlier before we left and have taken to implementing them. A lot of things have been happening though, it seems that there have been some abductions of women and men along the waterfront. No one knows where or what is going on but you married families with out children of just vanished, the authorities are investigating. They have found what seems a doubloon  where they find the missing folks.

Phelan pulled out his mini comp that he had built and started pulling up data, It seems that the doubloons are all the same Boss! He pulled up the files from the Police Precinct and showed Henri. Henri looked at the coin and started to growl a bit. Son of A Bitch! Henri shook his head and continued to curse, Its VLAD he is a henchman of Jagang.

Jagang sat brooding he had lost his link with his daughter when she was being mounted by that piece of shit lycan Jacob. He was not sure what had happened but since then he had not been able to penetrate her mind. He was furious at that and decide to take it out on Avalon and Henri. He sat for a moment and then grinned evilly. Vlad was on the coast that bordered Avalon. Jagang thought and his mind entered Vlad's but did not expect what he saw.

Vlad had been raiding the coast of Avalon and a few other places as he needed bodies for his slave trade. He had gotten a fresh load of women that he was in the process of trying out before he sold them He had sex stools lined up down the room with women bent over them with their round tight asses in the air. He was randomly walking down the line and shoving his cock deep into them a few times listening to them scream and struggle to get free. Get in here you Fuckers a group of men walked in and lined up behind a woman. Now test these women out use all three holes cum in each one and leave nothing un touched!!! that was where Jagang had come in at, You do very well Vlad, He watched as the women screamed and struggled to get free as the men attacked them hard and fast. I will be making my way to your abode I want it ready for my arrival, and I want you to escalate your attacks on Avalon, it is our primary target. Jagang watched as the women were fucked as he faded out. Vlad grabbed a woman and shoved his cock in her mouth, he hated when JAgang did that.

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Alexander could see Henri was very upset with the information he just got and he could see it was worrying the girls.  Maybe we should get everyone back to the palace and some food for everyone.  Henri was still cursing when he looked at Alexander who pointed to Angel and the frighten look on her face.  Henri handed the tablet back to Valen. We’ll continue this later he said as everyone piled into the vehicles and headed back to the palace.  

The ride always seemed to be long but not this time.  This time… this time the ride was as fast as a loop the loop on a roller coaster.  Maybe the diver knew they need to be back to the palace with some speed.   The doors open and the men step out then assisted the women out of the car and to the palace.  

As they enter the palace one of the servant approached, “dinner is ready my king if anyone wishes to dine. “  He bow and waited for Henri to speak.  Alexander could see Henri was still bother by the information he received but before Alexander could help Henri spoke.  “We will eat now.  The women need their nourishment.”    

“Yes, my king” the servant said as he led everyone to the palace dining area.  The servant step to the side as he watched everyone enter for dinner, then he moved to the kitchen to inform the new cook and staff the king and family are ready for dinner.  The cook smiled, “good” he said as he sent the servant away.    Henri people were settling in nicely and getting the hang of everything.   The doctors were doing their job… with check up and getting everyone where they need to be in the medical system.   Kate made the Cook growl with her instruction for the queens.  “BLAH!!” He grumbles as she told him to start making high protein meals.   Kate laugh realizing how stubborn lycans can be but more so the males.  

“Dinner is serve!” The cook said as he and the staff enters with steak, chicken and various side dishes and ice tea.  What no wine… where’s the strong stuff Valen growled.  The cook growled.  We have women that expecting the king’s children, so no strong stuff will be served unless the kings ask for it. John, Valen and Phelan looked at Henri with a smile.  “You took long enough” John said stand to congratulate his friend. “Let’s eat my friend.  Put everything else to rest till you put your mates to bed… they don’t need any reason to worry or stress. Let’s eat!” He said again and loudly this time as he retook his seat.  Dinner was good, fun and enjoyable for all.  Then they had dessert while sitting and chatting getting to know each other better.

Desert was just as good as dinner when Henri saw Angel and Lilith yawning several times.  “Alexander, have the ladies escorted to their chambers.” Angel and Lilith were about to complain when Henri raised his hand and stop them.  “You will not go anywhere without an escort is that clear!  Angel wanted to say no but it was the sound of Henri voice that made that no a yes.  She stood and kissed him passionately, always my king and love. Lilith stood and did the same as they left the dining area for the room.  

Entering the chamber they felt so tired. "My queens the girls are sleeping if you like to wake them." "No… let them sleep tonight," Lilith said.  "Yes let them sleep.  We’ll work them harder tomorrow.  No… we’re going for more omegas tomorrow." Angel turns towards the guard.  "Let them rest.  They’re going to need it." "Understood my queens" he said it as he turn and left the chamber.  

Angel and Lilith help each other bathe, dry off. Moving to the bed they each slid under the covers leaving a large spot for Henri to slid in next to them. Slowly they drifted off to sleep thinking of the fun they’re going to have tomorrow with Henri and looking for omega and breeders.

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Henri and his men sat talking about what had happened and Henri was tired of playing catch up to everyone else out there. He slammed hi had down on the table. Henri began to shift and once in full form he began to talk. I am tired of always being behind what these people do to us, Starting today we take the fight to them and anyone else that just happens to get in the way. We are Lycan, we need fear no one! We take it all from here on out! Everyone looked at Henri like he had lost his mincd and then started to smile, Henri had been one for peace and prosperity and now for some reason there was a blood lust in his eyes. Maybe this fight and taking control of a country had changed him some. They knew that this could go either way, but with Henri it was always a good thing.

They talked for a while as Henri detailed out plans of what he wanted done and things he wanted them to come up with. He was going to start claiming a lot more stuff in the near future. They dismissed and headed there separate ways. Henri passed a very beautiful woman as he headed to the bed room where his women were, he could smell the scent of her and could tell she was horny and in need of cock. This caused his wolf to surface some as he decided it had been to long since he had tasted the flesh of his women.

Henri walked in the room quietly and saw that they were in bed but had left room, he slid his clothes off and his monster manhood sprung out. it had been pent up for a while now. he peeled the covers back only to find them lightly clad in almost nothing. Henri slid up on the bed a hand caressing each thigh and then he sniffed the aroma from each moist pussy. HIs women needed him as much as he needed them. Henri ran a hand over each mound and began to slide a finger over each clit. as he sucked one nipple then another one on the women slowly. Moistening them up. Henri slid up between Angels legs and into her thrusting deep as she woke up, MMMMMMMMMMM I missed you too Henri took long thrusts into her giving her the loving fuck she needed not a hard one but a nice build to a good orgasm. As he fucked Angel, Lilith stirred as he fingers worked her clit. As he worked faster and deeper Lilith woke up and screamed as she came hard from his fast work. Her eyes shot over to See Henri fucking Angel. I better get some of that before tonight is over she growled lustily. Henri leaned down and kissed her passionately as he pushed deep into Angel. In and out he went in a controlled pace, Angel was on the verge and Henri turned it on. He jackhammered her tight pussy making her gush juices all out and around his cock. She screamed a guttural scream as she shook hard and came continuously. Henri knot formed while she was doing this and he pushed up into her deep and came an enormous amount. As he lay knotted in Angel he began to lick Lilith's pussy causing her to get stirred up again. Angel was leaned over and sucking on Lilith nipples.

Henri slid out of Angel finally and Lilith jumped and started to suck on it. She worked it with a very determined look on her face, Henri and Angel both chuckled and smiled as it swelled back up. When she noticed she said, What I need that cock in me! As soon as it was hard she mounted and rode Henri hard and fast, not giving him any chance to do anything. Angel helped hold him down as Lilith screamed and came again . Henri's knot formed quickly and filled her up, he came and so did she. she slumped over, laying on him. Angel crawled over and curled up with them. Everyone said Love you as they drifted off to sleep with dreams or the fun tomorrow to come.

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The morning sun creeps through the room like a thief in the night, causing Angel to turn into Henri for cover but it didn't help. No… rung through Angel mind as she tried her hardest to get back to sleep. But it was too late... she was up. Popping her head up, she looked around the room before looking at her love and sissy sleeping peacefully next to each other. Breakfast she thought as she slowly moved from the bed.

Showering first then dressing in one of the cute dresses they bought she mutter… I guess pants for women is outlawed here she chuckled to herself. And if not I'm sure Henri would make it that way... he like easy access for himself to get what he wants and needs from them... hell any women for that fact; Angel smiled as she thought of Henri’s monster cock then got a devilish though. Entertainment with breakfast, she said to the guards as she moves to ring for breakfast from the kitchen.  

Kitchen this is the cook a soft voice said over the phone.  Good morning Cook, Angel said. Good morning my queen breakfast is coming up in ten minutes with all favorites.  The King made sure we had a list of all the favorite foods and the doctor said the queen's need more protein for the up coming king's heir. We have everything cover my queen Angel smiled as she rubbed her stomach; Thank you cook she said before hanging up the phone.  The Cook and her mate had been with Henri faithfully since he was young. Henri trusted everyone with him without question.  Plus if anyone betrayed Henri would find him merciless but she was sure everyone that knew him knew that but if not they would. Angel sat back in her chair thinking of the Cook and her mate. She had never seen two mated female lycans but she bet watching them would be nice. I wonder if our kings as been with them then angel remember not all lesbian like men.  Smiling more, that wouldn't stop Henri she said as the guards enter the lounge area. Now for entertainment she said as she moved towards the guards and the door. Is that my list, she ask the guard.   Yes, my queen.  Angel looked it over and found that the lapidary husband died owing the palace a good amount of money.  Angel smiled she couldn't get the lapidary daughters out of her mind, especially the youngest one. Thanks this has made my morning Angel said with a wicked smile. Lets go get the entertainment for breakfast but kennel first.

Opening the door Angel saw her bitches still sleeping.  Cutting on the light Rachel jumped from her bed and onto the floor with her ass in the air.  Angel smiles but the rest of them didn't move like Rachel did. So she reached for the paddle Lilith requested the other day and smacked each of them on the ass as she passed them. Jumping from fear they fell to the floor presenting their asses as they knew they should have done earlier. Good bitches but to slow.  You should have been up and down as the light turn on like Rachel; Angel pointed to her.  Now don't move a mussel, Angel turning to the guard. Feed that bitch and teach the others a lesson before breakfast. Take them to the bull pen and let the man loose.  I want my bitches punished for not being ready when I enter the room. As her bitches were being led out Angel turned to her new bitches. Moving to them she removed the covering over one of the brunette nipple and pinched it till milk started to flow…. Nice Angel said with a wicked smile.  You said you were seventeen but your seller said fifteen and you’re fourteen Angel said grabbing the blonde by the hair. I don’t like being lied to.  Angel pushed them towards the guard. Have them bathe and brought to us for entertainment and if they refuse to obey pop those cherries they hold so dear. The girls started to cried but follow two of the guards out the room.  Angel smiled I just love this place.

Heading out the room and down the hall Angel follows the guard to Carrie and her daughter bed chambers. Angel started to knock but why she thought as she and the guards enter the room to darkness.  Nice she thought as she moved through the room towards four doors. Angel open one door and saw Carrie in a nice size bed. Closing her door Angel saw three more door; get the daughters she said to the guards as she reopened Carrie's door and enter the room. Angel wanted to scare her so she clicked the main light switch cutting on all the lights in the room at once. Carrie jumped from the bed partly naked and by partly naked she had on a very sheer baby blue see through gown.  Angel smiled just as the guards enter with Carrie's daughter.  They were just and naked wearing only what looked like tee shirts. Good you’re all awake. Angel moved to Carrie and slapped her knocking her to the ground. Don’t move! She said moving towards the Carrie's first daughter.  Beautiful just beautiful Angel said ripping the girl’s tee shirt. Name and age child, Angel said to her while watching the girl’s nipples harden in the cold causing her to shiver. April and sixteen she said shuttering.  Still a virgin and don’t lie to me Angel said growling.  She started shaking her head yes but stop and said no.  Good… take her now Angel said pushing her to the guards.  The guards jumped the screaming girl as Angel looked at the other two.  You know the question and not answering truthfully you get that. She pointed to their sister and the guard   I’m May the next girl said pointing to herself.  I’m fifteen, this is our baby sister June, she thirteen and I… we are virgins. Good girls Angel said smiling.  Then she turned to Carrie.  You knew your husband owe a debt to the place and you said nothing. Angel growled, as punishment we are taking your daughter. You will be our lapidary and if we choose our fuck toy and we choose it, you're ours to do as we please is that clear. Angel pulled Carrie up and ripped her clothes from her body then shoved her to the guards.  More treat for you men Angel took the girls and moved towards the door.  When you’re done take April to the breeding chamber and fuck her again.  I want her train for breeding is that clear.  The man nodded between grunts then started pawing Carrie hard and fast. Carrie if you do good you can get one daughter back if you do bad you lose them and something you cherish… your life is that clear Angel said as the guards started fucking her hard and fast.  Angel made the younger daughters watch as their mother and sister were fuck in all holes.  

Angel smiled at herself as she took the girls and left their room heading back to her room. Just in time Angel said as she saw the cook’s staff bring up breakfast for them. Angel pushes the young girls into her room where she saw Henri and Lilith still sleeping. Remove your clothes she said. May and June kept crying but did as they were told. You see this Angel asks removing the cover from Henri monster cock. Their gasps making Angel smile. I guess you can’t help but see it.  Suck it May...  NOW!! Angel growl as the girl jumped and don’t stop till I say so.  May climb into the bed and grab the man's monster cock… she didn't know what to do but she did remember seeing her what her mother had done earlier. Picking the monster thing up with both her hands. She first stuck out her tongue and licked it like a lollipop for a bit then slowly she pushed as much as she could in her mouth. Good keep going Angel said as she turn to June and clamped a collar around her neck. You’re our pet… no one will touch you unless we say but your sister well she going to be our bitch or breeder not sure but we'll learn it soon enough. June looked at the collar it said pet and knew it was some of one’s her mother made. You will sit when I sit; stand when I stand and you will never cover.  If you cover I will expose and have it touch till you beg to be release is that clear.  June couldn't stop crying but she shook her head yes.  Good girl, now if you take your eyes off them you will join is that clear.  June nodded yes as she kept crying but she watched her sister forcing that monster into her mouth making Angel smile. Good girl Angel said stroking June’s pussy to see if she was wet and she was.  Angel wanted to make her like and lust for sex... roughness... pain even gentleness... anything they threw at her like a sex kitten should.    

Lilith woke to the sounds of slurping.  Rolling over she moved closer thinking it was Henri and Angel enjoy morning sex.  Lilith gave Henri a passionate kissed then followed his hands to see it wasn't Angel giving Henri a blowjob.  Angel laughs at the surprise look on Lilith face.  Morning Sister, Angel said with a smile as she watched Henri enjoy his morning suck. Do I want to know? Lilith asks getting out of bed. Yes, their mother with held information from us.  She and her late husband owed the palace money so we took their daughters as payment. Not sure what else she’ll be able to give so they’re ours do with as we please. The oldest May is being trained as a breeder and what a good breeder she’s going to make the way she took the guard’s cocks… what a pro.

Lilith return to the room fully dressed and sat next to Angel.  Like the dresses Sissy. Yes, Lilith answered.  Good... not back to fun.  That one sucking Henri is May she’s fifteen and a good sucker isn't she? Bitch or breeder Lilith asks.  I’m not sure yet what do you think she ask looking at Lilith who was looking at June.  You like she asks. Yes, she pretty and young. She is Sissy, she only thirteen and a virgin.  I thought she make a great new pet… she isn't too young to be fucked but I want to enjoy her innocent and see her learn accept her faith without question. Stand Lilith said to the girl who was still crying. June stood up slowly. Lilith took her fingers and teased her nipples making them harden…   Small but that will change hopeful as she gets older. I like her nipples they look so chewable. Lilith pulled June and started biting the girl’s right nipples not hard but not soft causing June to cry out.  Shhh!!  Angel said as Lilith bit harder. Sit in my lap Lilith said as they watch Henri ram his monster cock down May throat causing her to gag and struggle to be free. Open Lilith order to June as she stuck her finger in the girl’s mouth. Suck it!! Lilith growled ramming her finger in and out of June mouth.

Lilith finally pulled her finger out June’s mouth, using her wet fingers she teased June nipples causing the girl to squirm in Lilith lap.  Lilith growled… don’t fight the feeling pet.  Let your pussy cum and you'll get a reward. June sobbed as she sat in Lilith lap.  

A loud growl rawred through the room getting Angel and Lilith attention. Turning just in time to see Henri holding May down ramming his monster cock deeper than ever just as his cock shot a large load of cum down the girls throat. They looked at each other then clapped... Bravo my love bravo, they said to Henri as they watch May squirm beneath him.  The kitchen staff paid no attention to the entertainment as they set up breakfast for them.  June quivered in Lilith lap as she got her first orgasm.  Nice kitten… I like that name for her.  You’re now our kitten is that clear. Lilith look a guard, bring our kitten a very large pillow to lie on. The guard left the room for a minute or two returning with a large enough and very soft pillow for kitten (June) to lie on.  Here you go Lilith said giving kitten some food to eat.
Come my love, Angel said to Henri.  You’re going to need some food after that good sucking the bitch gave. Henri smile but his wolf was horny for fresh meat and May was the meet.  Angel and Lilith smiled then said Bitch is it… as they watched Henri shove May to the floor and ram his monster cock into May’s virginal pussy without thinking she needed to brace for the pain. May screamed from the shock them blacked out but Henri kept on fucking the unconscious girl.  This is going to be a while Angel said as they watched the show and started eating.  The bitches were Angel and Lilith personal sex toys a gift from Henri to keep them happy... to do with as they wish, to have fun at parties… to let Henri scare and fuck with his monster cock or to use to get the wealthy and important people in the outside under their rule. Angel and Lilith bitches were beautiful. Of all races and ages well not all ages they weren't over twenty five.  With May now being the youngest at fifteen.   Angel looked at kitten would you like to be a bitch one day my pet.  We are going to need some young like kittenLilith said. You know there are men who like the childlike look.  Angel nodded; this list of people we are going to visit might have some young girls for that and we can used their virgin to gain what we want. Angel smiled at the though of ev.. fun they could have.  Lilith looked at Angel what about boys… you know there are those that like that.  Agreed Sissy there are.  You know I've never seen that but maybe I will just to say I seen it. Lilith giggles I have … my dad like fucking a slave boy in the arse but he liked them young.  Like fifteen or sixteen and he did it while he had a slave girl sucking the poor boy’s cock.  That way they didn't what was coming till it happen. Angel and Lilith laughed as they saw one of the slave girl’s give Henri a wet towel then he moved to the table and kissed them both.  Morning love they said as he sat with them and they eat dinner.  Did you enjoy the new bitch my love? Angel and Lilith asks as they guard took May to the kennel with the other bitches.

Here’s the list of people that owe the palace. Lilith and I like to pay them a visit, have some fun get some toys, bitches, breeder and omega. What do you think my love? They waited while Henri looked at the list and ate his food. Just then a knock at the door… John enters with a folder in his hand. We found them boss… they have no clue you are on to them. Shall we pay them a visit today? John moved closer to Henri so that Angel couldn't hear. We found Jagang home… Vlad home and they aren't prepared for any attack from you. They think your hiding; John laid a folder next to Henri plate and step behind kitten. Henri growled… Too bad your nephew is mated to Jagang daughter, Angel said with a not nice look on her face. Yes I knew who she was and I heard what John said. And I accept her as family because my mate does but if she wasn't I would have taken her to her father and watched as she was fucked hard and long. Then killed her father in front of her and let her know she was now mine. But who knows maybe she has sisters. We could use another pet isn't that right kitten; Angel growled out as she stroked June wet pussy. Fear is a great motivator don’t you think my love. Lilith smile as she touched June’s wet pussy then slipping a finger in and out till she pushed against her hymen. June felt a brief bit of pain causing her to clap her legs shut. Bad kitten Lilith said pulling her finger out June’s pussy and putting it to her lips; SUCKS IT NOW PET!! June knew she was in trouble so she jumped to her hands and knees and opened her mouth. Lilith pushed her finger in Junes mouth so she could tasted her own juices as she suck Lilith finger clean. Yes, a great motivator my love, Lilith said petting kitten on the head and smiling at Henri. John waited for Henri but the young June was making him horny and Angel and Lilith could see he wanted to fuck their pet. John… Angel said just as the two new bitches were brought in. Nice... Angel said with a smile. They cleaned up nicely don't you think she asks looking at John. Pick one or taste both if you can handle it. They’re both innocent so do cherish that cherry your popping and John they both lactate milk. John smiled he love breast milk but it was hard to find a girl that lactated especially this young. John looked at Henri who nodded yes and waved him towards the girls who huddle together out of fear. Angel and Lilith smiles, good kitten they said looking at June who had stop crying as she watched the big man grab one of the girls and drag her to a soft pillow. Your time is when we say and not sooner. Anyone touches our kitten will be punished but so will the kitten … They wanted her to know she will be punished as well as anyone that touched her. Fear rose just as fast and hope died. June wanted to close her eyes but she couldn't take her eyes off the man as he sucked the milk from the girl’s breast. Would he be gentle then she got her thoughts answer as the man roughly ripped the girl’s hymen then drilled her like a madman drilling for oil, pussy oil. June prayed she wouldn't be next any time soon. Angel knew June was watching John. Angel made sure kitten was facing them so she could see it could have been her. Don't you take your eyes off them... that could be you one day, Angel said as they give Henri all their attention. So my love… What will our day be filled with? Fun and pleasure... pain and revenge or all of the above. She asks with a sinful smile on their faces.

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Henri pounded in and out of the girl and saw that Angel had more in reserve. He saw the one sitting on Lilith's lap squirming, he realized that she was being rubbed. Then he smelled the smell of her young sex in the air. Angel your pet has just cum! the idea made him the much needier, he pounded harder and harder into the girl under him, her screams sounding off the walls of the room. He reached around and grabbed her nipples and squeezed hard and pulled back on her, jamming his cock deep with each thrust.  He continued and then pulled out his phone and made a call. Hey John, bring Valen and Phelan to the room, I will share some entertainment with you, about that time the girl let out a huge scream as she came again. John chuckled, ok boss! Henri felt her cum as he was hitting her just right as there was a knock at the door he said come in!  Henri shot a load deep into the girl and she spun her head looking at him, as 3 more men walked in the door seeing her nakedness she screamed. Henri slapped her ass and said, Shut Up! He pulled out and spun her around shoving his cock in her mouth forcing her to clean his cock. Her tits swung back and forth as he forced his cock down her throat. Pulling out he smiled, Guys she is yours. Everyone of you are to cum in her, Daily she will bear children from one of us! The girl screamed Noooooooooooooooooo! Henri pushed her off the bed and said, Crawl over and pull there cocks out get them hard and enjoy yourself! He looked back at the other girl who was older and more developed. He hardened as he spoke to her. Come here! She walked over her head held high, she knew what was to happen but was not gonna whine or cry about it.

The girl got on the bed on her knees and began to suck on Henri, She is good and knows her place love, He said looking over at Angel and Lilith. He smiled as the girl worked his cock like a pro, and watched the other girl fishing out cocks and beginning to suck on them. the girl on Henri seemed to enjoy what she was doing. Henri asked have you done this before. She nodded without missing a beat. Henri looked over as Valen slid into the girl and began to pound. Henri looked at the girls tits under him and smiled  these are big! he said as he slapped one then the other. He grabbed the girl spun her around and shoved deep into her breaking her hymen as he did. She cringed and tightened up on his cock as she did and he continued to plough through her. in and out Henri slammed into her, he looked over and watched as Valen was empting his seed into the girl and was being replaced by Phelan.

Henri pounded his girl until he came in her as well and then had her crawl over to Valen and allow him to have her as well as John was taking his place inside the first girl. Valen smiled as he entered her and began yet again the course of moans and groans and grunts. Henri walked over and looked at the girl on Lilith's lap. He watched Lilith finger the girl, he wiggled his cock in her face, This WILL be the first cock you have pet. He looked at Lilith and Angel, you ladies had plans for today, I have had a warm up are you 2 next or we doing something else? Henri had a few things that he wanted to get taken care of but was going to spend some time with his ladies as he had been away for a while now. He smiled at his ladies and reached out and fondled both Angel and Lilith's tits watching their nipples grow through the fabric.  

Henri watched as his men took the 2 girls over and over cumming multiple times in each one. He knew that after today they would both be pregnant with children from one of them. He smiled at the thought as they would make good betas for the family and part of an elite guard he would have built. He smiled and watched his ladies, waiting to see what they would do!

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62 Re: Life's Changes on Fri Nov 22, 2013 10:36 pm

June (Kitten to everyone) closed her eyes and moved away from the wiggling thing the king place at her face. Touch it! Lilith order when a fear look covered June’s face.  TOUCH IT NOW or get it in your ass Angel said smacking her hard on the butt.  June’s brown eyes opened and were filled with tears again but she feared what they might do to her for disobeying them.  Reaching out for the ugly snake like thing she griped it hard.  Not hard enough to make it hurt but hard enough to make it jump in her hand.  Angel and Lilith smiled; they knew they had their kitten frighten enough to do what they wanted when they wanted.  Good Kitten now stand Angel said smacking her butt again making her whimper.  

Angel and Lilith stood up and moved to him.  Are you still sexual starving or can we feed our king and tell him our plans.  Henri sat in his chair and looked at his ladies.  Telling me you didn’t enjoy the show. Angel and Lilith smile, yes honey we did but you made it clear this; Angel point to their bodies, is for your eyes only. Henri smiled then nodded.  Well let’s feed both your hungers. Lilith eased Henri back in his chair giving him passionate kisses as she whispered; Kitten will feed you.   Angel pulled Kitten to Henri.  The naked Kitten tremble as Angel placed her in Henri lap then handed her some fruit.  Hmmm doesn’t look like she can feed him that way.  No it doesn’t Angel said turning Kitten sideways on Henri lap making sure the girl could feel the monstrous cock on her butt cheeks.  Henri felt the girl trembling. Causing his cock hardens beneath her making Kitten tremble more.   She didn’t want what he did to her sister to happen to her.  She knew it was shellfish but she was glad it was her sisters and not her.  Not now and hopeful not ever.  She prayed they get bored with her or find a new toy.   She was thankful they seem to have an age limit… leaning against the kings massive chest she took the bowl of fruit and started feeding the king.

Angel and Lilith return to their seats… Angel looked at Lilith who looked at the young girl with wickedness in their eyes.  Could she handle Henri massive cock or would it break the girl in half?  Angel and Lilith smiled.  Soon Sissy soon she said again seeing the last bit of hope leave Kitten face.  Don’t think it’s your age saving you Kitten… it’s not we just enjoy your innocents.  We’re not ready to pop that sweet innocent cherry of yours.  Angel ran her hand over the girl bald pussy causing her to tremble again making Henri cock stiffen.  Ooops did she do that Angel asks with a sinful look.  Well let’s fix that before we start out talks.  Angel walks over to May who was lying quietly on the floor and pulled her up by the hair.  Come bitch, you have work to do.  Angel pushed her on the floor in front of Henri and June.  Wait Lilith said thinking sinfully.  Turn Kitten to face her sister.  Kitten shivered but did as she was told making Henri massive cock popped up between her legs.  Hmm! Angel thought as she put Kitten legs on either side of Henri leg opening her sweet pussy for all to see.  Henri cock laid again Kitten wet pussy.  When Angel said to May; suck that massive cock and play with your sister clit.  May cried she didn’t want to touch her sister pussy.  She just kneels there looking at everything when Lilith spoke.  What if we told you your sister was happy it was you getting fuck and not her.  Would you do it now?  May looked at June with anger… the anger Angel and Lilith knew how to bring out in families. May took the cock in her mouth as her hand found her baby sister clit.  She dry Angel said.  Wet those finger in that wet pussy.  Wet that clit…  May did all she was told while trying not to gag on the massive cock she wasn’t holding. Angel and Lilith watched as Henri tired to keep eating the food Kitten was trying to hand but both were getting turn on and Angel and Lilith enjoyed it.  Kitten was moaning when they notice Henri was playing with Kitten young breast.  Angel and Lilith kept talking as Henri and Kitten came closer and closer to an orgasm thanks to May.  

Henri teased Kitten young harden nipple while ramming his monster cock into May’s mouth. May start to gag as Henri rammed his cock down her throat where she couldn’t breathe. She stops playing with June clit but Lilith took over stroking Kitten clit as she kissed Henri, cum for us love cum hard she said to Henri.  Angel held Mays head on Henri monster cock then spoke.  You better learn to breathe out your nose bitch.  May struggle to be free but Angel wouldn’t let go.  Breathe out your nose or you’re going to die and die you will before I release you.  May struggle but she didn’t want to die so she listens and started breathing out her nose.  Good bitch Angel said as she pushed May deeper and deeper onto Henri cock.  May is going to be a great bitch Angel said.  She will have a good deep throat for big cocks.  Lilith nodded as she and Angel switched places, Angel started kissing Henri and playing with Kitten clit.  Hmmm she wet and ready to cum.  Henri kept up the teasing of her when Angel raked her nails over the girl harden nipple making Kitten moan softly in Henri ear.  Cum for us pet he said to her; cum for us then he when back to the girl clit stroking faster and faster.  June was breathing deeper and harder; oh… oh… oh, she moaned as her orgasms washed over her like a tidal wave.   Angel and Lilith smiled as Henri growled as he shot his load into May’s mouth.  Good girl Kitten good girl.  Lilith stood May up and smiled; you’re going to be a great bitch and a great breeder for our men; she rubbed May stomach softly get some rest you’re going to need it.  Handing her to one of the guards; take her to the kennel.  Make sure she clean, fed and like I said get some rest.  Angel stood Kitten up, your coming with us Kitten so smile and enjoy the show or you’ll be the show again.   Angel placed kitten on her pillow as one of the staff gave her some food.  Eat up Kitten we have a long day ahead of us.

As breakfast wound down Alexander came to talk to Henri in private.  Angel and Lilith didn’t mind they knew their  husband had his work to do.  Kissing Henri they headed to the bathe.  When the door shut Alexander started speaking. All the different transportation are done as you requested.  They are lable and ready to go when we arehe said looking at his tablet.  There's several transport for the slaves for the palace.  A transport for the slaves to be sold.  A transport for Angel and Lilith toys, omega and breeders.  And a transport for the one the palace will used to make an example of. FUN! He smiled thinking he get in on the making example of some of those sexy wives of some those fat rich men that thumb their noses up at people. Lastly there's a dungeon transport for those that can't be used for anything other than to help training the guards.  Those are the one's deamed to dangerous to be in the palace or sold as slaves. That will teach the people that the palace and this city will not be undermind. Paymant will be made no matter what.  You know only the middle classes and few lower classes paid.  The rich refused to budge. So we will have to visit all the rich and only three lower class. 
Henri nodded; get the car ready we leave in twenty minutes.  Henri joined his women in the bath. When they were done bathing they decided they dress comfortable to enjoy the fun of their people.  Henri dressed in a pair of dark jeans and royal blue t-shirt.  Angel and Lilith follow his lead and dressed in jeans but Angel wore a dark red body hugging t-shirt and Lilith wore a dark purple body hugging t-shirt.  Kitten was dressed in a baby blue linen camisk bound by a gold chain (Camisk is the favored piece of slave clothing.  A single piece of rectangle cloth, about eighteen inches wide, with a hole in the center.  It is pulled over the girls head, like a poncho then belted with cord, chain or leather.  A camisk is meant to be revealing. It displays the girl beautifully, provocatively. Belted tightly at the waist emphasizes the curves of the slave. It is the perfect balance of covering and exposure.)  With her lovely young nipples barely visible but if you look you could see them.  Angel love that it was like peak- a- boo, just enough for them to be seen and not seen depending on the angle and the lighting. Lilith smiles; it’s perfect she said to Angel, everything hidden but not hidden enough that it can’t be seen if looking.  Angel nodded; I think it’s perfect for our bitches.  It gives us easy access to them but keeps them cover for anyone that isn’t suppose to see.  Plus I thought she should wear something other than her name collar… possibly.  They laugh at the fear Kitten shown.  Come Kitten and enjoy your day out but remember when you’re at the palace you will only wear that collar… perhaps and perhaps we add something to stimulate those nipples that love to stand out.  Angel wanted her understand she will not always be clothes and that her body was theirs to enjoy.  Now come let’s get you some playmates.  Kitten shutter but follow as told.  

With five minutes to spare they were at the door when John, Phelan, Valen and Alexander joined them.   Where to first? Henri asks looking at Alexander.  Alexander open his tablet follow by the men.  I sent the list to you all.  It had the name and locations of the families that need our special visits.  I figure we started in the outer bands and work our way back toward town.  That way no one will know what we are doing and can’t warn anyone else.  Henri nodded; you heard the man he said to the drivers.  Follow the direction to the first home.

Under the cover of darkness was the best time to make a surprise visit.  Everyone will still be sleep well the rich will.  They seem to think they are above everyone not today.  Today was going to be their awakening.   The drive was new to Kitten who looked out the window like the child she was and watched as things went by.  Angel and Lilith smiled as they watched her.  Never been this far out have you? Angel asks Kitten.  She shook her head no and looked at them with a smile.  Good Kitten you are pleased and learning to show it.  Neither of them wanted to mess with her enthusiasm so they let her continue to look out the window.  

The cars and slave transport vans stopped at the first home.  And as Alexander expected they were sleep.  The guard let them in and the house was woken.  All the slaves were placed in the van while the Turrow’s were awakened and brought before everyone.   Good morning Turrow family Alexander said.  What is the meaning of this? Mr. Turrow said angrily.  How dare you come into my home and wake my family.  Do you not know who we are?  Henri stood and moved toward the man’s family.  Indeed we do he said.  You owe the palace.  And refuse to pay.  Well today you pay.  Moving to the children, four boys and one girl he told them to remove their clothes or have them removed.   Henri return to his chair and looked at the family.  

Alexander frown; the Turrow family owes the palace over one million credits.  What will you pay he said to the man who glared at Henri.   Nothing!  No one makes me pays anything.  Angel and Lilith looked at Henri who waved them to enjoy.  Hmmm girl or boys Angel asks Lilith.  Ages first Lilith said.  What are your ages? They ask together.   The oldest spat at them just as the guard grab him.  Such fire and anger… to dangerous for the palace; have him kill.  No please don’t the mother cried out.  My children are as follow, Jac… ages only no name Angel growled.  Oldest to the youngest if you value their lives.  Our sons are nineteen, seventeen, sixteen, fifteen and our daughter is fourteen.   Angel turns to the mother; what would you have us do with your oldest.  He’ll never obey and if giving the chance he’ll try and kill for his family.  Please I’ll do anything please don’t kill my son.   Angel looked at the other children stopping at the little girl.  Put daughter and mother in our bitch van. The mother was too old to be what Angel and Lilith wanted but she could be fun for a bit then sold. Your mother as gave her life for yours Angel said to the boy. Place him in the dungeon van. You will wish you were dead when they are done with you.  Angel gave the boy and evil smile.  Knowing the guards will do evil things to the boy.  Turning to his brothers are you going to risk your mother life like your brother and put her to death or will you be good. They drop to thei knees making Angel and Lilith smile.  Put those two they pointed to the seventeen and sixteen year old boys, in the slave market van that placing if they live or die in someone else hands then put the younger two in the omega van.  I think we can use cocks like theirs for breeding or entertainment.   Done here Angel said as she and Lilith moved back to Henri. The man screamed as he ran toward Henri with a dagger but one of the guards killed him after he only made two steps.  Henri sighed, what a petty; clean the house out then burn his body with the house he loved more than his family.

The list had fifty six names. Out of the fifty six names so far twenty four paid their debt to the palace.  As their punishment they lost one child and some slaves.  To let them know nothing goes unpunished.   They got to choose the child they lost so that the child knew their parent chose them and not the others.  The families that wouldn’t choose lost all their children with the option to buy them back at the palace auction.  Angel and Lilith weren’t happy.  They hadn’t found anyone like Kitten to play with but there were several homes left.  

Angel and Lilith were out the vehicle hoping for trouble well not really trouble just resistances. When they hurt Henri growling towards them, wait for us to exit the vehicle he said to them making them smile at him. Yes my love they said kissing him softly then watched as the guard headed for the door.  Angel and Lilith looked at the house it was very extravagant to say the least.  It was noon and no one knew what they were doing. Which was a good thing still for them maybe Angel thought as she heard the sounds of people laughing.  Looking at Henri he nodded as she and Lilith followed the sounds of laughter.   Kids, Lilith said with a smile.  Beautiful aren’t they Angel said as they turn to Henri and smiled. We have a winner now let’s hope they won’t pay.  Just as the front door open and a semi large but over weight man came out.  Get off my property he shouted.  The guards stopped him just as Henri moved to tower over him.  NO!  And mine if you don’t pay the palace what is owed. The man refused to budge against Henri but with the guards around the man moved.  You’re lucky you have your guards around. Henri smiled at the man; as you wish he said waving his guards away.   The man moved closer to Henri just as a lovely woman came out the house. What is the meaning of this? She asks looking at her husband and the man towering over him by several inches.  Get back in the house he yelled at the woman but it was far too late Angel and Lilith had blocked her path.  You’re his wife Angel asks looking the woman over and smiling.  The woman nodded yes to them as she tried to back away.   Where are you going? Lilith asks pulling the woman to them.  He’s getting what he ask now let’s see if he will back up his words Lilith said.    

Please the woman said looking at them; the man will kill him.  Angel smile yes we know but it was his choice and no one challenges the king. The king! She said with a gasp.  Please she begs but Angel and Lilith knew not to stop Henri.  Sorry only your husband can stop this. The man was ready to attack the intruder when he heard his wife say king. Your majesty the man said stepping down. Forgive me he said as he bows to Henri.  Angel and Lilith frowned they wanted to see some fun. Come in please the man said leading everyone into the extravagant house.  Angel and Lilith with Kitten looked around as servants placed food at a table.   Henri with John, Alexander, Phelan, Kage and Valen sat in some chairs and Alexander started talking.   We’re here to collect what is owed to the palace.  Every year you and other refuse to pay.  You do realize this city can’t run on giving out money and not getting it back. The man looked at Henri.  Are you all crazy if I give you what I owe I will have nothing.  You’ll have your family John said.  

Family… family… you can have my family I rather have the money he said moving to gab his young wife.  Just married this one and she not any better than that one that died.   He ripped away her clothes then threw her in front of Henri; take her she’s yours. Henri looked at the girl then to his mates.  Angel moved to pick up the girl.  How old are you she asks the girl looking over her beautiful body.   Seventeen she said making Angel and Lilith smile.  We’ll take her Angel said handed her to the guard.  Put her in the toy van. The man laughed good didn’t want her anyway he said looking at them. The childless bitch he utters as his children came running in crying followed by the guards.  Angel and Lilith moved toward them, starting with the youngest who looked to be no more than five years of age; omega young enough to train.  Wait Angel said to the guard with the child.  She pushed all the ones under the age of eleven to him.  They are young enough to train and learn to obey.  Looking at the older ones Angel smiled.  Take the first three boys for the dungeon. Lilith looked at them and agreed; too old to manage what a petty.  Their cocks look like something we could be dangerous with at a party. Angel and Lilith laughed. Now we are down to five Angel said with a smile.  You loved fucking and marrying young girls didn’t you she said to the man as she moved to the girls trying to cover themselves.  Ages and be quick about it. Sixteen one said… Fifteen the next one said…  Fourteen the last girl said.  The boys rung in quickly; fourteen one said and the last said thirteen.  Nice cocks Angel said pulling on one. Have you ever used it other than for peeing?  The boy looked at his father then back to Angel.  Yes… our father took us to a bath house in town. Bath house, Angel said looking at Alexander.  

Alexander laughs yes granddaughter.  It’s a place men go to, to enjoy sexual fun from a boy or a girl without being question by the wife since its legal. Henri said no playing till they got back to the palace.  Put them in our toy van.  Angel and Lilith want to play with the new toys but not today.  Today was about getting the people to understand Avalon come first and foremost always. Clean the house out and put him in the dungeon with his sons. Henri said as they left for the next house.  

The last three houses were just as bad if worse than the house before. Angel and Lilith were now happy.  Their toy van was full.  Not that all will be toys but fun is fun and they were going to have a party to show what happens to those that do not pay their debts.  

The palace was up and moving now.  The staff was cleaning.  The cook was doing her best to make the palace smell so good that Angel and Lilith stomach growled.  Following their noses they stopped in the royal dining area.  Food Angel and Lilith said as they sat and the kitchen staff started serving them.  Henri, Alexander, John, Phelan, Kage and Valen sat also as the dining area making it a conference area as well as a eating place.

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Henri sat watching every one eat. He leaned over as a servant walked by and whispered. The servant bowed and left the room. As everyone ate and conversed time moved on and in a bit the servant cam back and told Henri the news. Henri smiles as the ladies that they had taken were led in. He looked at them and then pointed out 3.

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