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Life's Changes

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26 Re: Life's Changes on Fri Dec 07, 2012 5:44 pm

Angel did not want to go to sleep again she wanted answers. Why was this happening to her? Why couldn't she go home and live the way she wanted? Struggling to stay awake she watched as the doctor, Mina mutter to herself about someone name Elanya. Was that why Henri was being nice to her? Did he think like Mina, did he believe she was this Elanya person? Angel wanted to run to find somewhere she and only she belong. As anger fill her heart and soul a bright light appeared. Have I died she asks hoping her pain was about to end.

No Angel you’re not dead she heard the voice say when a beautiful woman appeared before her. OK, if I'm not dead then why are you here. You need me she said making Angel laugh. I need you Angel repeated. My life hasn't been my own in ten years. Where were you then? When I really needed someone Angel said not realizing she was walking around the woman. I was always with you Angelshe said touching Angel on the cheek gently. You weren't ready to see me then. Angel looked at the woman angrily; then I don’t need you now.

The woman smiles at Angel understand her pain and anger. Yes you do. You want to understand why all this is happening to you. Angel turns and looked at the woman. I’m only here to help you the rest is up to you. First let me do this, touching Angel she felt a shiver then very cold as if she lost something important. Just then a spirit appeared next to her. Angel looked at the woman then herself. What’s going on here I look like a ghost. Angel… Elanya, Elanya… Angel, two souls sharing one body where only one can live. They looked at each other when Angel spoke; what do you mean where only one can live? To explain that you must understand how it happen and why they never meant for any of this to go the way it did.

Angel started to speak but the woman stop her. Please let me explain the then you can ask your questions. Angel nodded as did Elanya. Materializing in a room where a beautiful woman was giving birth. Her name is River she was and immortal.Angel and Elanya looked at the spirited then to the woman in the bed; that's you they said watching her give birth. River smile yes it's was me. As the baby cried several armed men enter the room. One of them looked very important. It’s a girl M’lord an old woman said to him as he moved to the girl in the bed. I said I wanted a son. Without looking at the baby he moved to River; you were told to give me a son. Turning to the man at his side; killed that abomination. Kage bowed then move to take the baby from the old woman when River screams out; please not my baby please. Her begging had fallen on deaf ears as the old woman tried to shield the child. Kage killed the old woman then took the child and left the castle. You will die for this King Vladimir River said as he thrust his dagger into her beating heart. Maybe but not by you he said. Clean this mess up he said leaving the room.

The woman looked at Angel; you were left in the forest to die. I'm sorry Angel but you were never supposed to be born. The balance had to be protected. The child of and immortal and human crossed the boundaries that weren't to be crossed. Tears rose in the woman’s eyes as she looked at Angel; many died to protect the supernatural world and those who knew had to live within that world never able to return to the lives they knew. Your father broke that rule when he took Alexander Corvinus daughter starting a war that nearly killed all humans. The woman could barely control her pain as she looked at Angel. We'll stop there for a moment, turning to Elayna she smiled softly. Do you remember how you died; Elayna shook her head no as they fade to another scene. Hearing more screams they watch as a younger Henri lied unconscious while Elanya was taken away screaming. That’s not me Elanya said looking at them. No it’s your sister Rachel your twin sister. You both loved the same man and she thought if he mated with her they would be forever bound to one another and they would have been if someone hadn't thought she was you and… the woman let them watch as everything played out.

They watched as a bigger man rapped Rachel her screams filled the air when something flashed across the man’s face. They turn to see Elanya kneeling next to Henri. It can’t be… this is some kind of trick the man said in anger releasing Rachel. The woman and Angel looked at Elanya; I hadn't realize I was the one he wanted or that I was in danger from the one I love the most. You remember now the woman asks her. Yes Elanya said. I felt a sharp pain then nothing.

The woman turns and looked at them; it is written that destiny can be cruel but not in this case. The man is Jagang he was promised your sister and you and Henri. She saw the look on Elanya face. Yes you two were destine to be nothing should have stood in that way but it seem as if neither Jagang or Rachel wanted one another they wanted what wasn't theirs. So jealousy and hate got the better of Rachel and Jagang. Rachel killed you before Jagang could get to you and she convinced him she was you so he helped her get rid of your body leaving us nothing to return your soul to. The spirit turn to Angel with a tear rolling down her cheek she made a confession; I never got the chance to hold you before you were ripped from my arms. Both condemn to death buy your father and evil human bent on power and destruction of our world even if it meant taken something from it. You were never meant to be born that way; she stops to gather her thoughts then continued. The man I was to marry and be your father was killed and I was taken. I'm sorry but sometime life isn't fair and to us it wasn't but neither was it to you Elanya. You were never meant to die that day so to give you the chance to live they decided to keep Angel body live and place your soul in it. Their mistake was never figuring out the family that found Angel would be a powerful enough to save her soul but they did. As you could imagine the council was shocked a child with two soul, never heard of. Well they couldn't remove either soul worried that it could kill both of you so they … we watched you grow into a beautiful happy young girl till the day Elanya love for Henri surfaced when she saw him 200 years ago. They looked at each other then back to the woman. You don't remember and neither does Henri but he was so drawn to you at fifteen we knew we had to do something to protect you. So we put Elanya soul to sleep after we wipe your memory of Henri and his of you. But we realize it was a mistake only after you vanished. It took us ten years to find you both by then when Jagang had you. So we placed you in Henri path but we just could not awaken Elanya or put Angel soul to rest. Why at rest why my soul. Why not put our souls together so we could be one. Elanya nodded, I will not live at the death of Angel. Angel was never meant to be born that way she has no right to live. I'm sorry but the council as rule about immortal and any race breeding. They made an exception for you Elanya you weren't suppose do die that day. I will not live at the expense of Angel and that's thatElanya said.

Rive looked at them we don’t know what would happen or if you will remember anything or anyone. Both your memories could be destroyed. They looked at each other then back to River we've lost so much as it is we are willing to chance it. So be it she said as everything all vanished.

The woman reappeared before Angel sleeping body. We are sorry for all that has been done to you to you both. So we've decide to grant your wish but with one exception you will have no memory of what was said or each other. It will be left up to the love of a man to decide which memories will return. Bending over River whisper in their ear; only blood line could have held your soul Elanya… Angel would have been your great, great aunt. Then she kiss their cheek as a bright light surrounded them then nothing.

Mina hoped her news would help Henri in some way. She always knew he was special but he seem so lonely and his heart so far way from any woman that might be a great mate for him. Stopping next to the girl she checked her pulse and breathing. She’s something special to you isn't she Mina asks hoping Henri would open up to it. Come have a seat at my desk. Watching Henri sit Mina smiles pulling everything she found in front of him.

You said there was something different about that girl, that was an understatement. I found she had two sets of DNA but that’s medically impossible. Handing him the DNA chart she wonder if he could understand it. Let me see if I can clear up some things. Some time ago I did research into a rumor that Alexander Corvinus the immortal father to Jacob and Edward who was the start of Lycan, weres and vampires. What many didn't know was he had a daughter River born to his wife unmarried sister. Alexander loved his daughter but could not give her any rights, titles but he could and did make sure she was well educated and taken care of. Mind you these were only rumors. Some said he told only one trusted friend of his daughter a human by the name of Camden Konreid King of the humans at the time. Some said that Camden had hope that his son and evil person his name I can’t remember but … would marry his friend’s daughter bringing their houses together but as you know back then it was forbidden. But River fell in love with a Lycan man… one of your ancestors. Runs in the family, she said smiling. Well the prince as greedy and wanted power untold power so rumor has it he killed River husband and took her. They said you could hear her crying every time he took her. To make a long story short it was said that River gave him a daughter and in his anger he killed River and had the child killed. Mind you those were all rumors. That is until now. That girl has the DNA of Alexander Corvinus and… then she took the last folder and handed to Henri; and Elanya. I can’t explain it but she is Elanya and she's Angel but how I don’t know.

Mina could see the stun look on Henri’s face. I’ll leave you to read what I wrote but that girl is an immortal with Lycan DNA… she’s both with pure Lycan blood. I don’t know what that means or why she being hunted but I do know she's different... one of a kind. Mina left the lab just heading to the kitchen for food. Nothing like great sex to make a girl hungry.

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27 Re: Life's Changes on Sat Dec 15, 2012 12:05 am

Henri sat there reading the information that Mina had provided and accumulated. It was weird to think that this woman was his Elanya and yet was another one as well. He looked over at the beautiful woman and smiled. He could possibly have the life that was ripped from him. The question was did he train her like the dream told him and if so where did he start. He looked back down at the page and continued to read. He heard her move and knew she was awake. He looked around the room and found what he wanted, he stood and walked over finding the items that he needed and applied it to a towel and then over to her and held it over her nose knocking her out yet again.

Henri smiled as he picked her up and threw her over his shoulder. He walked along the halls with her bare ass showing for all the men to see. They looked but none dared touch that perfect ass. Henri walked up the stairs and into the room on the other side of his room. As he walke din the room and he smiled, I have some nice toys in here. He found the bed that he had modified and laid her down on it on her belly her legs and ass were hanging off the edge her tits dropped perfectly into holes cut in the bed. Henri reached under and clasped suction cups to her nipples and turned them on causing the nipples to grow bigger. He smiled as her body moaned in her sleep. Then he pulled out a suction that was made for her clit as well, attaching it and turning it on as well. These were barely on just enough to apply pressure and be held onher parts. Henri smiled as he got his butt plugs out; the lube there was a nice thick and extremely slick one. He spread a good coating on the plug and then on his middle finger. He pushed his finger into her ass and worked it in and out a couple times making sure that the libe was there and then he slid the plug into her ass making sure that it fil was a belt that wrapped around and clasped in the front. He then strapped her arms out and then her legs open so he had easy access.

As Henri enjoyed his work JOhn and Phelan brought Ame in. Henri knew that Tenshi would need a few days so he would use Ame first in this training. John sit there! he pointed to the chair in front of Angel. It was turned sideways so that all could be see by the person strapped down. Henri gradually walked around looking at Ame. Strip! She stood there looking at him. She did not move, Henri Slapped her across her covered tit, Strip Now! She cringed from him as he slapped her yet she began to remove the top she had on. Henri growled and grabbed clothes ripping them off. Henri got in her face, You will learn to do as you are told when you are told and with out a second thought. He slapped her tits again leaving hand prints on each. Henri took the lube and coated his finger, he spun her around and she screamed as his cold fingers entered her ass. He pushed in a nd out for a few moments to coat her ass good then turned her to sit on John's cock. Henri pushed her down on his cock it filling her ass. Henri made sure that she bottomed out in his lap then let him sit there with here. Her legs were then strapped to her arms holding her legs and body open. Phelan at your leisure enter her pussy. Phelan smiled the girl screamed a bit as Phelan pushed into her with his girth.

Angel woke as both men were in Ame. He sat down beside Angel as the men began to fuck her. She takes them well doesn't she? He looked at Angel who was watching what was going on. Henri took out a remote and gave each dial a quarter turn enough to give her a buzz and let her know they were there. He watched as she squirmed under the constant sucking. Henri stood and walked around behind her, he turned a mirror so that she couls see what was going on, see the plug in her ass and watch him undress. When his cock plopped out it was as big as john and phelans and it was not yet hard. He smiled as her eyes widened. Your first lesson, He pulled out the plug with a pop, Aint that nice boys, she is tight! He placed his cock head at her ass and starte dpushin in while he was still flacid. He was not sure what she would do. When he was balls deep in her and starting to grow he explained, You have two options, You will beg me to fuck you in the ass and it will save you both or we all have our fun until you learn to do as you are told!Henri grasped her hips and started to slide his wwell lubricated cock in and out of Angel's ass, Boys fuck her hard and fast, Let Angel hear her moaning! Henri turned the dials up another half turn where they would be supplying some very good sensations to her clit and nipples a nd he began to speed up his fucking of her ass. He leaned down and kissed her ear, The choice is yours! He whispered.

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28 Re: Life's Changes on Mon Dec 17, 2012 8:02 pm

Angel moved slowly about the bed as her eyes fluttered open. What a dream she thought just as she felt something covering her mouth. Angel could barely choke out a scream before the world dissolved into a cold, dreamless nothingness. When she woke a rush of fear climbing up through her chest, she lay sprawled on a bed. Her eyes opened to dim gold light that cover two men fucking a girl... not a girl her friend Ame. She takes them well doesn't she? Henri said sitting next to her. Gradually it dawned on her that her clothes were gone, and she shuddered at the exposure, the cool air over her skin. Her heart was suddenly pounding. Her body was wrapped in something tight, yet bendable enough that she could move a little. Harsh binding held her arms and legs. When she could move enough to look, she found the bonds were a harness of black leather, inlaid with gold. It fit her perfectly. Gleaming chains held her hands out to her sides with similar cuffs hugged her ankles. The worst was two thin leather lines that passed down to the cleft between her legs, clinging to either side of her slit in a strange parody of a thong. The leather parted the soft flesh of her rump slightly, connecting to the harness at the back. It made her feel more exquisitely exposed than actual nudity would have.

Angel squirmed as she grew more terrified. She tried to cross her thighs in a desperate attempt to cover her exposed sex but it didn't work as she looked around. The room was a large, dark, windowless, unfurnished except for the bed, a few chairs and a table in the corner. Something gleamed on it with the flash of bright metal. It made the hair stand on her neck. Angel let out a whimper in spite of herself. Angel’s voice was thin and high with terror when she finally managed to speak. Why are you doing this? Please, just let me... she couldn't finish what she wanted to say but he could. Go? Henri smiled, No, I think not. You’re mine now.

Mine. The word constricted around her like a python. She couldn't breathe. With tears starting in her eyes she stared at the men fucking Ame. Watching them brought a strange flush of terror and pleasure coursing through her body or what it the sucking feeling she felt on her nipples and her clit… Trembling she watch this man, this man that had a strange hold over her move behind her. As she adjusted her body she saw him turning a large mirror. A large mirror that allowed her to see what she looked like. It made her gasp, and then she knew from his grin that it was exactly the reaction he’d wanted. Your first lesson, he said removing what he had in her ass making a loud sound. Angel flushed when he boasted about it and how tight her ass was. Her eyes widen when she saw his… his… Angel shuddered, squeezed her eyes shut when he thrust his lubricated cock in and out of tight ass. She made small noise of distress but her body responded with delight, warming against her will as he continued to talk; you have two options. You’ll beg me to fuck you in the ass and it will save you both… or. Or we all have our fun until you learn to do as you are told! He leaned down and kissed her ear, the choice is yours! He whispered.

Angel shook her head, no... stop, please she whined as she tried to choke back a sigh of pleasure. Her cheeks burned, but so did her ass, quivering at his touch. Being at his mercy like this was terrifying, but worse was she felt an urge to touch him, even now. What has he done to me? Angel wondered in horror. She wanted to fight but it felt good, too good causing an intense fever in her veins. Angel suddenly realized she was moaning. Her body arced longing for more. She had to stop this and now she couldn't be enjoy what he was doing to her. Her body was betraying her at every turn. Fuck me, she whispered. What? I didn't here you, he said thrusting in and out of her. I want you to… I want… you to fuck my ass, she admitted, trembling with humiliation. Henri groaned with pleasure, smiling down at her. His cock pulsed as he started to thrust harder. Good girl, she heard him say to her. That wasn't so hard, was it? She could only whimper in humiliation, unable to even speak. At first she waited for more pain, but instead his hand rubbed over her ass-cheeks, massaging it. He was warm and almost gentle, kneading her flesh, flooding her with glorious heat sensations.

But soon his strokes grew harder, wild and urgent. Gentle didn't suit him. Each stroke pounded her into the bed. He crushed his balls against her soft wet cunt as he forced himself in to the hilt of her ass. Henri grunted as he fucked her, loving the way that she mewled in mingled pain and pleasure with each devastating thrust. Her tight ass wrapped around his massive cock, flinching helplessly as he hammers into her. Angel tried to squeeze her eyes shut and ignore her violation but it was impossible to ignore the heat, though, and the horrible way that she was enjoying being fucked by him. Eventually the pain melted away, and her whole body was tingling with fire rising up inside her. She struggled against her bonds, wailing, suddenly desperate not to come while this man fucked her, not to let him know that her body had betrayed her. But it was no good, his strength and the harness meant that she could only push weakly against his hot body, which just seemed to turn him on more. He thrust faster and faster, snarling as her world became a haze of blistering ecstasy. His nails dug into her tender flesh as he grabbed her ass cheeks, forcing them further apart so he could pound deeper into her.

Come for me. He snarled and to her horror she did, tumbling over the edge into a screaming orgasm. Her whole body shook with the pleasure that tore through her. Her battered ass clamped helplessly over his impaling cock, as if trying to force into out of her body, but this only made him moan louder. Henri fucked her hard as she came. Without warning he snarled and hot liquid burst inside her, flooding her until it seeped out the sides of his cock in a white trickle. Henri howled as he came, ramming into her a last few times. When he finally pulled out, Angel was shaking and flushed. She sagged on the bed in exhaustion, letting herself tremble. She couldn't look at him, even when he groaned and sank down next to her. His hand stroked her hair, smoothed it back her eyes as ran a hand gently over her cheek. It bothered her how much that gentle touch made her want to collapse crying in his arms. She wanted to let him comfort her, and that was awful he did not love her he did not want her she was a sexual slave nothing more. Instead she turned away from him crying silently, letting the tears fall waiting for her next humiliation.

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29 Re: Life's Changes on Fri Dec 21, 2012 4:09 am

Henri watched as she cried, it was the feeling of humiliation that she was feeling. He leaned down by her and ran his hand over her hard body and felt the racking convultions that the sobs were causing. You're letting this be a humiliation my sweet, It is training, to show you what I like, showing that your body was made to please me as mine is to please yours. Do not take the training as humiliation, If that were true then I would let the men have you and in front of the others as well. He smiled as he ran his hand down along her smooth back and salong her ass, he smacked it a time or 2 sending jots through her body. you are allowed to talk while we are in session, as long as you do not become disobedient, that will cause us to have to quiet you!

Henri sat back and turned up the dials onis remote to where they would stimulate her hard. He stood up and walked behind her again and slowly began to finger her ass in a sensual way that would feel good to her. He was slow yet methodical in his approach, he had brought some pain now was time for some pleasure. Henri worked Angel over as John and Phelan both came in Ame. Henri was being nice to Angel she needed to see that, So he cranked the dial all the way to the max setting. He knew this would cause discomfort, it wouldn't hurt her but she would be uncomfortable. He had already felt how good she was at milking his cock. Guys Give Ame another run

Henri then sat on a stool that leaned back and he slid his lower body and basically shoved his cock up in angels face. You were good at this in the car, Now suck it some more. He waited and watched to see what she did. he looked at her body as she was still strapped in and could only use her mouth to work his cock. He smiled and waited. Angel you are good at this and Are the only girl who has brought me to an orgasm since my fiance, MANY MANY years ago. He smiled and was suddenly seeing faces of women through out the years trying their best to make him cum and not getting it done. He chuckled and then saw Elanya as she was years ago.

Henri had enjoyed her administrations to his man hood and made her some jewlery to wear. Three more gold rings now adorned her body. One on each nipple and one on her clit. What she did not know was that they vibrated. Henri headed out to the pack to check on the cubs and see how the one he had picked out for her. When he arrived he found them out and running around. The little whiteone was all over the boys. He smiled just what she needed a head strong little bundle of joy to take care of. Henri reached down and scooped the cub up and walked towards the manor with it. as he walked along the frisky pup licked his face as she wriggled aorund.

Henri entered the manor and walked up the stairs to thr oom of Angel and walked in. He did not know if she was in the room, but walked in any way. You have been a good student so here is a reward for you! He handed her the cub and watched her.

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30 Re: Life's Changes on Wed Jan 09, 2013 11:37 pm

Angel wasn't sure when or how she was returned to her room but it was daylight and there was food sitting on the table next to her bed. Ignoring the food she pulled herself from the bed and weakly stumbles to the shower. Angel hadn't eating anything since she was brought there. Taking along hot shower then dressed into some clothes she found in the closet. She exits the bathroom in time to see a cute girl removing her tray of food.

I can leave it if you wish; the young girl said when she saw Angel. Angel didn't want anything so she shook her head no then lay down. Please, you have to eat, the pretty young girl said as she watched Angel. Angel closed her eyes but she knew the young girl was still looking at her. Rosa knew the pretty lady needed to eat or she would be ill. Please our alpha has never seemed so happy and we all know it’s because of you. Angel wouldn't believe the girl, she squeezed her eyes shut trying to fight back tears. Sighing the girl turns towards the door. When she opened it she looked back one more time to see if the pretty lady might change her mind but nothing she just laid there. I’ll return later with dinner, Rosa said closing the door behind her.

Rosa headed towards the stairs when the guard noticed the full tray. She still hasn't eaten, the guard asks not as a question but a statement of fact. Rosa sighs; no father and I’m worried she won’t. Her friends seem to be adjusting well but not her. Dad, she hasn't order anything to make her room hers and she only wears what I add to her closet. Her father looked at her puzzled. I only do that because I notice she wasn't ordering or asking for anything to wear. Father someone needs to reach her soon or she will not last without food or water. The guard nodded then walked his daughter down so he could pass the information on to John.

Rosa continues towards the kitchen while her father moved towards John’s offices. Knocking at the door he enters to see John with the human female Amelia bent over his desk. John looked at the man and smile; what is it he asks. The woman Angel, she still hasn't eaten nor as she order anything for her comforted or her room. Rosa is worried if someone doesn't reach her she going to get ill. John sighed he didn't want to tell Henri the woman he likes is not eating nor has she ordered anything for herself to make things easy. OK, return to your post. I got an idea he said. The guard returns to his post and John well he grumbles as he finishes off the woman beneath him. Smacking her hard on the ass; back to your room, he said dressing.

John went to the kitchen and ask the cook prepare a tray fit for a king. The cook looked at John; we have to get her to eat and I saw Henri headed her way. Maybe just maybe she can reach him and he can reach her. The cook smile; some things for love is what we need. John watched as he and the kitchen staff made things and place them on a tray. When they were done John lead them towards Angel’s room.

Angel laid there when she heard the door to her room open then Henri’s voice; you have been a good student so here is a reward for you! He handed her the cub and watched her. Angel looked at him then the frisky cub he laid in her bed. She didn't move at all she just watched the cub bounce around as tears fell. How wonderful it was to know he rewarded her for the pain he cause. She hadn't realized she was a student. She just thought she was his personal fuck toy something he enjoy giving commands to like everyone else did and giving pain to just for fun. Luke was right she was never going to have any kind of life or happiness. More tears fell when the cub lick at at them and her face then turned and yelped at Henri like it was his fault Angel was sad. The cub yelps several more times at Henri then move to lie next to Angel. That caused Angel to smile and let out a soft giggle. Angel like the cute overly protective cub and she like the way she stood up to him, Henri that is making her giggle more. The cub started to whine and pushed her cold nose into Angel’s cheek. She could tell Angel was sad and that saddens the cub. Angel smile pulling the cute cub closer to comfort her when the door bedroom door opened.

John heard the cub and felt that was his cue to enter. Lunch is served; everyone came in with food fit for lovers. We have chocolate cover strawberries and strawberries with whip cream, chicken and steak with potatoes for two and our Alpha favorite drink. John could see the look on Henri face. Moving to his side he whisper; sorry my friend for intruding on your time with her but I was informed that she hasn't eaten anything since getting here and well I was hoping maybe you could get her to eat. No one wants to see anything happen to her especially since she put a smile on your face but how do we put a smile on her face. John and the kitchen staff left the room hoping Henri could reach Angel.

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31 Re: Life's Changes on Sat Jan 12, 2013 4:09 am

Henri watched as the cub made its way over to angel and to his surprise took right to her. He chuckled to himself and raised an eyebrow at it as it stood protectively in front of her before going and laying down beside her. All of a sudden the door opened and John walked in with food and people and Henri's eyebrows lowered as this happened. Lunch is served; John smiled We have chocolate cover strawberries and strawberries with whip cream, chicken and steak with potatoes for two and our Alpha favorite drink. John could see the look on Henri face. Moving to his side he whisper; sorry my friend for intruding on your time with her but I was informed that she hasn't eaten anything since getting here and well I was hoping maybe you could get her to eat. No one wants to see anything happen to her especially since she put a smile on your face but how do we put a smile on her face Henri watched as they left. He looked at Angel, You need to eat! He looked at her and then said, I would hate to have to force feed you. He began to walk towards her and the cub jumped up and growled at him. Henri Chuckled, Little one I will not hurt her, She may not know or feel it yet but I have feelings for her!

Henri Looked at Angel and smiled, walking closer to the bed he held out his hand for th cub he had just been carrying to sniff him. He sat on the edge of the bed and looked at her. If you eat I will take you to a place that I do not take any of the women from the mansion to at all. It is a place that i use to relax. It would be better with you there than alone because you are in the infirmary with a IV in your arm He said it with a smile and smiled a bit more as she took some of the strawberries and ate them. He looked at her and shook his head, That will not be enough, He watched her and waited and she still did not reach for anything else. Pulling out his phone he dialed a number and spoke, Mina you have the room for a body in the infirmary and IV's? Fussing Angel grabbed some steak aand potatoes, Henri nodded his head as she began to eat with ernest as if she was starving. Henri grabbed a bit of everything and they ate in silence for a few minutes. Please I would ask why haven't you ordered anything to brighten your room or gotten clothes to wear? He looked at her to see what she said. If it is the room I can give you mine!

He watched as she finished her food then he said, Lets go for a walk! She looked at him for a few moments and then reached for his outstretched hand, Henri guessed that she figured it would be easier on her. Henri reached for hs phone and hit a couple buttons, the ring on her clit would start to vibrate just enough to cause her a sexual itch. Then he dialed out and said, John we are going for a walk and have some one come clean the room.

They walked along with Henri talking about the place and describing it. He rabbled on as if he had known her all his life, He said, I think you will like this place as it and you have ties together. You probably do not understand what I am saying and I understand that. They rounded a bend and a beautiful lake and wooded area opened up before them. This was our favorite spot, it is why I bought the land and everything around it, Wanted to be with her/you all my life, Elanya was and is the life of my heart and you have earned a spot in there as well. Henri sat down and asked won't you please sit with me?

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Angel looked at Henri her eyes filled with sadness but this time it wasn't just for her it was for him as well. It seems they both were denied the life they had hoped for. Breathing deeply she moved to sit a few feet from him. Keeping her eyes on the lake she agreed it was a beautiful lake and in some strange way she felt as if she knew the place. Right it was Elanya and his place... her heart sank as she spoke; to answer your first question back at the manor. Why haven’t I got anything to brighten up the room or clothes to wear? Would you?... If you were made to stay somewhere and told you had to obey or your friends would be punished. What would you do to protect those you know? Henri none of this was my choice. As for clothes why get something to wear when I’m not going anywhere and as far as I can see I’ll be spending the rest of my life on my back pleasing you. She stopped suddenly thinking maybe she over step her bounds with him. Sorry I didn't mean to be rude. Fighting back the fear of what could happen if he got angry with her.

Biting her lower, Angel looked around the area. He was right it is a beautiful place but the silence that filled the air scared her made her feel like running but something deep down made her speak. Turning back towards him when they lock eyes to eyes; damn his eyes are beautiful she thought as she spoke to him. You say I've earned a place in your heart. Please tell me how… how could that be? You know nothing about me. She continued to look at him. You look at me and see the woman you loved… no scratched that the woman you still love not me. Do you know anything about me, she asks wishing he could say yes. Do you know I once loved someone? No how could you since you do not know me. Angel lowered her gazed as she returned to her seat a few inches from him. Again I’m sorry… I realize you didn't take me from my home or bring me to a word that doesn't know I exist but I’m here and everyone has treated me like an objected to do with as they please. Angel tried to control her pain and the tears fighting to free themselves again. I was 15 when I was taken from my home and brought to this strange place you call home. I was born in a time where men ruled and women well they were loved or used but it was their choice sometimes. I think it depended more if you had money. There was no dividing a person by color or race but by social status. Upper, middle and lower class was the social status of the world then… she lowered her head. Me being upper my they had rules and I seem to get off breaking them but what child didn't. You see in my time people believe in more… more. Well they were… how do you say they believe in supernatural creatures or as you call would call them very superstitious. My father called the tribes that came from the north and the east Lycan... My people were very superstitious can you believe it they believed in vampires, werewolves and lycans. Well my father said they were evil and had come to kidnap us girls for their pleasure. He told me I was not to talk to any of them. But I couldn't help myself. Angel started to smile; I was fascinated by them so I did not listen to my father when he said to stay away. Neither did my friend Bethany we both found this one man alluring. Angel smiled got bigger when she thought about the man. He was so different than any man we had ever seen. You remind me of him; she said looking at Henri not realizing she was smiling and her eyes had roamed his body.

She stopped talking just for a bit as her gaze went back to the lake. Everyone could tell he was different,he stood out from the rest of the northerners but they respected him and his people. Bethany and I would watch him whenever he and his people came to the market to trade. Typical teenage girls of that time more different than now. My father did not like the man or the way he looked at me. So to put a stop to his looks my father betrothed me to his friend son who was older than I by ten years. It didn't not stop his looks nor did it stop him from touch my cheek or whispering to me whenever I was alone. His last words to me were that I was destined to be a part of his world forever. Then that man came and that was the last time I saw the alpha as they call him but I knew him as Charles … Charles Johnson.

Angel sighed deeply… I looked for my family and him in what you call the library historical records. I know my father died trying to save me. I often wonder if he, Charles looked for me. Then I realize how silly that was. I’m not lost there but somewhere in time. I figure maybe Charles mated with Bethany or another girl and had children but… tears rolled down her cheek as she recalled the last time she recalled being happy and felt love. It took me ten years to realize I would never be loved, happily married or have children… so don’t give hope where there is none please.

Angel was emotionally tired. She stood up and moved away from Henri. I will eat and I will do as you command. I will order things for the room you have giving me. I will buy things to wear and I will do as I’m told to keep my friends alive and away from harm but don’t ask me to believe I’m special to you when you have express no love in the way you have taken your pleasure of me and only your pleasure. She looked back at Henri with tears stream from her eyes. Please take me back… I’m tired.

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Henri listened to Angel as she spoke, he paid attention to her, she was alluring and lovely as she spoke and he began to understand whatitwas that drew him to her. She had traits thathe saw and loved in Elanya, the more he waatched her the more he saw those little things. Henri shook his head a bitto clearhis mind as she spoke. Finally she came to the end and said, I will eat and I will do as you command. I will order things for the room you have giving me. I will buy things to wear and I will do as I’m told to keep my friends alive and away from harm but don’t ask me to believe I’m special to you when you have express no love in the way you have taken your pleasure of me and only your pleasure. She looked back at Henri with tears stream from her eyes. Please take me back… I’m tired.

Her words stung him as he did notreally see training as a bad thing, He had turned off his heart for so long that he did not realise that wat he was doing was wrong. Henri thought aboutthe things he had done to Angel, yes they had pleasured him and he had assumed by her orgasms that it was pleasure to her as well. He stood up and as he did he felt something hitting the barrier he had made, Jagang was trying to get through, Henri dropped to a knee as the attack hit yet again. We must go and quickly Henristruggled to get up and as he did he screamed, aaaarrrrrgghhhh! Angel turned and looked at him. He took her arm and then decided carrying her would be faster and better. He scooped her up in his arms and ran.

Henri fought the pain and as he did the wolf in him began to come to the fore frontto protect him. His features changed a little and his strength began to enhance and his stamina increased as well. Henri glanced down to see if she was all right or if she had noticed, he hoped his eyes were not glowing bad, if she did, she did not give any response. With the enhancements he picked up his pace and ran faster. Henri called out mentally to the pack and sent them out searching the grounds to see if the could discover anything.

Henri entered the house and yelled, John meet me in the office asap! He carried Angel up the stairs and into her room. He set her down and said, I am the way I am because of the man that took Elanya from me; it hurt, I chose to not ever be hurt again! I train women to please me because I have not wanted their love, only the pleasure that they can and would give me. He looked at het he allowed some of the fear of the situation and the compassion that he felt a few centuries ago. That friend of yours, Bethany, She was my Grandmother and Charles my Grandfather and that was a very long time ago. Telling you this may allow you to know a bit about me. I am who I am because of my family. When what happened back there happened my first thought was to get you safe. He looked at her even more, I did not save you to pleasure myself, I did it because I do care! He turned and left the room.

Henri gotto the office to find Henri, Valen and Phelan there waiting. We have a security issue. An old advesary of mine has apparnetly decided to attack this compound today. The man who was bouncing around here the other day, His name is Jagang and he is a deadly man, he is a man of the magical arts; he is the reason I learned them as well. I want to know where he has been whathe has done and what he has to do with Angel. She is now completely under my protection, There is something special about her! He looked at John, don't even smirkThen he chuckled I hate when youare right! JOhn smiled and held his hand out, Valen and Phelan both reached in their pockets and pulled out money handing it to him. It has been a pleasur doing buisness with you gentlemen and boss we will get right on that!

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Mina had been so intrigued with Angel and her DNA that she felt further research needed to be done. Thumbing through several massive book her friend let her borrow she found something that could turn their lives upside down. Jumping from her chair Mina realizes Henri needed to know what she found and fast. Grabbing the massive book she left her office just in time to see men running around as if looking for something. What’s going on she ask one of the guard name Jacob. Can’t talk right now Mina please go inside where it’s safe he said before joining the others in what looked like a search. Mina didn't like being brushed off or told what to do unless it was her alpha but with this many beta out looking for something or someone she knew something wasn't right maybe this time the Jacob is right but this information couldn't wait Henri need to know what she found. Heading towards Henri’s office she watched John, Phelan and Valen exit in a hurry. Where’s the fire boys… John smile and moved close to her. I would answer that but then it would distract me from what I have to do. Growling his eyes roamed Mina body; rain check and remember you ask. He smacked her on the ass then move to catch up with Valen and Phelan. Mina smile at John as she watched him leave. Damn that man is sex, she said as she enters Henri’s office.

Just the man I've been looking for, she said dropping this massive book on his desk. Can we talk, she asks him. Henri nodded; briefly it seems our visitor is back and for Angel I’m assuming. I like to know why but I’m sure she doesn't know. Mina smiles; I might.

Sitting in a chair Mina pulled herself closer to Henri and opens the massive book. It’s funny what you can find out when you know the right people. This book tells of our history, Mina saw the look on Henri’s face and smiles; what you didn't think someone was keeping record. Well they are and my old college friend Maxims works there… the hall of records, well our hall of records that is hidden within the human hall of records. You just have to know who to talk to and what to ask. Mina smile as she continued to talk; there you’ll find everything from great battles, marriage ceremony that made or broke alliances and birth record from the dawn of our kind.

Flipping the pages till she found what she was looking for… ah here we go. The first one Alexander Corvinus the record of his birth, of his change to the very first lycan. His mating and the birth of his children even River his daughter by his wife sister. It says here River mother was put to death for her misdeeds. Mina swallows hard. I guess that’s why you don’t mess with a mated alpha. Our laws are in here she said as well but that for another day. Mina looked at Henri and giggles ok, ok I will make a long story short. It seems Camden Konreid had his own son put to death after what he done to his best friend’s daughter and their grandchild. Alexander Corvinus was given Kage to punish but before Kage was put to death he confessed that the child was alive. Having spared his life Kage took Lord Alexander and King Konreid to the village where he left the child to die. There they found out about family that found the child, it was a girl and she was save by… the family name was scratched out for the child safety and that of the family but someone found a way make it visible again. Henri the family name was Ambrose, isn't that John’s family name?

It said here that Kage found the family but he was to late someone had killed everyone in the house except for one male, who was so badly injured that his human body he would not have survived. So Kage turn him and left him with Charles Johnson your grandfather. Henri it looks like John’s family became lycan saving that girl. Mina could see the wheels turning in Henri head so she kept talking. It is said that Kage vanished but not before giving Lord Corvinus and King Konreid an image of the birthmark. Mina stops flipping through the book and open it to and images; Henri does this look familiar to you. Henri if that girl upstairs that child she is the only living heir to a thrown that would make any mate or human male very powerful and very dangerous. Mina saw how Henri stared at the image. You want me to have a look at the birthmark on her again? The look on his face told her the answer. OK, I’ll be in my office if you need me. Mina left Henri’s Office leaving the book behind.

I am the way I am because of the man that took Elanya from me; it hurt, I chose to not ever be hurt again! I train women to please me because I have not wanted their love, only the pleasure that they can and would give me. Angel felt something other than anger from him even as she played what he said over and over in her mind... That friend of yours, Bethany, she was my Grandmother and Charles my Grandfather and that was a very long time ago. Telling you this may allow you to know a bit about me. I am who I am because of my family. When what happened back there happened my first thought was to get you safety. He looked at her even more, I did not save you to pleasure myself I did it because I do care! She looked at him no she really looked for the first time and what she saw scared her, he was handsome, strong and brave oh my god she was attracted to him. She squirmed... what the hell was wrong with me she thought to herself as she tried not to notice his warm glowing eyes weren't glowing anymore but eyes don't glow girl... Swallowing hard she watched as he turned and left the room.

Angel was still sitting on her bed trying to take in everything she saw felt and heard from Henri. Her heart was pounding in her head. How… how could this be, she asks trying to recover from the shock of emotions filling her heart. This isn't possible she said… Angle could feel his emotions. The love he had for Elanya but there was something new something to do with her and him not him and Elanya. He was telling the truth he does have compassion for her but was it more that either of them were willing to admit. She crumple into her bed pulling the soft blanket over her body as she tried soaking in all the other information he gave her. Her best friend was his grandmother so Charles chosen Bethany as his mate. Angel wasn't upset Bethany was her dearest friend who was more like a sister to her. She always wanted the best for her dearest friend and growing up she had hope Bethany and her brother would have married. Angel heart broke a lot; she had caused the death of her family, missed her friend getting married having children. Everything was stolen from her; a girl lost in time with no love no life and no family and the world had continued on without her. Feeling very sad at that she muttered softly as tear filled her tired eyes; I guess you were wrong Charles I was not destine to be a part of your world. Sighing softly she closed her eyes letting go of the hope she would one day see everyone she loved again or that maybe Charles was searching for her. The evil man was right; no one had missed her or searched for her no one cared she was missing. Life continued on without her in it. Angel realizes she held on for nothing everything she valued wasn't important anymore. Angel touched the gold ring in her lip and realizes this was now her world. She was her best friend’s grandson odalisque a slave his sexual slave nothing more. I will not fight my friend’s grandson she mutters… I give up Bethany; I will do as he wishes for the rest of my life. Angel was tired it was time to give up the fight. Closing her eyes she drifted off to sleep letting the sorrow and the pain of losing everything she long for be her comfort.

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Henri sat listening to Mina, He smiled as he learned the things tha the did. Why the one woman that his grandfather had searched years for and she winds up here with him, it was fate. He needed to go check and make sure that he had saw what he thought he had. He needed to do this carefully and not be the mean about it. He looked at the book and flipped through the pages reading things. Henri read and saw the rules that Mina had been talking about, He smiled when he read aboutthe Alpha and his mates, They mated for life when they found their mate it was something that drew each of them togetehr. Neither would be able to fight it once it happened. Henri wondered if that was what was pulling him to Angel. Not to mention the fact that she was a very beautiful woman.

Henri stepped out into the hall with the book in his hand. He started towards Angels bed room, he needed to talk to her and now. As he walked along he was racked again by the attack on his shield. He did not know if it was Jagang or one of his minions. Henri was starting to remember things that he wished he did not. Jagang was the worst of the bunch power wise but he had men that were sick and twisted and did notcare what they did. Henri would have to pushing training the crew more now that he knew a war was coming.

Henri made it to Angel's door and knocked on it this time and waited. After no reply he knocked again and heard a whispered come in! He stepped in and saw she was cradled up in blankets, his mind instantly began to process what all had happened and what she must be thinking, she had given up it wasin here eyes, the spirit he had seen in her was some how gone. Sit up! She did as she was asked, I want you to read this and knows something, but first i need to look atsomething again. He pulled the covers up herleg tracing his finger tips along her skin as he did, he could feel the heat in heras he did and it stirred in him, but he fought it down. He gently raised herleg and looked at the mark on her inner thing by her ass cheek, pulling the book over he looked and compared them. he laid her leg back down and smiled as he covered her back up.

I am not sure how you are going to take this and I don't know how to take it either. I am attracted to a woman who was intended to be my grandmother but disappeared. Grandfather looked and looked for years he and Bethany both looked for you as well as the rest of the family. He slid the book over to her and showed her the birthmark in the book. I know you have seen that everytime you see your inner thigh, That mark is from the woman that My grandfather loved, that disappeared and caused him to spend a hindred years looking for her, being with Bethany during that time searching caused them to fall in love. They had children but they never really mated. He looked at her after he said mated, If you have not figured it out yet I am not normal. He pushed the book to her, read this it will explain what they did back then and why, it is a history of my family and you share a part of it then and I hope you will now!

He reached his hand over to herface and gently ran italong her chin, thumb sliding over her lip; as it did the ring disappeared. You are not a slave nor would you ever have been had i known what i know now. I would ask that you stay here as the man that attacked you here before is after you, he knows of the birthmark and its history, He also wants you to be his wife for the power and then he will kill you. Henri looked ather and searched her eyes for any sign of anything, Plus I want you to stay, need you to, the book will explain some but i have a feeling that your were not ment to be my grandfathers mate but mine, I know now why I am drawn to you. he pointed at the book, It should help so thatyou know you were wanted and and are wanted Henri ewalked to his door and started to open it, I know you have no reason to trust me but i implore you, I won't purposely hurt you everagain! he opened the door into his room and entered it, closing his door, leaving a crack in it he walked over and sat down on his bed and leaned back listening and thinking.

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Angel can’t remember falling to sleep till she heard what she thought was a knock at her door. No one knocks around here she thought as she rubbed the sleep from her eyes but she heard it again. Come in! She said watching Henri come through the door with the biggest books she’s ever seen. Angel had a look of surprise on her face; did he just knock she asks herself as he sat on her bed. Sit up he asks not demanded… I've died or done something terribly wrong and he’s going to punish me. Angel did as he asks without question. I want you to read this and know something, but first I need to look at something again. Angel didn't argue when he removed the cover from her leg. She didn't move as his touch stirred emotions she didn't understand. Angel watched as his touched sent heat to places she didn't think would respond to any man. Swallowing hard she bit her lip as their eyes met and he return the cover. She pulled her leg towards her body and listen while he spoke about the book.

Everything he said matched her dream... or was it a dream. There was something different about him there was something in his voice that told her he was there to protect her from harm. When he left the room she pulled the massive book closer. Where do I start she said. When her cub came bouncing towards her with as much energy as before. Licking her face causing Angel to laugh… stop that you; she said realizing she was smiling. What should I do she asks her cub. The cub yelped as if to answer her. She began to read… and read when she found her answer. Angel looked at her gift from Henri and smile… he’s right it was fate that brought us together and just maybe I wasn't meant for his grandfather. Angel moved quickly from the bed founding herself in front of Henri’s door. Knocking softly she thought about everything she read when the door came open and she looked up into the warms eyes. Please don’t leave me alone, she said pulling him into her room. Come lay with me while we talk Angel guided Henri back to her bed. Lay with me she asks as he lied down and she got into his arms laying her hand on his chest. I read the book but I still confused. Please help me to understand you … our world.

She felt him teasing up and his heart beating more rapidly. You and that book say I am important and that whoever mates with me will be so was well. She sat up then pulled up her gown as she straddling Henri. They both look down then up into each other’s eyes; do I excite you as much as you excite me? She saw him swallowing hard… good it’s my turn to make you squirm. She moved closer letting her hands open his shirt. You say that you will protect me. Here’s your chance. I read that massive book and have more questions and one solution but if you aren't in here how am I to tell you them. She let her hands tease him causing a growl to leave his throat. Smiling she kept her hand moving about his hard body. You said this evil man wants me as his wife. What about if I chose a mate before he can get to me. Will I be safe then? Will this Jagang have to do as the law state and obey my mate? The book also says that it is dangerous for your kind to mate with an immortal but I think you like danger. It also says that it will make the lycan even more powerful. Can you handle power Henri? she ask ripping the rest of his shirt off of him. Be that man Henri mate with me,she asks kissing him on the neck up towards his ear. She felt his arms closing around her then the sounds of her gown ripping away. Looking at him she saw that his eyes were glowing. Please keep me safe… please accept me as your mate.

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Henri had laid back on the bed and was deciding on how best to deal with the situation. As he lay there his hearing picked up noises from Angel's room. He sat up and listened more, it sounded as if she was talking to him, he got up and walked over to the door and pulled it open. She was laying on the bed talking in what appeared to be her sleep. He watched her for a minute and heard her say, do I excite you as much as you excite me?a pause, good it’s my turn to make you squirm. She seemed to be getting responses, she was dreaming of him, You say that you will protect me. Here’s your chance. I read that massive book and have more questions and one solution but if you aren't in here how am I to tell you them. Henri watched and listened getting turned on and charmed by the minute, You said this evil man wants me as his wife. What about if I chose a mate before he can get to me. Will I be safe then? Will this Jagang have to do as the law state and obey my mate? The book also says that it is dangerous for your kind to mate with an immortal but I think you like danger. It also says that it will make the lycan even more powerful. Can you handle power Henri? She had definately read the book and things that he had wanted her to find, Be that man Henri mate with meHis mouth dropped open, she had feelings for him thatshe had been suppressing, Please keep me safe… please accept me as your mate.

At the sound of her request Henri's wolf howled inside, he and it both knew that was what had been gnawing at him. Henri knew she was touching herself under the covers and he decided that he would help stimulate her more. He pulled outhis phone and touched the buttons turning on the rings on her nipples and the one on her clit. He left the nipples just on at a buzz and turned on the clit stronger where she would definately feel it, even in her sleep.

Henri smiled and walked over and stood by her bed, he pulled her covers back so that he could watch her play with herself knowing that she was thinking of him mde him rock hard, harder then ever before. He knew she was a virgin and so wanted to take her now, his wolf was fighting to get out, but this was one battle that it would lose. Henri stripped down and crawled up on the bed beside her. He cupped her breast and gently squeezed it, she moaned inher sleep. Henri then got an idea and started to run his hand over her mound, she was rubbing her clit and he decided to trace the inside of her pussy with his finger. He could feel the juices flowing and he took his finger and slid it around the lips causing her to moan yet again. He took his finger away and brought it to his lips, gently licking it, then sucking her juices off his finger. Henri rolled her onto her side as she fingered her pussy, he knew she was gonna cum soon. He placed his cock up between her legs so that it was resting on the folds of her pussy and then reached an arm over her grasping her right tit. He smiled as he knew she could feel this and it would enhance her dream.

Jagang sat there in his chair watching the man he hated crawling into the bed of the woman he needed. Henri found her, He found her, DAMN that man, and he KNOWS! If he takes her then I have to start this again, I am so close! The moth twittered on the wall and then over to a candle area that was closer to the scene, he had to know if Henri was taking her, as the moth drew neaar the couple in the bed Jagang could see Henri placing his massive cock at her pussy, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! As he screamed the moth careened into the flames and burst into flkames itself. The last sight he saw was Henri with his cock at Angels pussy.

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Angel was enjoying Henri and herself when she heard a voice; love him Angel.She opened her eyes to see her mother and Elanya. Looking down Henri was gone and her clothes were back and her body was still very stimulated at the thought of what she was about to do with Henri. Blushing she moved to speak to them. We just wanted you do know you cared for him as he does care for you, River said as she and Elanya started to slowly fade; it’s time for you two to be happy. Please don’t this slip from your grasp now that you have it, Elanya said. Angel went to say something when they stopped her. I know you’re scared and you want to know if he’s thinking of me when he’s with you. Angel he will never forget me but I’m his past he knows that, just as you know this Charles is your past. It’s time for the future with a man that will risk his life to protect you. Angel smile; thank you both for this. As they faded she woke to see Henri lying naked next to her; am I still dreaming, she ask him. Do you want this to be a dream? He asks back causing her to trembling when his hands gently toughed her legs. Angel ran her fingers through Henri’s dark main pulling him closer until just a breath separated them; no… no I do not want this or you to be a dream ever again. Watching a smile come to his face; so you do want me, he asked. Angel removed her hands from his hair and slid them up his chest; yes I do then she kissed him softly almost innocent like that is until she opened her mouth and all innocence fled as Henri accepted Angel, his tongue driving in and out while Angel hands slid up his chest causing a deep growl to leave his throat.

Angel had felt the tip of his cock touching her wet pussy, she opened her legs wider letting him settled his hips between them. Henri pushed forward slowly casing Angel to gasped at the sensation she clutched his shoulders. The pain will only last a bit he whispers letting her body adjust to his massive cock. Angel nodded opening her legs wider. When Henri felt her relaxing he began to move slowly at first till the pain faded into pleasure then a deep intensified need with each stroke. She raised her hips to meet him demanding more.

Angel clenched his body moaning every time he slid along her inner walls. The feeling of him stretching her and stroking her deep inside, caused the muscles in her stomach to build and tighten. Drawing her legs up, she wrapped one around his waist and used the heel of her foot to pull him against her even more. With every dip into her core, she lifted her hips to meet his movement and clawed at his back, the feeling of him sliding in and out of her, driving her nerves in an overworked frenzy. Anchoring him tighter against her, she tried to keep up with his pace. The feeling of him repeatedly hitting her in just the right spot and his heavy breathing against her neck caused an all consuming fire of physical pleasure and heightened emotions to spread through her. Wanting to savor the feelings, she tensed her muscles; as if holding on tighter would allow her suspend time. Opening her mouth, she brought her teeth to his shoulder and bit gently, burying her head in the crook of his neck as her nails dug into his back. His strong constant driving thrusts were so rhythmically perfect to her tight wet pussy she thought she was going to scream.

Biting against his salty skin and soothing it with her tongue as she moved her arms through the space between his arms and torso so she could grip his shoulders from behind. Pushing on his shoulders, she rocked her hips upwards, dragging him down and bringing herself up at the same time. The feeling of him pulsing inside of her brought her to her own peak and she cried out, biting down on his shoulder harder in an attempt to stifle her cry and hold onto the feeling of intensity that shot through her every limb and nerve ending. Every one of her muscles felt taut as she clung to him and trembled. Wave after wave of pleasure annihilate her body, causing her head to swim. Her breathing ceased and her and grip on his shoulders intensified until her fingertips were white from lack of blood flow. Feeling her inner walls throb around him, she felt him he bring his head forward and buried his face in her neck.

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Henri was enjoying Angel who was giving of herself freely and lovingly. She was totally into the enjoyment this time around and that made Henri smile. As he nuzzled his face into her neck his wolf took over and his thrusting spedup and he sank his fangs into her sweet smelling skin. Henri bit into her tasting her blood as he he lingered there. he pounded deeper and deeper into Angel. Henri's cock grew in size and length not much but big enough for her to feel it. Henri began to piston into her in long deep strokes, his goal now was simply to pleasure her. Henri removed his mouth from her and watched as she began healing quickly, he looked into her eyes and seemed to be drawn into her.

Henri continued to thrust in and out of her listeneing to her moans, she shook attimes and he knew that he was making her feel good. After a while of love making his wolf decided that it wanted what it wanted and it shifted the deep strokes to hard fast thrusts. It worked up and fast rhytm and soon Henri knot started to form, he had not seen thatthing in years, he pushed deep up in Angel sealing her up as he came in large quantities. Henri moaned as he filled her full of cum. As they lay there he gently ran his hands through her hair and over her face feeling the contours of her face. He learned the feel of her on his skin his finger tips tracing the beauty of her face. He slid his hands down to cup her breasts and play with her nipples as they lay there intwined with one another. He leaned over to her ear, I love you my Angel

John, Phelan and Valen had sent runners in all directions trying to see if they could figure out what had happened and who may have been attackingthe shield Henri had up. What they found was interesting, apparently Jagang had found some of his old staff and a couple new ones. John looked at the images that had been collected, I remember some of these creatures, they are a dastardly group, He pointed at a couple, Vampires, two more young lycans, he then pointed at a woman, she is a were but we never found out what type, and this big man is a thing out of legend, He is a minotaur Half man half bull, and is he strong. John shook his head, Henri ain't gonna like this!

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Angel always heard eyes were windows to a person soul; somehow she always thought that was a metaphor that is until now. Looking in Henri eyes open him to her and her to him. She needed and wanted more. She moaned louder and harder with every thrust he gave trying to match his with one of her own. Racking her nails along his back seem to make him pound her harder taking her to the edge of oblivion then pulling her back. More please more; she screams over and over until she couldn't take any more and they came together. Collapsing into each other arms Angel wanted no she needed for this not to be a dream. Feeling his touch on her skin and how her body responded with goosebumps and trembles she knew this wasn't a dream then he spoke so gentle in her ear causing her heart to flutter; I love you my Angel. Breathe she thought as they locked eyes again and a smile crossed lips. I waited a life time to hear those words and feel them my dark knight. I love you so very much Henri; Angel kissed him very passionately then laid her head on his chest to hear his breathing. Thank you, she said just before she dosed off in his arms.

Little did anyone know Jagang had an idea that could and would turn everyone lives upside down and right side up in a major way. Alexander Corvinus was sitting on his bed playing with a very beautiful and very young girl lying beneath him when his amulet started to glow at the same time his cell started to vibrate across his desk. Looking at his amulet then the phone he; sorry darling I have to take this call. Alexander answers his phone to find a voice he long thought or hoped would be dead. You… what is it you want? He ask and not liking his answer. Looking at his amulet this time this man could be right. We'll be there in before day is out; moving from his desk he yelled for his friend. KAGE!! Alexander nudge the girl; time for you go my dear. She moved from the bed lowering her head; thank you my king, will my husband be free. Alexander smiled as his eyes roamed the girl’s body; yes he will and he will never know of this. Alexander placed a kiss on the girl’s lips just as Kage enter the room causing her to jump and grab something to cover her naked body. Alexander laughs; cute still moodiest. I so love human females don't you Kage He hands her a pouch of money; not for last night that I couldn't put a price on but for the louse of a husband you were changed to and had to sell your soul to free him. A single tear fell as she looked at Alexander; thank you my king then she turn and left the chamber. Alexander and Kage watch her leave as a guard passed his room. Have that thief I caught several day ago freed but wait and hour or so before you do.The guard nodded; yes my king then he moved to escort the young girl out the castle.

You yelled Alexander Kage said. Kage was the only person still alive that could call the king by his name… yes Alexander was king now. His dear friend Camden Konreid had no heir left other than his granddaughter but until she was found the kingdom needed someone kind to watch over them. So on his death bed he named his dear friend Alexander Corvinus guardian of his kingdom and throne until their granddaughter could be found and claim her rightful spot. She’s alive he said looking at Kage. It’s was a great idea to have the image of her birthmark enchanted and placed where anyone could see it in hopes she would possibly find it. Alexander held up his amulet; it glows and I got a phone call for someone in our past saying he knows where she is and that she being held captive by some rouge lycans. Kage took the amulet I will find her and bring her home Alexander. I know Kage but I’m going with you, she’s my granddaughter and I want to see her. Kage knew better than to argue with his friend especially since they had to endure centuries of false hope and greedy people wanted to cash in on the reward not to mention wanted their daughter as princess. Get everything ready we leave in an hour. Yes my king he said bowing out the room. Kage knew there was nothing he could say to keep Alexander from going not this time especially since it been centuries without any word about her, his granddaughter.

The plane ride was too long for both men, Alexander was drying his plane crew nuts and Kage was trying to pinpoint the exact location as to where the girl could be. They knew the general area but not the precise location. His phone rang; hello… yes … where … ok got it he said hanging up his phone then looking at the GPS coordinates. He said we need to get here; he handed the phone to Kage who imputing the coordinates into the GPS system in the SUV. Jumping into two dark SUV’s the group follow the GPS direction to the letter. Leaving the city Alexander and Kage notice the amulet started glowing brighter as they got closer to the woods. If they've done anything to hurt my granddaughter Alexander started to say when Kage gave him a nod then spoke; they aren't fools my king. The SUV turn down a long winding path until they reached what looked like an usual group standing in the middle of the road. Kage and Alexander exited the SUV and headed towards the group. Who's in charge here he asks when everyone looked at John. Kage and Alexander stepped toward John when they hit a bubble or force field. They looked at each other then towards John; we are not here to cause any trouble. We just want to know if the girl you took by force is my granddaughter and if so I will give you the ransom you ask from him Jagang step from the clearing. That’s far enough Alexander said to him. You are not welcome here and if they are with you take them and leave. My granddaughter will not be placed in your hands… ever. Jagang group made weird noise then the young lycan step towards Kage. Let me take him he said to Jagang. Before an answer could leave Jagang lips Kage rips the young lycan head off. Go now or someone else dies.Kage said growling. Jagang growls; this is not over she is mine not his. Then the group slowly leaves. We come in peace Alexander said. Tell your alpha I just want to see my granddaughter please.

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John listened to the men through the barrier, we are not here to cause any trouble. We just want to know if the girl you took by force is my granddaughter and if so I will give you the ransom you ask from him John looked at the men and watched as one tore the head off of one of Jagangs men a young lycan bythe looks and smell. This man was a lycan himself and deserved respect, it eminated from him, like it did from Henri as well. So who are you, Who is your grand daughter that we have and what do you have to do with Jagang. John did not wait for much of a response he was on the phone calling Henri.

Henri and Angel were still tied together cuddling and playing with each otherwhen the call came in. As the phone rang he picked it up, THIS HAD BETTER BE FUCKING GOOD!He growled into the phone. Sorry sir, but there is a situation, Jagang and his crew are here, Some man and his guard, who is a very old lycan, are here looking for his granddaughter that we are holding against her will and something about a birthmark in an area between her legs. Thanks John will be there in a bit!

Henri finally slid out of Angel as his knot shrunk small enough. He looked at her face and then along her body noticing the bite mark on her neck that was healed, he reached over and rubbed his fingers over the scar that was there. He wasnot sure why she was healed already and he did not know what it woulddo to her. She had warned him abouther blood, but as oif now nothing was going on with it. Phelan, bring me the darkhaired girl Ariana, bring her to Angels room he said calling phelan. He looked at Angel and said, I need to look at your birthmark again and tenderly rolled her on her back and lifted her leg grazing her pussy lips as he did. He heard a small moan as this happened, he leaned in and licked and sucked on her clit for a few moments, then examined the mark and smiled. Then he went back to licking and sucking her clit.

Phelan brought the girl to the door and knocked, hearing a muffled, Come in, He entered with the girl to see Henri eating Angels pussy hard and fast with her moaning loudly, ther girl watched and blushed a bit as she saw Henri large cock. Henri smiled as Angel came and he lapped it up. He pulled up and looked at her, go get dressed love we have to go visit a man in a moment. Angel quit shuddering and leaned up and kissed him as she walked into her bathroom. Henri smiled at Ariana, come here She walked over and nodded at Henri, he pulled herto him and groped her tits as she had big ones and then pulled up the dress that she wore. She had nothing on underneath. He leaned down and sucked her nipples wacthingthem jngrow firstone then the other. Runnng his fingers along her slit made her knees wobble, He lay her back on the bed and dove into her pussy with his fingers and tongue. In minutes he had her cumming and moaning loudly. He looked at Phelan and smiled while the girl was thrashing he cast a spell that placed a mark exactly like Angel in the right spot onthis girl. Then he spread her legs and slammed his massive cock into her and fucked her hard for a few more minutes. She was not as good as Angel and he could tell, she screamed as an orgasm wracked her body. Henri pulled out and got up, Get her down to the fornt we will be a,ong in a moment. Phelan helped her up as she smiled at Henri and wobbled along with phelan as he slid her dress back on her.

Henri walked in his room and showered quickly and dressed n bluejeans, black t-shirt and boots and walked in to see Angel. Beautiful as ever! He offered her his hand and down they went to meet Phelan and Ariana. The four walked to the barrier where John stepped back and Hneri stepped up. Is there Something I can do for you genltemen? angel stood beside him her arms wrapped around him. Henri motioned for the girl to come forward, she looke ddoe eyed at him and smiled as he did. You want to see a birthmark he said, He motioned for Phelan; who laid the girl on the ground by the barrier and pulle dher legs open showing a glistening recently fucked pussy. He moved her leg just enough to show the mark to the men! Now who did you say you were again?

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Alexander looked at the girl she was beautiful and around the age that his granddaughter should be but something wasn't right about her. Looking at Kage he shook his head, NO. Alexander took a deep breath then look at John; I was missed lead and I’m sorry to have bother you. We were told you had my granddaughter. I knew better that to trust a liar and a thief but the need to find her is great. Alexander looked at Kage; return to the vehicle I’ll belong shortly. Kage looked at Henri then to the girl at his side; my king… but Alexander stops him. Go please… Kage nodded then moved back to the vehicles. Sorry he’s more that a second in command he’s a friend and only has my and the princess best interest at heart and that make him overly protective but I think we’re safe here. He looked at the girl at Henri side and smile.

To answer your question; I am Alexander Corvinus the first of our kind and that was Kage my friend and second in command. We have been searching centuries for my granddaughter, the rightful heir to the kingdom of Avalon her other grandfather kingdom. I swore to him on his death bed to guard her kingdom until she was found. Alexander turned to leave but stop, turning back around and looking at the people on the other side of the bubble. His gaze stop at Henri; I can see you’re and honorable man. Have you have lost someone that meant the world to you someone that you would do anything to get back. That’s me and it was my only daughter. I know I can’t get her back but I can find her only child and let her know she was loved and wanted by her mother who died protecting her. Alexander felt the pain of hope dying in his heart. Don’t trust Jagang he’s ruthless and would sell his own sister to get what he wants. I should know he tried to pass his sister off as my granddaughter. When it didn’t work we watched as he killed her vowing he would find my granddaughter and make her suffer as his mate.

Turning towards the SUV’s Alexander felt he need to say more; it’s been so long that we’ve almost gave up hope of ever finding her before he did. Then I got the call from Jagang telling me he knew where she was. I wouldn’t have believe him if my amulet hadn’t started glowing. Alexander turned back to them and reached down into his shirt and pulled out the amulet he wears. Showing it to everyone; this was Kage idea to have this and a book enchanted so if she touched the mark it would let us know where she was but Jagang called calming my granddaughter had been taken against her will and that you were asking for a ransom for her return. He looked at the beautiful girl at the alpha side; how she looked so much like his daughter that without realizing he moved closer to the barrier to look at her. Looking back at Henri; don’t trust anyone. My granddaughter safety is important and there are people who want her either dead or for the wrong reason.

Avalon is a special place; where supernatural beings as the humans calls us can live freely, no hiding who are or what we are. But there are rule and someone must govern those rule, much like a president, the queen of England or parliament. We live in peace with the world not knowing who we are and some human living alongside as their choice. Someone like Jagang could and would destroy that. Alexander lowered his eyes; if he stays he puts the life of his granddaughter in danger. If he goes he must trust in them and believe that she will want to see him. Alexander decided to leave; take care Alpha, you are good man. Don’t let Jagang win. Jagang sensing Alexander was vulnerable appeared from nowhere; isn’t this a tender moment you leaving her here so I can’t get to her. What a noble sacrifice but I hate noble and sacrifices. I hate nobility and I dislike sacrifices. Angel say goodbye to your grandfather; with that he plunged a dagger into his chest then he vanished before Kage and his men could exit the SUV’s.

Nooo! Angel yelled as she ran towards the barrier and the man. Stop! Alexander said looking at her. Do not leave that man side or that barrier. Then he collapse just as Kage reached him; promise you will protect them with your life. Promise me Kage. Kage nodded; I promise my friend. Kage removed the dagger and watches as the wound healed but it was the odor of silver sulfide that hit Kage. Poison, you been poison. Kage and Alexander knew there was no antidote for this poison. Kage looks at Henri; please he’ll be dead in a matter of days. No… don’t risk her life for mine. Kage looks at Alexander if we don’t get you and her back to Avalon she can never be crowned leaving anyone to fight for the crown including Jagang. Kage helped Alexander up and back to the SUV then return to the barrier. Placing two amulets at the base of the barrier; if you are as good a man as he believes you to be and you are bonded with his granddaughter. That makes you as much the future king as she would be the queen. Please don’t let Jagang win and the people suffer. Be king let her be queen. The plane leaves in 2 hours please… Kage returned to the SUV then they drove off. Angel collapsed to the ground looking at the lockets. Was that my grandfather we watch; she stood up and moved to Henri side, must we lose everything we love to that evil man. Angel laid her head on Henri chest and cried softly for the grandfather she may never get to know.

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Poison, you been poison. Kage looks at Henri; please he’ll be dead in a matter of days. No… don’t risk her life for mine. Kage looks at Alexander if we don’t get you and her back to Avalon she can never be crowned leaving anyone to fight for the crown including Jagang. Henri watched as Kage helped Alexander up and back to the SUV then return to the barrier. He Placed two amulets at the base of the barrier; if you are as good a man as he believes you to be and you are bonded with his granddaughter. That makes you as much the future king as she would be the queen. Please don’t let Jagang win and the people suffer. Be king let her be queen. The plane leaves in 2 hours please… Kage returned to the SUV and it drove off. Angel collapsed to the ground looking at the lockets. Was that my grandfather we watch; she stood up and moved to Henri side, must we lose everything we love to that evil man. Angel laid her head on Henri chest and cried softly for the grandfather she may never get to know.

Henri looked at Angel, Do you want to go see this man? Angel pulled her head off of Henri, If he truely is my Grandfather he is the only family I have left. Yes I would like to meet him and maybe get to know him!Henri looked down at Angel and then exteneded barrier out over the amulets. He did not trust this Kage at the moment and or the fact that Jagang and his minions were still there as well. Henri walked over and picked them up. He looked at them, they were a a matching set. He stuck them in his pocket offered his hand to Angel and headed back to the manor. He pulled his phone out and called Mina. Hey go up to Angels room and grab that book i have somethings i want you to look at!He hung up the phone and they continued on to the manor.

Mina met them at the door with the book in her arms and a huge smile on her face. You were a bad boy it seems! She looked at Henri and then both women, sniffing the air she smiled yet again, Yep you were bad!Henri fished out the amulets, Here look at these, I bet they are in that book. Henri looked at Angel, I would tell you to go get some close together but you never aquired any! He thought for a minute and then said, go see your friends and see if they have anything that you can borrow for now and put in an order with Riley, she will get you what you need and taken care of!He smiled as she sauntered off, hips swaying. Henri hardened up again.

As he walked up stairs and into his room he realised that he was horny. He needed to fuck Angel yet again. He knew this was his wolf's doing, it had found its mate and was in the need to mate her and have her with a litter of pups. As he was gathering clothes he called John, Gather Phelan and Valen as well as yourself and get some stuff you are going with me. Jabco is to run the place while we are gone. As he hung up Mina walked in bouncing all over the place with somenews. You are not gonna guess what these things are. Henri looked ather and said, Amulets that mark royalty! She looked at him how did you know that? I just found it in here! Henry looked at her and said, it had something to do with what all that man had said. he took both of the amulets and smiled. He placed one over his head and the other in his pocket. Grabbing Mina he smiled and picked her up in a hug. You are so lucky right now, If it wasnot for Angel I wuld fuck you til the sun came up! Mina smiled and then rubbed his cock through his pants. Awww you taking the cock away?She giggled and slid down to the floor as he shuddered under her ministrations. You be safe you big lug we need you here! She left out and Henri walked out and downstairs. He was waiting when Angel walked up smiling. He took the other amulet and slid it over her head. As he stood there lookingat herbody his cock responded yet again and he began to think and talk about what he wanted to do to her. She looked at him with a knowing face, Did you say something?Henri smiledand said No! Then he thought did she hear what i wanted to do to her?

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Angel looked at the amulet then to Henri. You like, she asks showing off the dress Klara got for her. It seems I have good friends, they order me some clothes figuring I would need some to wear but I’m gonna need to get some undergarments. She smile hoping he knew what she suggested by that comment. She placed her bag with his when she notices other bags. She knew they weren't going alone since Henri was too important to all of them especially her. Things were moving about, she watched as Henri men… hm… friends loaded the SUV’s when she felt something stir in her. Angel felt confused what or who was in her mind when it keep saying… MINE… MINE…. MINE. What’s mine she asks sniffing the air when Henri’s voice came loud and clear. She looked at him with a knowing face, did you say something? Henri smiled and said No!

Hm… she couldn't help but smile at him as her brow arched; I could have sworn you said something very kinky. Smiling she lifts her finger up she to tell him to come to her while teasingly biting her lip. Angel watches as Henri slowly moves to her letting her soak in his well defined body. Mm... Never thought looking at a man could be this good she thought. When she saw the smile cross his face. So you heard that she said in her mind as he got closer… good now feel this. She grabs the top of his pants and forcefully pulls him close to her. Giggling to herself she puts her hand down his pants and strokes over the top of his cock; nice... very never nice she thought knowing he will hear it. Moving her hands from his cock she slowly caress them up to his chest when her body trembles; the gods must have loved making you she though when she traces her hand to the back of his neck she smiles at him. Angel couldn't understand what she was feeling but she felt she wasn't alone in her mine and it wasn't Henri. MINE! She growled pulling him into a passionately kiss. Angel couldn't understand what was happening to her she never got this aggressive with anyone but her inner self was in heat and need to fuck Henri desperately.

This is gonna hurt she whispered in his ear then giving him a very impish smile before pushing him down to the floor with a hard thump... mounting him something in her came to the surface. I'm.... I'm sorry but I... I can’t ... I can’t … UGH! She growled; I can’t stop this. Leaning down she whispers in his ear; don't move as her lips moved to his neck kissing and nibbling lightly when he tries to move his hands; now didn't I say don’t move she said looking at him her eyes were glowing. MINE! She begins to move down his body until she reaches the top of his pants… growling softly she bit hard on his pants ripping them then forcefully pulling them off him when his massive cock sprung to attention. Mm... Someone seems very happy to see me. Letting his arms go she grabs his cock… not to hard but not to gentle, kissing up from the base to the tip then licks around the head when she pops his cock deep into her mouth as far as she could before moving back up slowly then taken it completely out of her mouth she licks the tip whiles glancing into his eyes. Angel loved seeing him bite his lower lip and the smile that cross his face; I’m glad you like it my love she said kissing his cock then sucking up and down, in and out she wanting to tasting him from all angles. When she came to the head she began to circle the tip of his cock with her tongue, round and round making him gasps and shakes with pleasure.

Angel released his cock then slowly crawls up his body, staying low so she could sliding along his cock all the way up. Kissing his lips she positions her pussy over his massive cock; see what wonders you can hide under a dress she said as his massive cock slid into her causing her to cry out with pleasure. Henri massive cock slid deep inside Angel still tight pussy as she moves up and down, slowly at first. Henri growled then grabs the dress Angel was wearing and pulled it up and over her large breast revealing no bra putting a smile on his lips as he watches her bounce on his cock. Gripping her waist he began to participate, thrusting deep into her harder and harder causing small gentle moans to escape her lips as her body match his thrusts. Angel started get harder and rougher as she bounces on his cock, screaming out his name, telling him harder. Henri was happy to do so and started thrusting his cock deeper as deep as she could take it and fast as he can give it her. Soon enough Angel was in a constant burst of moans and out of breath when she brought her hand down to her clit and started rubbing. First slowly then her tempo got faster and faster as Henri pounded deeper and deeper. Angel let out a loud scream and arched her back when she came all over Henri massive cock. While at the same time Henri’s felt immense sensation building within his balls nothing like he’s ever felt before. With one last massive thrust his cock broke through to Angel womb and releasing his seeds while his knot formed holding them together and his seed in place. Angel collapses in Henri’s arms as they lay there panting like to people in heat. Angel she wolf retreated happily know their union was successful and pups were possible. Lying in Henri’s arms both breathing like they just ran around the world and back; what just happen to me? She asks feeling worried that she might have hurt him.

What they didn't know was they were not alone. Henri's hitting the floor with a loud thump brought his guards, John, Phelan and Valen and several women. Mina smiles as did the other women well not all of them one was unhappy watching Henri and Angel mate. Isabella growls he's our alpha and she was to be a salve. Stomping her foot loudly; it’s not fair that bitch gets him as her mate. Mina punched the girl; show some respect she is now his mate. Mina groans; gonna miss that cock but I'm happy for him. You better hope Henri didn't hear what you said Isabella. Humph, he won't hurt me I was his favorite for a long time. He would have been mine she grumble picking herself up from the floor.

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Isabella growls he's our alpha and she was to be a slave. Stomping her foot loudly; it’s not fair that bitch gets him as her mate. Mina punched the girl; show some respect she is now his mate. Mina groans; gonna miss that cock but I'm happy for him. You better hope Henri didn't hear what you said Isabella. Humph, he won't hurt me I was his favorite for a long time. He would have been mine she grumble picking herself up from the floor. Henri lay there stil inside Angel while the rest were there as witnesses basically. Henri looked at Isabella, yes you were A favorite, you have been replaced He moved his hand and the gold ring on her lip was replaced with a silverone. He knew what Isabella was afraid of, Phelan, Valen you pleasure Isabella right now. Isabella had a startled look on her face. What No they can't, I have a gold ring only you can have me. Henri chuckled i guess you should look in the mirror while they are having there fun. She turned and looked at the mirror on the wall. Nooooooooo! She threw her hands over her face and screamed as phelan ripped the clothes off her, revealing her rather large boobs and wet looing shaved pussy. She had gotten hot watching Angel fuck Henri. She tried runnng but it was too late.

Henri pulled him and Angel over to the wall so that he could lean against it while she laid in his arms both watching. Henri watched as phelan pulled Isabella down onto the floor and made her start sucking his cock and started to work her nipples hard and a little rough. Phelan was taking her head and bouncing it up and down his big cock. Valen walked over and pulled his cock out of his shorts and grabbed Isabellas hips and pushed deep into her, you could hear her man as his cock milked her already wet pussy. Valen began to pound in and out of her as Phelan face fucked her. Isabella was in heaven as she liked having a cock in both ends. What she did not know was that henri knew what she feared and wat she did not want to happen. He turned to John. For a job well done I give you your nate, Isabella! but not before her punishment is up. John you are to take hes ass as she has them inher as well. Isabella had heard the last bit and pulled up off Phelan's cock and screamed no as Valen pounded harder. YOU can't do this to me I am your favorite!

Henri looked at the woman telling him what he could and couldn't do. You are his and she is my mate, Get over it and get done with it John! John smiled and said YES SIR! Henri watched as Valen pounded into Isabella and felt Angels pussy getting wet. He smiled and kissed her ear and said, So watching group sex makes my love horny huh. Phelan pulled his cock from her mouth and laid on the floor, Sit on my cock girl! Isabella did as she was bid and moaned as she slid up the girth of his cock. When she bottom out she leaned forward her tits dragging along his chest as she road his hard and fast! Angel moaned a bit and moved on Henri's hardening cock. Angel was getting incredibly aroused watching the action in front of them. Henri started to slide in and out of her sopping wet pussy again. Nice and slow workingon a build up. Valen walked around in front and shoved his cock in her mouth as Isabella took it JOhn walked over with a huge smile on his face. Henri had told him that she hated anal and John was thinking punishment.

John lubed his cock up really slick and waited til he could see and hear Isabella cuming then he lined up on her ass and pushed in; in one thrust he was balls deep, Isabella screamed Nooooooooooooooooooooooo! She struggled to get away but all three men held her there under them. She screamed more as John violated her ass, but it became moans after a bit of fucking from all three men. Valen was pulling on one nipple as Phelan bit at the other. Pain and pleasure. When John entered Isabella henri felt Angel cum, he pulled out of her pussy and slowly slid the head inher ass, she moaned as he did and pushed back on his cock. Soon Angel was rocking on Henri cock as hard and fast as Isabella was on the mens cock. Isabella was a screamer and she came multiple times in the next few minutes. Henri felt Angel spin up and get close so he started to rotate ass to pussy and back in a nice deep rhythm. Henri reached and grabbed Angels nipples from the sides and rolled them as he fucked her hard, he pushed deep in her pussy breaking through her cervix again as his knot swelled and formed pushing loads and loads of cum in her again. It just so happened that all the men came at the same time as well. Henri looked at MIna who had her hands down her pants and was working her pussy as well. Damn it Henri i need your cock, Angel will need work a deal some day. Mina shuddered as she came hard her eyes rolling back in her head.

Everyone gathered themselvesand cleaned up and were ready to go Angel had her amulet on as well did Henri. He could hear her thoughst and figured she could hear his as well. Everyone ready?Henri formed another barrier around him that was mobile to him and those around him he pushed it out bout 25feet so that everyone could fit nicely. John, Isabella, Valen, Phelan and Mina and the girl from earlier that they had usedas a decoy were there with them. He opned up a portal that lead to the airfield that Kage was waiting at. As the stepped out Henri John Valen and Phelan all formeda perimeter around the women, Henri in the front. So Are you ready? He looked at Kage waiting on an answer.

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Kage was rarely impressed by anyone but this Henri guy impressed him a lot. He wasn't bold, cocky or flashy. This Henri guy seemed to be a man of integrity everything a king would need. Kage nodded; one should always be ready for anything. Right my king? Alexander stepped from the plane; right Kage he said standing before them all. Alexander turned to Kage; so it seems I was right about him. Kage nodded as he grumble making Alexander laugh. Alexander turn back to Henri; I’m sure you and your man are very close as you can see Kage and I are but one should never bet against someone like you Alexander said getting closer to Henri. It seems faith and destiny has chosen well for my granddaughter.

Alexander moved to the two girls he saw earlier smiling at the first girl; you are indeed beautiful and if I were younger… Alexander stops himself he didn't want to be rude to the young girl. May I ask your name? She looked at Henri who nodded yes. Ariana, she said with a big smiling. What a beautiful name Ariana for a beautiful girl. She giggled like a school girl. Thank you. Alexander bowed slightly then moved to the girl who bears a resemblance to his daughter. Seeing she was wearing the amulet told him all he needed to know. Smiling he looked at Henri; may I please he ask knowing that if she was mated it would be dangerous to touch her without his permission and more so by her being mated to the Alpha. No one can touch her without his permission if they knew what was good for them. Henri’s wolf growled but Henri nodded yes but kept his eye on him. Alexander turns back to Angel and pulled her into a gentle hug. I've looked for you for so long I can’t remember what I wanted to say if I found you other than welcome home my child. Angel... my name is Angel she said trying not to get to emotional. She knew her and Henri were link she felt it and she didn't want him to feel her being upset. Angel… he smiled; what a beautiful name for my granddaughter who looks so much like her mother; he said when Kage growled and moved passed them all.

Alexander watched as his friends walked passed everyone to some men loading another plane. No… stop… you can’t take that…. Give it back… No let me go. They all turn to see Kage dragging a young man towards them. Kage drop the man in front of Alexander and Angel. He had this and was taking pictures of you, Angel and Henri. Alexander moved him and Angel to Henri side; I’m not sure how he found us but I was hoping to have you all back in Avalon and settle in before we told the world about you and Angel. The man screamed as Kage twisted his arm; tell them how you found us tell them now or lose this arm. Stop… please stop, a beautiful and very young girl about 19 or 20 said running up to Kage and beating on his chest. I told him… I told him, we work here, we need the money and I knew picture of the King of Avalon his granddaughter and her husband would be worth a lot of money. Kage grab the girl arm and twisted it. Ouch you’re hurting me, she said dropping to her knees. I WILL MAKE SURE YOU PAY FOR THIS WHEN JAG… POLICE GETS HERE! They looked at the girl; what did you say Alexander asks looking at the young girl. I said you will pay for this when the police get here. Angel shook her head; no you did not, she said. You’re working for Jagang admit it. The girl looked at the ground; I don’t know who or what you are talking about. Sighing Alexander looked at Henri; time to go don’t you think. Henri nodded yes. Good everyone on the plane but what should we do with them Mina ask. Take them with us. We can’t have Jagang knowing anything at the moment. Kage put them on the plane and gag that one. The girl started to cry and yelling at them; YOU CAN’T DO THIS…. IT’S CALLED KIDNAPPING YOU ASSHOLE. The girl kick and scream them bit Kage’s free hand making him release her. The girl started running but wasn't looking where she was going so she ran right into Henri. Damn! What are you made of rocks or something she asks looking up at Henri and smiling. Nice very nice she said in a flirty way when Angel punched the girl knocking her out. MINE! Angel growled. Kage put the man in the cargo hold when he saw Angel punching the girl. He moved to pick her up when Angel stop him. She’s mine Angel growls put her in chair she will be the in-flight entertainment. Remind me to stay on your good side Mina said moving to Angel side. Angel smiled at Mina you could never anger me then she touched her cheek. Mina smile then moved to Henri side; did she hit on me. Never mind I think I just find a seat and behave for now.

Everyone boarded the plane and waiting for it to take off. As the plane level Alexander stood and started to talk. Avalon is a secret place only a very select few know of and is the talk of legends. People talk about it and have search for it but they call it Atlantis. Alexander saw the looks everyone but Kage was giving him and smile. I know you’re thinking I’m crazy or maybe not but if we exists why can’t Avalon or Atlantis. Many centuries ago, man, immortals and supernatural being lived together with no one having to hide who they were or live in fear that one race was better than another but that was then and man started to evolve into something no one like or trusted. Man felt they were superior to other races and started hunting anything that wasn't human that is until we decide it was time to hide to live in peace and let man fend for themselves. As you can see they did ok for themselves with a little help every now and then from us. As a city of legend people would look for us but only a few found us but we had to protect our secret and our people from humans and our own kind. So do keep our secret everyone either had to stay or lose a lot of their memory. So that how the legend started Mina said smiling. Correct! Alexander said. Most decided to stay. But for those that decide to leave, well let’s say we had a bit of fun giving them memories that would make a grown man blush. Mina giggle, I find that hard to believe with these men. Alexander smiling then continued to talk. One day my dear friend thought it was time to share our knowledge with the world but only a select few. Not with the rich to make them richer or the powerful to make them more powerful but with people we find worthy. Trusted friends like your grandfather Henri he knew of the city and was helping me search for you Angel. Maybe it was destine for you two to meet. Angel smiled putting her head on Henri shoulder and continued to listen to her grandfather talk.

Alexander turns to Kage and accepted 3 boxes; these are for you three. He handed the boxes to John, Phelan and Valen. Those are for you to wear as his, he points to Henri trusted friend’s adviser and protectors they are only for those closes to the royal family. John was the first to open his. It was a tungsten bracelet that matched Henri’s rhodium amulet. Once you put them on no one can remove them, it will attune each of your body and only your body then to your friend and king. John looked at Henri who motion for them to put it on. As they did it locked into place then attuned to them and them to Henri causing his rhodium amulet crystal and their tungsten bracelets crystals to turn dark blue a gold wolf head appear in the center. Alexander looked at Kage then back to Henri. That has never happen before Alexander said looking at their bracelets and Henri’s amulet. The profits were right you are the king of legend. Alexander bowed to Henri then turn back to John, Phelan and Valen. It says that you all are his first in command. So you all will have the same privileges as Kage. He took the packages from Kage and handed them to John, Phelan and Valen get with Kage he will make sure your names are placed on the cards and show you to your rooms. John again opened his package first and found a black credit card, cell phone and keys. Moving to the women made Alexander smile; it is wonderful to see beautiful women and to have you join the palace. There are none there at the moment but with my granddaughter return I’m hoping that will change. You see Kage never mated and I never remarried after my wife early death at the hands of Jagang. Kage growled; he will never harm a member of the royal family ever again. Agreed! John, Phelan and Valen said looking at Henri and Angel. Henri nodded then touched Angel hand.

Alexander handed Mina and Ariana a box. I know my granddaughter is new to your group but I can see she is bonding with you two. Mina and Ariana took their box and open them to find a very beautiful tungsten amulet. Like the men it will attune to you and you to her. Mina and Ariana without question knew Henri would approve so they put them on. As their amulet locked it attuned to them it did the same as the man but attuned to Angel tungsten amulet but their crystal colors were purple with a gold wolf head as assign they belong to Henri whose amulet glowed even brighter. Legend indeed Kage, Alexander said to his friend. Looking back to the girls he smiles are you two mated yet. Mina and Ariana looked at Henri then back to Alexander; not yet we are not but she is they pointed to Isabella. Ah… well don’t worry I’m sure you will be soon then he looked at the man. There are plenty of single male immortals, weres and humans alike that would love to have a beautiful mate but be careful of the greedy that only wants stats but I’m sure your wise king; he pointed to Henri, will pick your mate will keep your heart safe. Mina and Ariana smiles; thank you they said to Alexander. No thank you the palace has been so lonely without beautiful women to brighten up the place. They sorta giggled like little school girls then blushed.

Alexander moved to Isabella and smiles; John you are indeed blessed with a beautiful mate. Isabella blushed then looked at John who smiled at her making her realizes Henri could have done worse to her for being rude and disrespectful to Angel but he didn't he gave her to one of his dearest friends. Turning to John he hands him a box. This is for your Isabella it will bond her to you as your mate and the future mother of your children. John opened it then smiled. Standing he moved to Isabella side. MINE… then he place the platinum choker around Isabelle neck. When John and everyone heard it click shut. They watched as the crystal turned black then a small red wolf appeared in the center then John amulet glowed as Isabella choker attuned to him. Nice very nice Alexander said moving towards Henri and his granddaughter. It gives me pleasure to hand this to you son then he handed Henri the first of the last two boxes. Many kings have given chokers to their queens but this one this one belong to Angel grandmother. Henri open the first box to find a rhodium choker smiling he turn to Angel, without question you’re mine then he placed the choker around her neck. Like the others it locked and the crystal changed to a very rare azurite color with a gold wolf whose eyes seem to glow blue color. Now for you Alexander said handing Henri the last and final box. Henri opened the box to find a rhodium ring, placing the ring on his finger everyone watched the crystal changed to the same rare azurite as Angel. Alexander touches the ring and Henri passing on all the knowledge of Avalon. When he was done Alexander turn to everyone; welcome the new king and queen of Avalon.

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It gives me pleasure to hand this to you son then he handed Henri the first of the last two boxes. Many kings have given chokers to their queens but this one this one belong to Angel grandmother. Henri open the first box to find a rhodium choker smiling he turn to Angel, without question you’re mine then he placed the choker around her neck. Like the others it locked and the crystal changed to a very rare azurite color with a gold wolf whose eyes seem to glow blue color. Now for you Alexander said handing Henri the last and final box. Henri opened the box to find a rhodium ring, placing the ring on his finger everyone watched the crystal changed to the same rare azurite as Angel. Alexander touches the ring and Henri passing on all the knowledge of Avalon. When he was done Alexander turn to everyone; welcome the new king and queen of Avalon. Henri stood there soaking up all that had just happened, he was not sure if he was ready for it all but would do his best. I, uhmmm, thank you He still had things runing throughhis head. He shook the mans hand and then smiled. I think Angel said something about in flight entertainment!

Phelan, Valen go get our passengers and bring them up here.The two men walked off along the plane locating there passengers. When they arrived Phelan over heard the man telling her not to let them find outshe was his wife. Phelan grinned as he walked up with Valen, he grabbed the girl and Valen the man. Names Now!The man looked at him, I am Mike and this is peggy!Phelan nodded ok come on. They lead them back tothe group where they were placed in seats in front of the group. Henri this is Mike and peggy!Henri nodded and then Phelan smiled they are husband and wife sire!Henri's eyes it up and he smiled an evil grin, the shock on mike and peggy's faces was priceless.

Henri walked over and grabbed up mike and sat him down beside him. Mike so you think working for Jagang is good, you think trying to hurt my family is wise?mike looked at Henri, I needed money for our honeymoon, Jagang offered a lot and I said yes, we decided that the money would let us start a familyHenri Chuckled, So your lovely wife here is a virgin Both Peggy and Mke turned and looked at Henri, as he continued, Henr nodded and Valen and Phelan both grabbed the woman. Mike started to go atthem but Henri restrained him easily, SIT!He watched what was going on, YOU brought this on yourselves now face the consequences.

Peggy was a small framed woman who kept herself in shape and had unusaually big breasts for her frame. She liked wearingthongs as well they made her feel sexy and her bras weresheer lace, she used them to entice MIke to play with her, she was saving up for their night of conumation. only this had gotten in the way. Phelan held her arms as valen solwy and painstakingly unbuttoned her shirt and pulled it off of her. She shook and tried to get free causing her breasts to freely bouce and jiggly causing the men in the room to begin getting hard ons. Peggy looked around and started to cry, oh no no no! You can't!Valen tore her pants and panties off then, he smiled and reached up and tor her bra allowing her tits to hang out of the wire. All the men smiled as she fought. Valen stuck a hand down and into her pussy and started to finger her. Henri she is soaked!Mike moved and started to save his wife, Henri sat his hand onthe mans shoulder and pushed him down and growled a bit, I SAID SIT!

Peggy was fighting these men butto no avail they were stronger than her by far and more needy. She tried to keep her legs closed as them an shoved his fingers deep into her woamn hood, she knew she was wet she had not gotten her self off in days and now she was being fingered by a stranger it was inticing and made her feel slutty. she struggled and wiggled trying to get away Phelan started to roll her nipples and made her body light on fire, she needed a cock and looked at mike eyes appealing him to save her, Please mike stop them!in and out went the fingers in her pussy, and another on clit, her body was heating up and she did not wantthese men to know it. Mike satthere watching a boner growing from seeingthem mess with his wife. Mina laughed and said, He ikes it She walked over and tore his pants open revealing his hard cock, small compared to the room, She sat down and started to stroke him while Peggy's eye bugged out that her husband was letting her do this and he was not restrained. Mike satthere with Henri's hand on his shoulder as the woman started jackinghis hard on off, he was turned on that peggy wasbeing taken by these two men.

Alexander and kage had quiety sat in the corner and watched hard ons rock hard. They walked over and kage held her arms as phelan and valen each took a leg holdiing her off the ground, terror filled her eyes as Alexander's big hardon came inches away form her hot pussy. She is ripe and fertile he said, as he plunged into herin one fell swoop. Peggy screamed as the huge cock tore through her womanhood and began to plungein and out of her, she struggled to get free, but the strong arms held her as this old man pounded into her. No please stop, don't do this he was to be my first.Alexander plowed through her pussy in and out, over and over, soon peggy was moaning in pleasure. Alex blew his load into her, then switched out with Kage who began to pound into her. After the first man came inher spraying her walls she was to hornyt to care any more and orgasmed and shook so hard she almost passed out. More she said. Mike looked ather and said, Peggy!she looked at him and said she stoking you and you are enjoying it why not me!

Mike was lost in thought as he was pulled up and walked over to what was gioung on!Kage came in peggy and pulled outas MIna pushed mike into peggy and started to push his ass making him fuck her as well, Mike you are so small compared to themPhelan and valen bent down and bit nipples sending her overthe edge as Mike came in heras well and she looked for more. Phelan sad flip her over, so the guys did holding her up he mounted her from behind and thrust deep she moaned as he cock dove deep into her. Mike watched his wife enjoying the sight, Henri said, toss him! Mina smiled and said, Ok! She walked him to the back of the plane and smiled sorry, orders are oders! She slammed claws into his gut pulling out entrails and open dthe back of the plane releasing him last thing she heard was his scream as he fell out the back.

As MIna came back up she saw Valen pushing his cock in peggy's ass, he was thrusting in and out of her ass then to her pussy, peggy screamed out GOD YES! Alex had worked around and placed his cock inher mouth which sh hungrily sucked him. After a few more minutes Valen and Alex both came in the grl yet again.

Henri felt something warm on his cock and looked down ans saw Angel working on it with her mouth, Just as Isabella was doing the same to John. Henri smiled and said, Thank you baby!he sighed and said,Well i know the rest of this trip will be nice.

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Angel watched everything and to her amazement she was hornier than a bitch in heat. Biting her lower lip she watched as they fuck the girl in every hole possible. Angel wasn't sure if it was the girl’s screams or watching them fuck her but she needed something big and hard and she was going to get it… now she growled.

Sliding between Henri legs Angel unzip his pants to be greeted by his massive cock. Nice she thought before popping it into her mouth. Thank you baby! Mmm... you’re most welcome she said looking at him. His cock throbbing in her hand and hard as it could be. Angel reached up and put her hand around him softly, carefully, and then pulled down just a bit. The skin tightened at the tip of his cock and a little bit of precum leaked out. Mmm…. A gift for me she said smiling, leaning forward she licked it off, feeling its slipperiness, feeling his little pleasured twitches. Angel stroked Henri; her hand rotating around his cock as she slowly moved her hand up and down. A moan told her he enjoyed it, so she maintained her rhythm. When she looked up she saw his half closed eyes looking down at her. He watched her, studying her, as she stroked him. She gave him a sweet smile; he grinned back and lay his head back down.

Angel felt his hardness, the skin moving over his shaft. Precum leaked nicely, tempting her, and she kept licking the tip of his cock, tasting the saltiness, enjoying it. She thought of the explosion that couldn't be too far away. Right now it was too early for that she wanted no she need to feel that hard cock in her hungry pussy but she wanted to make him want her, so she got back to the task at hand. When one arm got a little tired she'd switch, using her other hand. She knew that she wasn't as coordinated with her left and it irritated her a bit. Her slow movements allowed her to disguise that though and she took pleasure in his writhing as she kept stroking him. More precum led to more soft little licks that cause more shivers and goosebumps and a groan indicated he appreciated her mouth on his cock, the warm softness, the wetness. She sucked a bit, pulling out more precum, reveling in the taste and texture. More strokes of his cock, a few seconds of suction on the head, a few licks of the tip, and she then she felt it was time.

Angel wolf came to the surface as Henri scent drover her wild. MINE! She growl as she proceeded to climb onto him, lowering her dripping pussy over his thick helmet shaped head. Her pussy opened letting the head of his throbbing cock easy in slowly as her juices dripped down his thick shaft. Angel let out a loud moan as Henri massive cock slid deep into her. Up and down her body went while they kissed passionately. Growl and moan came from Angel throat as her wolf emerged again. Angel road Henri massive cock while he held her closely, her nails raked his back ripping the shirt he was wearing. Angel could feel Henri knot forming letting her know he was ready to fill her with of his more seed. Angel started riding harder and hard as her pussy rippled in pleasure with wave after wave mind blowing orgasm. MINE! She growled again biting her mate at the nape of his neck to mark him as her mate just as Henri growled and released his seed into Angel womb. Angel collapse into the waiting arms of the man who stole her heart. She smiles as Henri arms wrapped around her making her breath deeply taking in his scent once more. I love you! She said looking into the eyes of the man who save her life. Angel touched Henri face, my dark knight she said making him laugh.

Everyone was asleep from the fun they had well everyone but Alexander he couldn’t sleep he need and wanted to get Henri and Angel back to Avalon to have his family whole again. Standing he moved to the rear of the plane. Seeing the two young girls he brought; bring blanket and cover everyone he said to them as he return to his seat. Mina stretched then yawns before moving to join Alexander. She was fascinated by Avalon. Alexander was looking at Angel and Henri when she sat in front of him. Beautiful isn't she, Mina said seeing how he was looking at Angel. Alexander smile; she looks so much like my daughter her mother. I never thought I get the chance to see her. You know it was his grandfather that found her giving me hope. Mina looked at Henri and Angel then looked back at Alexander. I think it was destiny she said making his brow arch; maybe he said when two young girls about 16 or 17 walk from the other room with blankets. They said not a word but cover Angel and Henri then the others. Moving towards Alexander and Mina they stopped and stood there. Mina notices they wore collars with tags on them. Mina looked at Alexander; are they omega. Alexander looked at the girls; good question and yes they are omega.

You see on Avalon we had difficult trying to figure out what to do with those who committed crimes from the small petty crimes to murder. While it rare to find someone doing something like murder it isn't rare to find someone do a petty crime something that in our world would put them in jail for months or years. Then they would be released and commit the same crime. We wanted a world we could live and be free from the petty issue that overwhelmed the mortal world. But we wanted no we need to feel safe but no one wanted to become what we hated the most. Nor did anyone want to become judge jury or executioner. So the punishment for murder is murder and the family to become omega never to be free again. Petty crimes are just that petty and are decide by the king.

Mina looked at the girls then back to Alexander; but what could they have done? They are so young and look so innocent. Alexander through his head back laughing don't let youth full you. They are young and but only one is innocent. He pointed to the first girl; this is Rachel. Mina eyes roamed the girls pale skin noticing her nakedness through the shear gown she wore. Pulling her head up Mina smiled at the girl; beautiful green eyes we have some omega what would make good breeding with her when you are read. Alexander smile sounds good we lost our last breeder Rachel father. So if you like the job it's yours but only if it's OK with Henri. Rachel shiver... Her father! Mina said looking at Alexander.

Yes her father... See we know it’s hard to keep people from doing anything wrong. It’s second nature for people to make mistake but we need away to make sure they wouldn't want to keep making mistake that would lead to more severe mistake. So Angel other grandfather Camden along with others came up with punishment that would help insure people wouldn't want to do anything to severe but we get them occasionally. You see if a man or woman commits a crime the whole family must pay for that crime depending on the harshness of the crime. So to answer your question; Rachel father murder one of her friends one night after raping her but he being well knowledge with the law and what would happen to his family sure an innocent man pay for his crime. The innocent man family was made to watch as the man was brutalize then killed then they were striped and the father of the daughter was allowed to have his way with the innocent man’s daughter. Then everything was talking from the family and they were placed as omega to the family. The innocent man’s daughter was forced to bear night after night of anger from the man till finally she killed herself. Alexander looked at Rachel. Rachel here found out the truth and came forward. Her family ran leaving her behind to take the punishment but it was on longer a crime of rape and murder he framed and innocent man. Getting the man's innocent daughter raped but I step in to save Rachel. I couldn't see another innocent person pay for someone else crime. She did the right thing and stayed to accept her fate. So yes she is an omega. But she special I'm hoping not just to find someone that wants to breed her but someone that's welling to take care of her maybe give her some love. Thou she will never be free she’s a good girl and doesn't deserve this.

Now that one is another story. Her name is Ebony. Mina looked at the girl; is that a grin I see. Mina reached out to touch Ebony but she jerked her head away. Don't touch me Ebony said growling at Mina. Mina stood up and back handed the girl. You need to learn you place omega. That woke Angel from a sound sleep to see the girl falling to the floor. Angel didn't say a word nor did she let anyone know she was awake.

Mina looked at the girl lying on the airplane floor. Her raven hair was curly and long her eyes were just as dark if not black as they looked back at Mina with anger and her ebony skin matched her name. You need taming don't you little one. No I don't she said being strong will. She’s spirited and trouble with a capitol T. She willfully disobeys her mother, father and authorities. She feels as if everyone is beneath her. Her parents were afraid she would get them and her siblings into trouble so after her last crime of stilling and destroying property. They ask that she giving over as an omega.

Mina knelt down next to Ebony; willful and disobeying can I … but Angel interrupted; I like to have her please grandfather. Alexander and Mina looked at Angel then each other. Are you sure honey she might be untamable. Angel moved next to the girl kneeling next to her she looked at Mina. Yes I can handle her. Angel ripped the shear gown from the girl’s body. The girl started to over herself when Angel took a nipple between her fingers and twisted it. You will keep your hands to your side at all times, your head will always remain down unless told other wise and you will not speak unless I tell you to not anyone else is that clear. The girl spat at Angel making Angel smile. Alexander and Mina stood up but Angel raises her hand to stop them. Want to see that man that tamed me Angel ask Ebony. Grabbing her by the hair Angel drags her to the sleeping Henri. You see this man had a good way of punishing people. Angel removed the cover to then pulled Ebony to Henri stiffing cock. MINE! She growled but to tame my omega I would and can make an exception to that rule. Ebony started to struggle making Angel dropping her into Henri lap. You will learn to listen or get this; she stroked on Henri massive cock making it grow to full length scaring Ebony. Henri hands grab Ebony and held her into place. Angel knelt down and started toying with the young girl’s clit making her cry. Angel ignored her cries and pleads for help. Angel wanted her to know she was in charge of her life and body and her will. Ebony went from crying out for help to moan and rubbing her ass again Henri massive cock. Angel stopped toying with the girl clit. Then rubbed her finger along her moist slit. Mmm... nice and wet; Angel spread the girls legs as far as they would go exposing her anus to them. Angel got her finger wet from the girl juices then slid it to the girl anus pop one finger in making her girl scream. Yes nice and tight. Good then she toyed with the head of Henri cock placing it at the girl open and pushing it just a bit. Will you do as I say. The girl shook her head yes as tear rolled down her face. Liar! You just want me to stop. Ebony shook her no; please she said trying to close her legs. Angel took Henri cock and rubbed it against the girls wet pussy getting it nice and coated with her juices then she pop only the head into Ebony's tight ass making and shoot up. You will learn to obey me. Angel stood up moving to the girl nice size breast for her age. Take the nipple in her mouth Angel bit down hard causing the girl to cry out again. You like that don't you Angel ask seeing the juices flow from the girl virginal pussy. Yes you do then she slap the girl pussy making sure the hit her hard clit. Ebony cried out causing her to slide more of Henri massive cock into her tight ass.

Pushing the girl against Henri chest Angel moved to Henri who still had his eyes close but she knew he wasn't sleep. Whispering in his ear. You remember the great ass fucking you gave me to tame me. Angel placed Henri hands on the girl’s nipples. I want you to do the same here. Then I like a collar something cute with my name on it. She is to never wear close. Angel left her in Henri hands then moved back to her grandfather. Mina smile; damn that was good. Alexander smile. Well done Angel. You will make a great queen. Now got get clean you do the plane will be landing in an hour. Rachel, take them to the back where they can clean up and change clothes. Rachel started walking towards the back when Angel stops at Henri side. Maybe you can have her learn to suck some cock while you enjoy that virgin ass of her. Ebony screamed at them; I’ll kill you just wait and see. You can’t do this to me. Make it hurt and make her throat sore so she will learn to keep her mouth shut. But I want her virginity to remain for now. Angel started walking but stopped; baby when you're done. Send her to me to be clean we can’t have a dirty omega now can we she said smiling at him. The woman when to the rear of the plane leaving a frighten Ebony with Henri and the men.

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Henri lay there acting asleep with his massive monster stiffening right up. He felt Ebony being pushed up against him. Angel whispered in his ear. You remember the great ass fucking you gave me to tame me. Angel placed Henri hands on the girl’s nipples. I want you to do the same here. Then I like a collar something cute with my name on it. She is to never wear close. Angel left her in Henri hands then moved back to her grandfather. Mina smile; damn that was good. Alexander smile. Well done Angel. You will make a great queen. Now go get cleaned up, the plane will be landing in an hour. Rachel, take them to the back where they can clean up and change clothes. Angel spoke to henri again,Maybe you can have her learn to suck some cock while you enjoy that virgin ass of her. Ebony screamed at them; I’ll kill you just wait and see You can’t do this to me. Make it hurt and make her throat sore so she will learn to keep her mouth shut. But I want her virginity to remain for now. Angel Spoke again a bit further away, baby when you're done. Send her to me to be cleaned we can’t have a dirty omega now can we John said no as he pinched the girls nipples hard. Ebony screamed as he did this. She wiggled and his headswelled bigger. I would suggest that you do no move unless you want to be torn into you little bitch. The girl froze using her hands to hold her self up off his cock. He looked at Phelan and Valen and set the girl n the floor she tried to run but he grabbed her hair and yanked her to the floor. Phelan hold her legs up and open so that Valen can eat her pussy, You heard your queen she is not to have that virgin pussy violated...yet.Henri walked around and kneeled by her head and pushed his cock at her lips, she kept her mouth closed but as her legs were pulled open and her pussy and clit attacked she started to moan and her moan opened and Henri's cock slid down into it. Ebony began to gag and her mouth close on his cock, herni slapped her, stop! breath out your nose. It will go easier for you.Ebony did as she was told as Valen assaulted her pussy making her orgasm many times, Valen prep her ass! She started ti scream on his cock again, this timehe slapped herbreast hard catching the nipple, You were told to stop! Tears formed on the gorls eyes, Henri began pushing his full cock into her throat, the bulge in her neck would swell and contract as his massive cokc slid in her and back out, he went at a steady pace that would not damage her but make her sore.

Henri stood up and backed the guys off he laid on his back and looked at her, Now sit on my cock, put it in your own ass! She shook her head no! He slapped her tit again and then again til she was straddling his cock. She eased down a bit, she rubbed her hand over her wet sopping pussy and then over his cock. She eased his cock head in her tight smooth ass. She sat there with the head in and he smiled at her and grabbed her hips and pulled her down slowly, her head shaking fast and a no coming from it in a whisper. He was half way in when he raised her up and brought her back down a again, he was stretching her and getting her ready, only she did not no it. As she came up he pulled her down hard and fast, driving his cock all the way up in her. A scream tore through her, sounding outthrough the whole plane. Henri fucked the girls ass with long deep strokes and rolled her large nipples. Soon her screams were of lust as she got in rhtym with his thrusts. Henri spun her around on his cock as she was facng away and pushed her over her tits were hanging low and he motioned for phelan and valen to suck on them. Henri leaned up and then mounted her from behind he let his wolf loose and pounded her pussy long and hard. Henri was enjoying himself as well as the girl was. Only she had tears of pain in her eyes as her ass hurt so bad from the monster and she could not talk as her throat hurt form his fucking it as well. Henri said Bite and both men did; biting her nipples as he shot load after load of cum deep up her ass.

Henri rolled her off his cock and stood up dragging her by her hair to stand. YOU will do as you are told understand, or you will getworse! The girl nodded her head yes with tears and a friehgtened look in eyes. Before she could get away Henri had fashioned a collar around her neck of hot pink leather with a leash attached to it. He smiled as he lead her to the back of the plane to Angel, Here is your pet my love he said as he kissed Angel passionately. He handed her the leash then and walked over to clean up in a room with less tits and ass hanging out so he could let his hard on that was forming again calm down.

As the plane landed they got their first look at Avalon, mountains and woods ringed the place a perfect place fora wolf or any other were to live quietly and comfortably. As the plane shut down alexander walked to the back where every one was and said, It is time and with that he ushered everyone to the door. Kage stepped out first and then Alexander after his sign that it was ok. A large group of peole had gathered to welcome Alexander home. As Henri and Angel stepped out Alexander said, I give you your King and Queen, Henri and Angel Johnson!

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Angel thought she was prepared for what was to come but she wasn't. Camera flashing in their faces, people asking question; Angel became fright with all the attention. Moving close to Henri she felt his arms pulling her close to him and keeping her safe. No question not now please…. We will answer them but first let me get my granddaughter home. Everyone piled into several waiting SUV’s then headed to the palace. Alexander saw the look on Angel face. Don’t worry you don’t have to be there. Usually all the press stuff is handle by staff and me but now that will be Henri job. Alexander gave him a smile; good luck man he said patting his new grandson on the shoulders. Angel he said looking at her; it is our job to keep our woman safe. You will be and as far away from the public eye as Henri keeps you. I will be your choice and only yours if you want to be in the public eye but know this photo of you will be giving to the world and your lives will not be private as you would think. Angel looked at Henri; will I be safe from Jagang she asks him. Alexander looked at Henri then to Kage. Angel you are safe. There will be guards will be everywhere. Hoping to take her mind off her fears; I got a job for you as the new queen he said making her look at him and smile; What? Grandfather she asks. Alexander smiled he never thought he hear her call him grandfather; you will be in charge of staff getting people to work for the palace. I didn't require any so only had a cook and someone to clean but now that the palace will have more people it will require more staff. Looking at Henri he was still smiling; and you Henri being the man will be in charge of pretty much everything else. I know it sounds like we are stuck in the past but we are not. It works and has worked for so long and the women really like it so why mess with what isn't broken. Women can do pretty much anything except being beta, guard or hunting. That’s how we lost many daughter and so many other women. He saw the look on their faces. Don’t worry you will have plenty to do. Beside the new staff the palace will need more furniture, actually more of everything. Ah shopping just my kind of thing Mina said making the men shake their heads.

The ride was very enjoyable. They rode through the town that looked more like an old village from the past but they notice electricity but it was so different. No wires anywhere. How can you have electricity but no wires no cable of any kind? Mina asks looking like a kid who found the only candy store left in the world. Angel and Isabella were looking at the homes and how they looked as if they were straight out of a hobbit tale. The homes are built with nature not against it. Solar power! To answer your question on how we have electricity without wires or cables. It's clean and efficient and it's free leaving us time for other things. Fascinating! Mina said looking at Alexander. So you live environmental friendly Mina said. Alexander laughed; we lived like this since the start of Avalon always with the environment so yes very friendly with our environment. Living with nature is better beside our wolves need nature to run so our woods are protected. Mina smile then looked at Valen, Phelan and then to the large but sexy Kage anyone care to have a run later. They looked at Henri knowing she was once off limits to anyone but him and Kage just shook his head at the temptress and growled; be careful what you ask for. Laughing... don’t be so scared I don’t bit she said making them squirm under Henri gaze.

To save the men Alexander change the subject quickly; when we get to the palace we will show you to your rooms. I’m sure everyone could use some rest and would like to see their rooms. Kage will show John, Isabella, Phelan, and Valen to theirs. Mina we can’t have by yourself, so if it’s alright with Henri. Until there are more women I prefer you to be next to Kage, Phelan Valen to keep you safe. Mina smiles; but the question is would they be safe. The man looked at each other then Kage to Alexander and Phelan and Valen to Henri. Priceless! Alexander said, this is the first time I seen Kage at a loss for words. They all started laughing when Angel and Mina saw the palace come into view. Angel, Mina and Isabella mouths were slightly open as the largest palaces they had ever seen came into view. It looked as if it was carved into the mountain side. We are going to get lost in that Angel said making her grandfather smiling. I’m sure Henri would find you. Shadow Wolf palace is made with natural stones that gives it that red and white look. Grandfather you lived there alone Angel asks looking at him. He nodded letting everyone get used to looking at their new home. It is much bigger on the inside I assure you with over 9,000 bedrooms and baths, 2 large kitchens, 1 massive eating area plus much, much more but don’t worry once you get it staffed and Henri brings his pack here I sure it will start to feel like home especially when you women start to have pups. Angel looked at Henri and blushed.

Alexander phone rung, answering he spoke then hung up; we are going in through the back. It seems the press we allow from the human world is at the front waiting for more pictures. No grandfather! Please I can’t run from them Angel said. I’ll be ok. Yes you will he said making another call. Just as the SUV’s pulled through the palace gates the flashing started. Ready everyone? He asks as they pulled up to the front door. They all nodded. Good he said as the door open and Kage emerged first follow by Phelan, Valen then Mina they made room for John and Isabella who was followed by Alexander, Henri then Angel. Kage men were ready and keep all the press away as they headed into the palace. Kage took everyone one way and Alexander took Henri and Angel another. Angel looked back at her naked omega the girl was in tears but said not a word. Angel smile then looked at her mate. Did you enjoy the fuck my love she ask making sure the girl heard her. Henri smiles; needs more work but she did wonderfully in the end then Henri smacked her on the ass hard making her yep. Good then I like to have them both in the room for a bit more fun. Rachel swallowed hard making Angel smile. Grandfather who makes the clothing around here? I have a few ideas on what I like omegas to wear something with easy access. Alexander looked at the girl omega and smile. We have several weavers in town but none for the palace. I guess that can be your first job looking for a doctor, a lapidary and some weavers and a few other things. Angel looked at Henri I think maybe you should have the pack sent for and brought here as soon as possible. We trust our cook she can assist with getting the kitchen and Mina was sorta the doctor so I guess she can look for more doctor to assist her maybe. She said looking at Henri for approval. The guard bowed to them as he open the door. Angel eyes widen as she walk into the very, very large bedroom. Is this for us? She asks moving around. Yes my queen the guard said as he moved the curtains from the window to let in some light. Angel loved the massive room it was more than any wonderful dream could be. What is this she said moving to the center of the room pulling back some sheer curtains she found a very elegant but massive bed cover in soft pillow and covers. Wow you think a bed could get any bigger. If you like bigger we can get it one of the guards said bowing to her. Angel giggled no I was just kidding she said. As you wish my queen; this way is to your washroom the guard said as he open to the door. Angel hadn't taken in all the room sites when she walked into the bath area. Oh My God that’s not a bathtub that’s a swimming pool, Angel said looking at everything.

While Angel was looking around Alexander spoke to Henri. I wasn’t sure how to say this in front of my granddaughter but there is a tradition on Avalon if the new king isn’t from Avalon he must take another mate. You are king and you can say no but I was hoping you wouldn’t to make the people happy. Henri looked at Angel then back Alexander. I know it’s difficult for you but you don’t have to decide yet. There’s going to be coming of age ritual in; he looked at his watch damn right now and since you are here all the eligible women will be there with their daughters or for themselves. You don’t have to pick at that moments you can maybe have some stay get to know them and if something clicks then… but he didn't get to finish that statement. I won’t share… I won’t Angel said pouting like a kid and stomping her feet. Alexander didn't know what to say but he knew it was important for Henri to show himself and maybe keep up a tradition. I will let you talk alone; he said kissing his granddaughter on the forehead. Remember the people are important they spent their lives helping me search for you. Whatever you decide will be Ok. Alexander moved towards the door; the guard will bring you to the area when you’re ready my king then he left the room. Angel frowns but realizes she was being childish and very selfish. I’m sorry my love. Please forgive me, grandfather right you must do this but don’t pick with your eyes please pick with your heart and let your wolf guide you to her. Henri smile at Angel pulling her into a passionate kiss then roughly smacking her on the butt the following the guard to the area. Turning to her omega Angel smiles as some wicked thoughts enter her mind. Rachel, remove your clothes.

Lilith sat in her room looking out the window; sighing as she watched as the dark SUV’S passed at a distances. How lucky she must be to get the chance to decide her own life Lilith said when her father called for her. Yes Da she said bouncing from her bed and out her room towards her father voice. Da you you want something she asks as he made her way to the living area. Yes I do. Come we all have mush to talk about. Lilith enters the room to find her not so favorite sisters waiting there too. Why does she have to come? Gertrude asks trying to look innocently at their father and just like two tag-a-longs. Why father she isn't going to catch a mate not with those looks, Millicent and Francine said pouting. Now girls Lilith has come of age and as such all women are to be at the coming of age ceremony but Brutus has express and awareness of you. Lilith face looked horrified; Da please you must be kidding. He much too old and doesn't need a wife he needs a house keeper. Lilith you will not behave that way. He will be at the ceremony and would like to talk with you. No you're pawn me off on him because I know he was interested in Gertrude and you can’t stand anyone looking at her sweet Gertrude. I have ears I listen I heard you offer me. I won’t do it. You will and that’s that beside the new king will be there and I want him to see your sister. Lilith couldn't believe it her father still blamed her for her mother’s death even if it was doing child birth. Go get dress I don’t want to hear another word. You will be mated to Brutus whether you like it or not I don’t care her father said hurting her feeling.

Lilith left the room and did as she was told. Maybe it won’t be as bad as you think her omega Amy said. Lilith was thankful for her friend it was the only thing her mother had giving her before her death. Lilith cried as her friend helped her bath then dress in the ceremony dress of white as a sigh of purity and coming of age. Lilith didn't like the dress you can see everything from her dark always pointy nipple to her… ugh everyone is going to see including Brutus. Lilith heart had dropped she knew she wouldn't be returning home. Turning to her only friend I will not cry any more. Your mother would be very proud of you Lilith smile then moved to join her family as they left for the palace.

Lilith stayed in a corner her father placed her in as she watched everyone else mingle. Her sister were getting the chance to meet all the young and handsome men while she was force to wait for Brutus to enter the party. Lilith closed her eyes and prayed he fall from a cliff just as the name Brutus was loudly announced. Her father grabs her hand and pulled her towards the entrance. Run she heard in her head…. Run now she heard again and she did just as the king and Alexander name were being called. Lilith ran right into to the new king no it have to be a mountain. He was so sold she bounced off him falling backwards. Falling on her ass with a hard thug she looked up to see everyone looking at her. You willful child her Da said pulling her to her feet. Forgive me my king he said bowing I like you to meet… then he ushered his other daughter to meet the king as he pushed Lilith away. Lilith looked over her shoulder at the man she ran into. He as handsome and strong but she wouldn't get to meet him her father was making sure of that. Dropping her head she felt a hand grabbing hers. Brutus could tell the girl didn't want him. I know I’m not what you were looking for and you’re not what I want either. You’re breast are way too big for my taste and you’re not for me he said noticing how the king was looking at Lilith and no other female. Lilith frown as he spoke; I want your sister and I see you want something else. Let’s say we help each other. Lilith looked up at the man she didn't want to look at and smile. He took her by the arm and led her like all the other parents to meet the new king.

One by one the women met the king. When the last people were Lilith and Brutus; my king I like you to meet the young lady that nearly knocked you off your feet. Lilith smiled at him as her sister screamed. Lilith father ran up and grab Lilith by the arm; she wasn't to meet the king only my other lovely daughters were he said as Alexander had the guard stop the man. Alexander notice how Henri was looking at Lilith and smiled. Moving to his side he spoke softly; she is beautiful isn't she as they all waited for Henri to speak.

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