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Life's Changes

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1 Life's Changes on Tue Oct 16, 2012 2:40 am

Henri "Ravage" Johnson was a big man. He stood tall, around 6'5 wide shoulders and a slim waste. He was meuscled and very good looking, handsome to any woman. He had the rugged look as well, long dark hair and a scruffy beard. He and his gang had been working this town for years. He had risen to the top and kept himself that way. He was different from the others but no one knew why. Most every time that they hunted it was a woman that lived on the streets thta no one would miss. Tonight was different.

He kneeled in the tree he was in and watched from above, she walked the same way home to her husband nightly. He had found her by accident and she had pulled on all his senses and he had to know why. He knew every way in and out of her house, who lived there and her scent was so enticing that he wanted to take her now. Up a head his men showed them selves provoking some terror in her, not a lot just enough to get her heart pumping. He smelled the feaar amp up in her, she was ripe for the picking but he wanted to wait. She was really worked up anyway from her workout at the gym and this just made her scent better.

She arrived at her house not knowing she was being followed. Just as she was about to enter he mae a lightening fast pass by her causing a breeze but long enough for him to enhale her scent. a light grazing of her breasts as well, wuld have caused the goose bumps that formed on her skin. He made his way up the tree outside her bedroom window. He would watch her like always, She never cosed her shades on the second floor and he loved it.

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2 Re: Life's Changes on Tue Oct 16, 2012 7:50 pm

Born in Trinidad brought to America by her parents, Angel Love (Angel or Luv to everyone but her husband who dislike nicknames) was by far no angel or a mouse. I know you’re saying why mouse, well I tell you. She stood only 5’5 tall and many would tease her for being cute and short. Pat her on the head like she was some frail mouse. Angel was no mouse nor was she fragile. With long dark hair that fell to the middle of her back and brown eyes that could make chocolate envious. Angel is a beautiful woman that lacks the knowledge that she was attractive to anyone.

Angel hated her life but I guess most women did. She married too young to a man 10 years old than her. Luke Monroe was by far too old when he made Angel marry him at 15. Now 25 she was still unhappily married to Luke Monroe. It’s not like he wanted her. No he wanted to make her father paid and this was his way of doing it. After they married Luke had her family killed to make sure he had no one to run to. Luke was not a good man to know. Head of one of the most famous Italian crime syndicate Luke got what he wanted and what he wanted no one else could have or look at.

Married 10 years and he’s never once touched her unless you call the beating he gave or when he made her choke down his and Franks cock. Frank is Luke personal bodyguard, yeah right he did more than guard Luke and she knew it. To look at them you couldn’t tell they were anything other than close friends but she knew better. They lived in a beautiful brownstone but Angel hated it she wanted nothing more that to be free. She was a prisoner in her own home only allow going to certain place or having only a few friends. Angel had this strange feeling someone was watching her but that wasn’t possible not with everyone afraid of Luke and Frank. Gay they maybe but dangerous they both were.

"I saw that,"she heard jumping from the voice coming from behind her as she headed up the stairs. "You want me to kill someone don’t you,"Luke ask grabbing her by the arm and spinning her around. She learned a long time ago crying or screaming only made things worse. No, Luke she said looking him directly in his eyes. "Then stop provoking me," he said slapping her across the face. She would have fallen if he wasn’t holding her up. Angel didn’t say anything as Luke drags her to her room. "Maybe if you didn’t have any freedom or food for several days you will behave yourself." Tossing her into her room Luke lock the door then turn to Frank. "Kill them,"he said heading towards his room.

Angel looked out her window in time to see Frank leaving. No Luke… please they are just kids, she said as she ran back to her bedroom door and beating on the lock door. Angel knew it was no use tonight someone was going do died. Moving to the window she watched at as Frank vanished. Sighing she closed her eyes for a moment. Angel didn't know why but she knew she had to open her window get some air and freedom. What if I jump, she thought; it would be over in an instant … no I can’t, she said knowing that was the coward’s way out. She felt the cool fall air as the wind blew over her skin causing goosebumps to rises and her hair to blow about her face. Angel shivered but left the window open beside no one could see her this high up she thought. Removing her clothes slowing she tossed them into a pile at the foot of her bed then headed for the shower.

After a long hot shower Angel towel dried her hair some as she let the cool night air caress her wet body. Angel heard the lock at her door. Standing she cover her body with the towel as her husband stormed into the room. Seeing the look on his face she knew something was wrong. "YOU! You did this," he said grabbing her roughly. "Frank has not returned and it’s late. What have you done?" He asks her slapping her across the face. Angel pulled away from Luke; I did nothing. You sent him out not me. Frank raised his hand to smack her when they heard a strange sound. "You will pay for this," he said storming out the room. Angel heard the door locking again; promises, promises she said as she moves towards the bed. Putting the towel on the chair next to her bed she slid under the cover. Fixing her pillows to get comfortable Angel reached for the only freedom she has, her tablet. She spent some of the night talking with Kara and Amy and laughing. It was after midnight when Angel fell into a deep sleep with the wind blowing across her naked flesh causing her body to get goosebumps and her nipples to harden. Angel moaned in her sleep as she reached for her blanked then drifting back to sleep.

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3 Re: Life's Changes on Thu Oct 18, 2012 2:40 am

Henri watched what transpired between the woman and her husband, he watched the other man head out after what was his gangmembers. Well his gang was not quite a gang they were special if that at all. His gang were men that he had hand picked, He smiled, hand picked was a very good way to put it. He chuckled his men were a group of thieves, assasins, a bunch of special forces guys from all the branches of service inthe states. He had made his own little, army, family of people. They were his to protect and that was what he did.

Henri watched as the husband smacked her and told the man to kill them with contempt. When he hit a woman it was in her training and only in a special way, not like a piece of trash. He now knew that he would save her to make her his personal bitch. maybe after that and after a few sons she would be his woman. That was for another time though. He followed the guy as he silently headed out after the man. He would let the kids play with him before he finished it. Henri was quick and quiet he was there before the man could even get a good blow in on his men. Henri watched the guy as he beat down the men as Henri instructed them over their com link. He told them to play with him for a bit. Henri walked up slowly as they fought back and got bloodied as they did. It was just a warm up for the man, Henri was the real battle.

So you like picking on young men do you? Henri said as he walked up slowly giving the man a chance to turn towards him. The man turned and grated, Who are you? What do you want I am giving these punks a lesson in humility! I am the man that is gonna give you a lesson in LIFE! The man smiled, Come get some then! Heri removed his jacket as it was not made of the material that he had invented that would hold up under the strain. Henri flexed his arms and fists as he walked towards the man. He would not use the beast this time unless his own blood was shed. Henri watched the man, he was confident in his skills; that was good he was also not afraid, that was bad.henri stepped up and starte dto walk around the man, he was looking for a weakness, he found few, the man seemed to know what was going on. The man threw the first punch and then the dance began, jab, jab, jab, hook they traded blows and hits for a few minutes then they began with the kicks as well. they circled and Henri landed some solid hits as did the man, who was bleeding here and there now. Both men had bump s and bruises; Henri ducted in and and took a solid hit to th enose that cause dit to bleed.

Henri looked at the man and then raised his hand to the bllod from his nose, You should leave and leave now! He said as the transformation started, he still had not been able to stop the beast from with in when blood from his body flowed freely, it was a defense mechanism. They man darted in yet again and hit Henri more times angering Henri. As he did this again Henri lunged out with a claw instead of a fist raking the guys face. Gashes formed as the man screamed and ran for the house he had came from. Henri loped behind the man with out much of a problem, he could smell the fear and blood from the man. Henri sped up and got ahead of him, he met the man as he made the door. Henri slashed and gutted the man and ripped his throat out with a gurgle he slumped onto the door. Henri disappeared back into the night as he gained control. He would have to strike soon as this would cause issues for her.

Henri turned back to himself and was again watching from the tree. It was closer to morning and he wanted to see her one last time before the night was over, He looked in at her perfect body. she was uncovered and her nipples were hard and erect from the chill night air, he quietly snuck in and covered her and was gone. He was rounding the corner when he heard the firs scream.

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4 Re: Life's Changes on Thu Oct 18, 2012 8:37 pm

Angel woke to screaming. Jumping from her bed she grabbed her dark red silk night gown and put it on then found the matching robe and headed towards the screams. Angel wasn’t at all prepared for what she found. Rosa the maid was screaming and calling 911 she thinks while Luke held the lifeless body of Frank in his arms. Angel was not a bad person but she felt no remorse at seeing Frank dead or Luke in pain. You did this; Luke said in anger you killed my brotherhe said releasing Frank’s body and move towards her as other men arrived to protect them. Brother he’s your brother she said feeling a bit of remorse for the dead man.

I want her gone Luke yelled as he backhanded Angel making her fall to the floor. She looked up from the floor to see the anger in his eyes. She touched her cheek at that moment she knew this wasn't going to end well for her not after finding out they weren't lovers but brothers. You want her gone she gone the man said standing at the door. This man scared her more that Luke did. He was well over 6 feet with long brown hair and sharp blue eye that appeared to be staring right through her gown. Still holding her cheek she watched as the man move to look at Frank’s body. I find it hard to see that she could have done this but if you wish to be rid of her it can be done, the man said as he moved to Angel and offered her his hand. Angel looked at the hand as held it out towards her. She knew she better take if it if she wanted someone on her side. Accepting his hand she stood up and tried to moved out of everyone way but he keep her hand and pulled her close to him. Angel did you have anything to do with this, he asks her. She nodded no then looked at the body of Frank. It was Luke’s doing. He sent him out to kill the men that were messing with me when I came home. I pleaded with him not to but he felt the need to make a point; why I do not know. The man smiled at Angel making her feel more naked than she really was. Folding her arms to cover her large breast she moves towards the stairs.

The man turned and looked at Luke; are you sure you want her gone. Luke was well past angry with Angel now all he felt hatred for her and wanted her gone. I want more than her gone I want her sold like the trash she is or dead. The man couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Luke think about this… think about what you’re saying. She isn’t someone off the street. She your wife… plus she’ll be missed. Luke didn’t care he wanted her gone. Get that trash out my home. I do not want her here when my child is born. Angel eyes snapped to Luke then to the woman she thought was dialing 911, Rosa… you, she said looking at the pregnant woman. Luke put his arms around her as if to shield her from Angel. I will be marring her as soon as I can get our marriage annulled. The man tried to follow but he had to stop Luke. I will get her out of here but Luke you can’t annul a 10 year marriage. Luke laughs, yes… yes I can if it was never consummated. Interesting, the man said looking at Angel with an evil smile. That's when she felt her world fall apart at the same moment the man’s eyes roamed her body. Angel trembled wishing she could start this day over again. The man put his hand on her elbow; go to your room, he said with gentleness but she could tell he wasn’t a good man. Angle did not know this man was but she could see he was someone very important and someone higher than Luke.

Escorted back to her room the man said to another man standing close by. Angel was angry by all this she endured. How dare he do this to her, she thought as she jerked away from the henchmen touch. Looking at them it broke Angel heart to realize this man killed her family and treated her like trash, his wife but he loved her, the maid or was she Angel though as he moved passed them. You can have him, she said as she walked back to her room. Angel fell to her bed when her door shut and the man stood there watching her like she was going to run. Where would she go? She asks herself waiting for the next shoe to drop when flashing lights got her attention. Moving to the window she saw a few police cars. It had to be one of Luke’s friend she thought as she moved back to the bed.

While the police did their job, the man stayed out of the way making several phone calls. Luke I’ll let you know when I found out who did this the detective said before he left the house. The man entered Luke's office then moved to sit at Luke's desk. When his second in command return to the room the man started talking; this is your lucky day then he thought of Frank. Maybe not Franks but it is yours and Rosa. The boss said there’s a new and powerful man in town someone he wants on his side. He said to give him Angel. That way she can benefit us and you can and will be rid of her. I’m told women don’t last long around him anyway.

Luke fumed; he did not want anyone to have Angel. He wanted her to suffer. No it isn't ok with me, he said standing and facing the man. I want her to suffer… I want her dead now, he said hitting the desk. Rosa started to cry getting Luke attention. The man sighed then moved to the front of the desk. Take care of your pregnant miss… he cut his words off. This is how it’s gonna be. Joey is gonna give the man Angel in hopes to get him on his side. He looked at his second in command,get the girl and put her in the car. The man looked at Luke; if you’re smart you will steer clear of the new guy. I’m told he’s very dangerous.

When the door open Angel eyes did not look to see who it was she knew her life was over. Come, the deep voice said leading her down the stairs and out to a waiting car. Angel did not look back she didn't want to see the look on Luke or Rosa face. Getting in the car she saw the man waiting for her. Come no one will touch you I promise. Angel sat in the seat across from him. She trembled when the car started and they drove away. Angel right, she nodded looking into the man’s blue eyes. The man nodded back then made more phone calls.

They drove for what seem like years to Angel to the out skirts of town. Pulling up to a well secured gate the man spoke to a guy that came to the car. He looked at Angel then nodded to the man at the gate. As they drove towards the house the man took Angel hand. She knew it wasn't going to be good but she refuse to cry or panic. I’m sorry for this but this is where we part ways for now but you will see me again that I promise. Angel looked at the house then back to the man. No one will hurt you here I give you my word. You are to be a gift to someone very powerful and dangerous. The man could see the fear in Angel eyes even if she was trying to hide it. He releases Angel hand as the door open. If everything goes well I'll... I mean he will be here to retrieve you. Angel stepped from the car to see man with guns guarding the house. Where was she and why all the guards she wonder when a very beautiful but older woman exited the house.

Welcome Angel, she said putting her arms around her. Come I have a room waiting for you. Angel let the woman lead her into the massive but elegant house. Welcome to the Heavenly Bodies, she said. I’m Grace I’ll make you stay here as pleasant as I can until you leave. The brothel, Angel said I’m at a brothel? She repeated. Yes but you are safe no one is allow to touch you. I've heard you are to be gift to someone powerful. How does it feel to be important? She asks Angel. They stopped at a door where a man standing guard opens it allowing them to walk in. This will be your room. You are not allowed to leave but I am told to get you whatever you want. The woman walked passed Angel, your bathroom is right here and the your closet is here and filled with beautiful lingerie and from the looks of it Adam was right about your sides.

Grace could see Angel needed to rest. Moving back to the girl Grace put her arms around her; I’m told you had an awful scare today. Drink this; she said handing Angel something that looked like tea. Angel could tell the woman wasn't asking so she took the drink and drunk it. Come she said leading Angel to a massive bed. Sleep and when you wake we’ll talk. Angel started to feel very drowsy; wh… wh… wh… Angel couldn't finish her words. Shh… sleep child Grace said as Angel fell to sleep. Grace cover Angel them left the room.

Heading to her office Grace found her cell phone and called Joey. Hello, the deep voice said on the other end. She’s here and Adam is correct she just as beautiful as he said. If the guy doesn't take her she will make you a great addition to the brothel. No!! I got plans for that one he said. I will have Adam send Mr. Ravage an invite to dine there, have her clean and looking sexy. I want to offer her to him as a gift for an open friendship. We can’t afford to be on the wrong side of this man. I’m told he’s someone you want on your side. Close the doors to regular guest that way his men have the pick of any women they want. Grace wanted to complain but she didn't. I understand all will be ready for your guest when they arrive.

Joey looked at Adam and nodded; send the man and invitation to dinner at the brothel. Oh and Adam let him know there’s a special gift waiting for him there. Adam nodded them left the room. He couldn't get Angel out his mind. Moving to his desk he found some paper and an envelope. He wrote the man a brief message, Dinner and talks tonight but he left out Angel. At the bottom of the note it said Heavenly Bodies with an address 6969 Heavenly Lane. Adam heard the man didn't like order so he made it sounds as much like orders as he could in hope to anger the man enough to where he wouldn't show. If the man doesn't come he could have Angel for himself. Handing the invite to one of his men he told him to get a grunt to deliver it knowing the grunt might not return. They were told the man didn't like visitors either. Adam headed to his room smiling as he dialed a number. The meeting will be at the brothel. Yes I’m sure he will not show not after the note I wrote. Luke smile as he looked at Rosa. Killing several birds with one stone, he said. Good, just keep me informed as to what happen at the meet or doesn't happen and keep your promise. After you had your pleasure with Angel she dies. Adam hung the phone up, what Luke and Joey didn't know was Adam had his own plans a plan to be rid of them all and be the head guy and he changed his mind on killing Angel after he saw her. Time to get dress and wait for the man not to show for dinner then Angel will be all mine, he thought.

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5 Re: Life's Changes on Sat Oct 20, 2012 3:07 am

Henri had heard the screams and knew they were her. He would hurt this man before all was said and done. He headed back to his place to set down with his folks for a meeting. He had some issues to handle especially since he owned a few buisness in town that kept him in the money, alot of money. He made it to his abode with out any issues.

Henri waked through the door and the guard dropped his head to his boss. He walked into his office and thought about what he wanted to do, he needed to release some frustrations but he needed to get the crew together as well and get them out in the streets collecting. Henri walked out in to the hall way and then headed down to the activity room. As he walked in he saw one of the servant girls with the copper ring in her lip servicing one of the newer guys. He had 4 levels of servants in the building. copper was the lowest and were to service anyone who told them to service them. Steel rings were for the senior personell of his group, and would service them and anyone above them, Platnium was for his liuetenants and him and then there was the gold ring which was for him and only him. He had yet to find one of those but had an idea where there was one. John get the guys and get to the office we need to have a chat. Yes sir was the reply. Henri turned and walked back to his office. Grabbing a girl on the way.

Henri walked in the woman behind him, he walked to his desk and sat down, under there and suck my cock slowly, swallow my cum when it is time! Yes master, the woman said as she crawled under the desk! Henri felt her unzip his pants and fish out his cock, he heard her gasp when she saw the size and whimper as she began what she was commanded. She was deep throating him as the first man walked in. John walked in he was Henri's second followd by his closest Lt's his hand picked men that were the elite of his elite, Phelan, Valen, Vlad, Bannor, Victor, Rohan and Hank. Henri smiled close the door and have a seat around the table. As everyone sat down Henri started, seems like there is a group trying to cut into our money. They have began to shall we say move into our territory and I want them gone. BY ANY MEANS NECASSARY! He pulled out another sheet of paper as his intercom went off, What is it, Messenger sir! Bring him in

The Young guard brought the man in, he was swaying and acting the part of a tuff guy. Mr. Ravage this is for you! Henri took the letter and opened it. Gentlemen I think our problem has just presented it's own solution to us. He smiled and it seemed he had fangs to the man who was delivering the message, Get dressed we are going to the brothel tonight for dinner!Henri looked at the man, tell your boss we accept! Henri slid his chair back some bringing the woman with him, Bitch get off my cock, as she stood up he back handed her. The woman stood there looking at him with sorrow and dissappointment in her eyes, I am sorry Master please have mercy! GO! He stood and went to his room and got dressed.

Henri and his men drove in seperate vehicles that way they all could not be taken out at the same time. Henri hadn his sgt's place men all around the area in case things went bad. Henri would not be taken unsuspecting. He had read the note and smiled, some one was trying to play off the information that he had let slip out that he hated certain things and this letter was written to play on that. He had the scent of the man who wrote the letter. Walking in the room went silent and his men spread out amongst the women they saw taking seats around the table that Henri saw was to be the place of the meeting. He sat down and pushed the note to the man at the table, I don't take kindly to being told what to do, he looked at the man, I take him with me when I leave to exact my punishment. He pointed at Adam. The man looked fromHenri to Adam and back, That will not be possible, you see he is my second in command, Henri said it is him or I take YOU! Slamming his fist on the table. Him it is then! So it says you have a gift for me!

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6 Re: Life's Changes on Sun Oct 21, 2012 1:43 am

Angel eyes flutter then open to several women standing around the bed. Grabbing the cover she pulled it towards her as she tried to backup for the headboard. Don’t be scared one of the women said sitting on the bed next to her, no one here is going to hurt you. We just wanted to see you, the girl that isn't going to be one of use… I mean it’s a first here. Angel looked at all the women, why is it a first. Smiling at Angel as she turned to look at the others, as you can see we’re all different. Angel glance at each and everyone them, then her gaze fell back to the girl talking with the very thick Asian accent.

I’m Tenshi and that Ame we’re both Japanese. Tenshi went to each girl. This is Lien and Yin they are Chinese. This is Klara and Brigitta they are Swedish and this is Mia and Amelia they are Australian. See different and you are Angel and beautiful too. Madam Grace was very upset she wasn't going to get to keep you. You would be the first woman of color and you have a French accent. Madam Grace said you would have made her very rich. You see, we are only for those who can pay over the top and want something exotic like yourself. We also hear you are still a virgin. Angel started to blush. Don’t worry your secret is safe with us beside Madam Grace had you exam while you were asleep. She knows and that makes you even more special.

I thought that was a dream, Angel said realizing she was naked. No, it’s how she know where to price her women and where you can’t fight. Angel felt violated and anger. She had no right Angel said. Yes she did Angel being here means no one will miss you or know where you are… ever. If you fight it you can be bound and made to obey. They all nodded as they looked at the outfit Madam Grace put out for Angel. There are some here that are so strung out on drugs they do what every Madam Grace wants to get their fix. Angel watched as Klara moved next to her. We were told to make sure you got dress and join us. There is someone important coming for you and we are told he’s bringing his man that’s where we come in. We are to entertain his men while you… you’re to entertain their leader. Angel eyes water over. Don’t worry it only hurts once and only for a little while unless he's cruel.

ComeTenshi said let’s get you dress so that Madam doesn't have any of us beating. Angel looked at Tenshi. That’s how it works here and Madam keeps us from doing anything like running. She doesn't punish the one that a messes up… no she punishes the innocent the whole group. While the one that messed up watches. Please Angel let us help you bath and dress. They should be here in a matter of hours. Angel didn't want any more people hurt because of her so she nodded and rose from the bed completely naked. Tenshi smiles, I’m jealous you have prefect breast and I love nipples she said touching Angel nipples. Don’t please Angel said as Tenshi smile. Sorry I forget you won't be here with us. We usually help each other out. Angel looked at Tenshi with an arched brow. After the selfish bastard has his fun with us they sometimes leave us still needing release. I’m sure the guy who’s coming for you could be better but if not maybe we can help. Angel understood and smile. So I’m to stay here is that what you’re saying. Madam Grace said you are to stay here but only be for the new guy. I think she gonna try and get money out of him one way or another… she a greedy bitch Mia said with her thick Australian accent. Maybe one day you can come …Klara stop and hung her head. You’re the first and only one to get to leave here, don’t forget us they said.

The day flew by as if someone had sped up time. Angel had stop worrying about what if’s and enjoyed the new friends she made. She giggled at their sexual stories and they listen to her tell them what her husband did to her and her family and how he used her then gave her away like trash. I just hope the man that I must give myself to doesn't hit me like Luke did. Tenshi took Angels hand, we've all been hit she said as they all showed their bruises. It comes with the job we have beside you get use to it Lien said. But, they never hit the face bad for business. The girls were sitting on the bed when a knock came at the door.

Everyone dress Madam Grace said stepping through the door. They all stood and moved out the way so she could see Angel. Magnificent ladies… truly magnificent she said moving towards them. You’re gonna enjoy this night. The men are here and they are quite extraordinary. I doubt anyone of them is less than 6'4. She smile, they even tower of Joey and Adam and they are 6’2. Grace moved to Angel, you need something to take off the edge. Angel brow frown… no I do not she said as they follow Madam Grace out the room and down the stairs.

Angel could hear the shouting making her legs a bit wobbly. Tenshi and the others touched her gently on the arm, shoulder and back giving her some comfort. As the door open to the great room Madam Grace walked through first, men always impatient. I always told you pleasure before business makes men more agreeable. Madam was a very beautiful woman even for one in her 40's and she knew it and used it to her advantage always. She moved up to Henri and smile, my, my, you and your men are very extraordinary but so are my ladies. Girls… she said as they all looked at the door and they slowly walked in 2 by 2. Ame and Tenshi … Lin and Yin are my Asian cuisines. They were startled by the men impressive height… moving to the center of the room like always they worried that Angel would bolt out of fear. My Swedish cuisines are Klara and Brigitta. Next is my Australian cuisines Amelia and Mia. They were all in the middle of the room looking at the men looking at them when Madam Grace looked at Henri, I've saved yours for last and she worth it. My Trinidad beauty speaks both French and English and at the age of 25 as never been touched any mans hands.

The guard motion for Angel to go through the door. She took a deep breath and found the courage to walk through the door. Dress in a silk white baby doll gown and robe she moved to stand in front of Henri and Madam Grace. Madam Grace open Angel robe shown her curves to Henri, I hope you are pleased. NO! Adam stood up quickly moving to grab Angel pulling her to him. She belongs to me not him. I saved her from Luke and death. I should be the one who gets her not him, Adam said disrupting the meeting. Jerking form Adams grasp, get your hands off me. I do not belong to either of you she said in anger. I’m not a toy to be passed around by any of you man. Angel glared at Adam and balled up her fist, you touch me again and I’ll kill you. Turning to Henri she moved towards him. I’m not a toy nor do I want your hands on me but if it is your wish then so be it since I have no say so in this at the moment but know this I will not make this or any time you touch me easy for you.

Adam fume then grabbed Angel again. NO!! She's mine. I found her,he said acting like a child losing a toy he never had. Pulling a gun and pointed it to Angel back, if I can’t have her then neither can you. Pulling her to him he looked her in the eyes and growled as if he was turning into a wild animal. You will be mine he said when she notice fangs. Angel screamed trying to break free when she felt gentle hands pulling her away from Adam. Looking to see who it was her gaze met the handsome strangers gaze. This man they saved me she thought as her mind couldn't believe he saved her. No one has ever saved her before. Feeling the closeness of his body as his men held Adam, Angel tremble in the man’s strong arms as the room began to spin… Thank you she said with a small french accent as she wobble in his arms. I don’t understand what’s wrong with me she said trying to stand.

Adam watched in anger as the men held Angel. You lied you said she would be mine... you promise you bitch, he yelled at Madam Grace. Joey could not believe what he was hearing or seeing. Some them were not human and he felt betrayed by the ones he trusted. Joey move to stand next to Henri, while Henri men held Adam and took hold of Madam Grace.

I have no words for what I just saw. He moved to Adam, I trusted you then he looked at Madam Grace and you too. Maybe it's time for this old man to retire. He gather his men them moved to Henri side. Pulling out some papers he wrote on them then handed them to Henri. Here... I don't know you but it seem you have a better chance at being a great man if someone takes a chance on you. Joey and his men moved towards the door. He turn and looked at Adam and Madam Grace. Meet the new owner of Heavenly Bodies and my empire. He turn to Henri good luck kid your gonna need it with the other boss want this place and my now your empire. I'm off to place unknown. Joey laughed them exited with his men leaving everyone speechless.

The I guess he's got the last laugh, Angel said glaring at Adam and Madam Grace. Angel moved to the older women and punched her knocking her to the ground. The next time you drug me and let someone examine me I will kill you. Then again there isn't going to be a next time is there,she asks moving to the friends she made they waited for the new boss to say something.

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7 Re: Life's Changes on Tue Oct 23, 2012 3:05 am

As the man he was gonna punish stood up and interrupted the talks and grabbed Henri's gift, Henri looked at John and nodded at the man. Instantly the men were moving. They had the man held and grabbed the woman he was talking to as well, Madam Grace. Henri turned and looked at his prise after she had opened her mouth with out permission. You shall be punished for speaking out of turn!He stood aup then and walked around the room admiring the women, What do you think JOhn will they work for platniums for you and the boys here? John smiled, Yes Sir, they would do nicely!

Henri held out his hand and the air around his hand seemed to hum as a bunch of rings appeared in his hand, one for every woman including Madam Grace. henri smiled and walked to each woman, he then held out his hand in front of their face and a ring appeared on each woman leaving two in his hand, one copper and one gold. He walaked to Madam Grace, you get to feel what your girls have felt for a while, the copper one appeared on her lip. John chuckled as he released the woman. Walking to his gift his prise he smiled. You are my gift and as such no man's hands but my own will touch you unless I say differently. You have spirit that is good, it will be more fun breaking you, not like that piece of crap husband of yours who knocked up your housekeeper. You will be trained in other ways. He slapped her hard across her tit making a solid slap since she was wearing hardly any clothing. He smacked the other just as hard, the fleshy mounds reddened under then blow, even her choclatey skin still showed the redness. He then reached out and pinched both nipples as well. First lesson is you speak when spoken to, do you understand?

Henri not waiting for her response turned to the man who had touched her. I know you are different so we will do this, this way! The man doubled over as Henri's men let him go. Pain racked his body, causing him to scream a feral scream and crawl into a ball on the floor. Henri walked over and picked him up like a babe in his hands and threw him out the door. Take them to the compound so they can get aqainted with their new roles, get some new girls in her eand make sure the old filth is discarded! He grabbed his gift and tore of her top leaving her breasts exposed and used the top to tie her hands behind her back. A leash appeared in his hand and was attached to a studded collar which he then snapped aorund her neck. Move! He slapped her firm ass hard as she began to move!

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Angel wasn't sure what to say to this man after he told her she would be punished for speaking out of turn. Getting angry Angel mumble… who in the hell do he think he is? Folding her arms across her chest. Angel might have been young but she was pretty good at reading people. Watching this man told her he was more that what he appeared to be but she didn't care she didn't like it when men treated her like a plaything. I’m no one’s plaything she fumed. Something he will soon learn as she watched him with her new friends.

Angel watches the man Henri they called him moved towards her new friends and admire their beauty and grace. OK maybe he's got some taste she thought. Maybe he will save them all she thought but that quickly changed when he ask his over grown friend something about platinum. What’s this platinum? She wondered when rings appeared in his hand. WHAT THE Hell… was the look on all the women face but not more that it was when he moved before each of them and the ring went from his hand to their face like a brand or a stats but for what they did not know. They each looked at one another then back to the man who was now at Madam Grace. Copper hers was copper, is that good or bad they wonder as the big man released her letting her fall to the floor. The women giggle slightly thinking maybe it was bad for her and good for them to see her suffer as they did. When the man John and the others moved before the girls it frighten them enough to make them hugged each other, they were looking at them like they were dinner. They tried to smile at the men but their look of lust and hunger was to terrifying for them.

Angel started to move towards her friends when Henri moved back to her. You are my gift and as such no man's hands but my own will touch you unless I say differently. You have spirit that is good, it will be more fun breaking you, not like that piece of crap husband of yours who knocked up your housekeeper. You will be trained in other ways. Angel got angry with this man again… who the hell is this man? She wonder and how did he know what had happen with her and her soon to be ex husband. She went to open her mouth in response to his words when he hit her across her breast. Oww… she yelp as she reach out to strike back but caught herself. Then he did it again to her other breast was it because she wanted to hit him she wonder as she tried to control her temper.

Something strange happen when he, a man touched her nipples. Roughly as it was it still made her shuddered, was that good or bad she wonder when she spoke to her. First lesson is you speak when spoken to, do you understand? Anger welled up into Angel eyes as she glared at the man. How dare you… she fixed her mouth to say. But, he wasn't waiting for an answer. Maybe it was a good thing, she wasn't sure if she wouldn't have hit him for treating her like some kind of slave. They watch in disbelief as Adam double over in pain the man picked him up and tossed like the trash he was. They wanted to laugh but his words made them afraid again. Take them to the compound so they can get acquainted with their new roles, get some new girls in here and make sure the old filth is discarded! The girls knew it was best they follow the men as they escorted them from the Mansion to several waiting vehicles.

Angel was really angry with this man. She couldn't believe anyone would be worse or better that Luke but he was and in one rather large and very attractive package. But like always her angry held her up and sometimes helped her make mistake like she was about to. When he grabbed her again ripping the front of her baby doll gown, he exposed her breast to everyone. She tried to cover but he prevented that by bonding her hands behind her back. The last straw was the leash that appeared in his hand, she shook her head no but it did not faze him one bit. He attached it around her neck then told her to move as if she were being trained or broken by the smack he gave her ass. She moved at first then she stop and struggle with him but it was like her favorite phase coming back to play with her… RESISTANCE IS FUTILE. So why did she? NO! She said to him stop in her tracks. I don’t know who you think you are but I am not your slave nor your dog or whatever you think I soon will be. I want to be released. I didn't ask for Luke and I didn't ask for YOU! She yelled. Angels brown eyes glazed over with anger, I've lived with a man who never touched me and treated me like his property I’m not living with another. I’m not or will I ever be yours property or emotional pacifier. What’s with you, you can’t get it up or something. You need to do this to scare woman into thinking you’re all powerful and that your sexual prowess is amazing. Maybe is and maybe it isn't but you and I will never know. Now release me if you know what’s good for you! She yelled one last time as she stood her ground to this man who towered over her by a foot or more.

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Henri looked at the woman who was now getting herself in trouble. He took the leash and used it as a whip, but not before he tore her panties off and bared her ass. He grabbed her neck and forced her body over the table with her ass and bare pussy to him. He took the leash and slapped it on her bare ass! once, twice three times the third was a bit harder. He pulled her up and said, you were told you speak when spoken too, since you can not learn quickly and i intend on breaking you at home, I will have to use one of them! he pointed at her friends!

He motioned John over, Hold her just like this so she can watch! John nodded and walked over and held the woman down on the table stepping up with his leg between her legs so that she could not attempt to kick anything he needed. Henri walked around and looked at the women wondering what his taste would be. He looked at each girl and then walked in front of the Japenese girl, Tenshi right?The girl nodded, Nice

He took her hand gently and led her to the spot in front of the table, Hold her head so she can not turn away, If she closes her eyes things will go worse! John gripped her jaw and held her in place. Henri began to slide his hand up and then down her body caressing her larger boobs, for an asian woman, in the process. he walked behind her and then lifted her camisole off. He laid it on the table and then gently started to kiss her body paying attention to her pinky sized nipples licking and suckling them. Henri stood behind her and rolled her nipples so that she shivered as he did, he nibbled her neck as well. Henri could smell her scent and knew that she was getting excited, he could feel her heart beat rising as well.

Henri looked at the woman that john was holding down, YOU caused this! Henri laid the woman out ion the table and continued to lick and suck onher nipples as he grabbed a beer bottle from behind him, it was Ice cold and not opened yet, Henri shook it up and popped the top and shoved it up ito Tenshi's pussy and held her legs closed as it sprayed up inside her, She screamed and began to kick and shake as the cold and pain shot through her. Henri left her there on the table, he walked over and took control of his gift again. He pulled her up by her hair and whispered in her ear, I will continue to punish each one of your friends if you fail to do as you are told! NOW MOVE!

Henri pulled on the leash and started to walk this time he would not stop even if she hit the ground. Get Tenshi, make sure that she is taken care of at the compound. He walked out the door leading her along!

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10 Re: Life's Changes on Thu Oct 25, 2012 10:16 am

Angel realizes she should have kept her mouth shut when the man turn and looked at her. His eyes said it all causing her to catch her breath and hold it like a kid wanted to get something. What she wanted was to take back what she had said and done but it was to late. Angle tremble when he moved towards her in one swift stride then ripping away her panties like it was paper. Opening her mouth for a second only to close it when she knew it would only make what he was gonna do worse. Squirmed trying to get out of his grip was didn't slow him one bit when he tossed her like a rag doll over a very cold table exposing ass and pussy to everyone in the room. Closing her eyes she braced herself for the storm but nothing in her life prepared for her what he did.

EEEEhh, she yelled, as a burning sensation spreading over her whole ass. God, would she be able to stand it. The blows came suddenly and without let up, one, two, three with the last one being the worse. Then he stopped, his hand pulled her up to face him, you were told you speak when spoken too, since you cannot learn quickly and I intend on breaking you at home, I will have to use one of them! He pointed at her friends! Angel remember what Tenshi said… punish the innocent and make the guilty watch. She wanted to say something to beg him not to but it was her mouth that caused this. Her lack of complying with his instruction that was about to get one of her new friends hurt.

Be brave, she heard in her head it was a familiar voice. Closing her eyes she realize it was her dad… it was his last words before she watched Luke kill him. Exhaling, she opened her eyes just as John took her from Henri. Tenshi… a tear rolled from Angel eyes when she realize the one who was the nicest to her was about to be punished for what she had said and done. Hold her head so she cannot turn away, the man said. If she closes her eyes things will go worse! Angel watched as the man pleasure Tenshi. Doesn't look like she wasn't enjoying what he was doing… nope it look more like they were both loving his touch. Then the man looked at her, YOU caused this! What happen next made Angel want to close her eyes but she didn't she watch in terror as her friend screamed her head off at what the man had done to her.

Angel eyes were filled with tears that streamed down her cheek. Then she felt his touch as he pulled her up by her hair causing it to come undone. I will continue to punish each one of your friends if you fail to do as you are told! NOW MOVE! He whispered in her ear. Not waiting to see if her friend was OK she felt the leash around her neck jerk. This time Angel said nothing, she did as she was commanded following behind the man as he led her out the house to a waiting car.

Angel's was still bound when the man placed her in the car causing her to flinch in pain but not cry out. Adjusting as best she could in the seat when the man got in the car. Angel kept to herself never looking at the man or anyone in the car with them. She kept quiet even thought she was crying. Staring out the window as the car moved along the road, Angel did not pay any attention to where they were headed since it didn't matter. She was once again someone captive, her life no longer hers. She could not see what she had done to cause this but id didn't matter, no one to come to her rescue. No one was missing her, Luke saw to that the day he killed her family and for what she never knew. Now he was happy with a family… a family she thought again.

Angel was so exhausted from crying she never felt herself falling to sleep or that she had falling over on the man who had her now. Warmth... her body thought as she rested her head against his side. Rubbing her head against him trying to draw in some of his body heat she let out soft sobs as if she was still crying in her sleep.

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11 Re: Life's Changes on Sun Oct 28, 2012 12:41 am

Henri sat there and watched as the woman had fallen asleep and then as she leaned into him still asleep and crying. As she lay there he admired her breasts that hung out of the torn nighty. The were very nice some what decent sized, he liked a little big and she fit the bill. He reached his arm around her feeling her burrow in as he did. Reaching down he grasped a handful of her right tit and squeezed tenderly. The then ran a finger over her small nipple, or what seemed to be a small nipple. As he rubbed it it swelled and grew so he began to roll it in his fingers. A shock ran through his system, something like a shiver, but was more like a memory.

It was a long time ago, he was in the woods with his woman they had just mated and his knot was stuck inside her, she lay there still moaning from the fucking he had just given her. This was the first woman that he had ever mated with. They lay there enjoying themselves. As they nodded off Henri thought he was dreaming but yet it wasn't. A man appeared in front of them and stared, I will not allow this combination! You will not be allowed to have this woman, I take her from you! With that Henri was laying there naked and alone. He turned to his woman and found she was gone, her scent was there but she herself was gone. From that day on he became hard and meedy, He needed his woman and would not mate, really mate again til he found her. That day Henri turned from the people he called a family and began to build his own family and crew of men that were trusting to him and his no matter what!

Henri shook off the memory. He wondered why that he had that he looked at the woman laying on his side and concentrated on what his plans for her would be. He would break this woman, not her spirit but her nature, she would obey him eventually. He had plans and schemes that would allow her to be made into the woman that he wanted her to be. She had the perfect body, and with that he began to trace his hand across her nipples and watched them both grow. He reached down and pulled his cock out and slid her head down onto his cock and started to work it in and out of her mouth. He used her hair to bounce her head up and down, he smiled cause the girl earlier had worked him up and then cut off, he had to cum. She started to wake up as he let go of her hair on the down stroke and came in her mouth and down her throat. He let her lay ther with it in her mouth as she woke up. Clean it up!

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12 Re: Life's Changes on Tue Oct 30, 2012 9:22 pm

Angel gags and chokes when she woke to the man’s massive cock in her mouth. She could have fought but what good would it have done. Her hands were bound plus he would have hurt one of her friends to punish her. She knew it was no use this was her new life, ripped from one bad man and giving to another. No fighting, no struggling, no nothing. Just do as you’re told do as your capture wants, someone else to abuse her mentally and now physically. Angel felt the tears leave her eyes as he gripped her head roughly shoving his massive cock further down her throat causing her to choke again before he came in her mouth.

Clean it up! He said coldly. Angel nodded doing her best to comply. Her dark hair partially covered her face as she leaned over and put her lips to the head of his cock. She knew this wasn't going to be as easy since her hands were bound and she had no leverage but the truck was big and had room for her to move. Getting between his legs as best she could she pop his cock in her mouth sucking up and down the first couple of inches of this massive cock. Then all of a sudden, the truck hit a bump thrusting his cock deeper into her mouth. She gasped for air as his massive cock hit the back of her throat. Angel want to pull away but she didn't she knew she must endure to please him. Slowly regain her balance she released his clean cock only to be thrown against him when the truck hit another bump.

Face to face, eye to eye, Angel couldn't break the look they shared when she felt as if she knew him and her heart beating as if it wanted him… then fear rose, he was her capture he didn't want her. He owns you she told herself. Trembling, she lowered her eyes scramble form his lap. Returning to her seat she glances out the window.

What was wrong with me… why was she thinking like a silly girl. With tears rolling from her eyes she watches the moon rose in the sky making her smile just a little. How she loved the night its beauty its peace it made her feel welcome. Then she notices how far they were from anything. No lights no nothing just wilderness. Angel fear was heighten, what was he going to do to her and would she die if he wasn't please. Angel swallowed softly as her eyes close but if you looked closely you could see her lashes were wet from her tears. Quivering as if she was cold she struggles to adjust herself since she couldn't use her arms to cover her expose body. Angel wasn't cold she was afraid when she remember her dad words again. Be brave… be brave my angel, he said to her before Luke ripped her from her dad arms then made her watched as he had her father and brothers killed. The tears flooded her lashes then down her cheek, I will dad I promise, she remember saying as she leaned against the window trying to cover her fears.

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Henri watched as she did her best to do what he had told her even at her disadvantage. She took his massive cock rather easily it had only been taken that well by one other woman in his life. She was the same woman that was taken from him. He smiled at the thought of how she had taken his cock the day she was taken, she had worked him to a fever pitch, this girl had worked him up as well. He would have to find out how she did when she wanted to do it.

They arrived out at the compound, henri always smiled as he came upon the place. He had bought the land that the place was on many years ago and had gradually been buying more and more of the surrounding areas. He had a place right now that covered around 5000sq miles, basically when you actually looked down from space and cold see the boundaryies of the place he covered through a couple states in places. The place was huge, he had it set up so that he had gaurd posts every few miles and enough people to cover all the places and the gates that were set in place as well. Everything here was state of the art, NO matter what it was. They were waved through the gates and pulled up front.

John got out and looked around then opened the door Henri sat there looking at the woman, He slowly removed his shirt and let her watch him do so, the muscles rippled across his taunt body. He asked her what er name was as he gently untied her arms and then slid the shirt over her body covering her up. He then got out of the car and held his hand out to her to help her out of the car. As she got out she could see the huge mansion, You have the run of the place, I will show you the areas that you will live in and the areas that you are to stay out of. There are men all over the place and I have some friends that live outside all around here, as he said that 5 colorful wolves came padding up to to see the new people. The wolves each went to the women one at a time and stuck there noses into the women's crotches getting there scent, they all stayed longer on Henri's woman. They will help in catching you if you run, when you are brought back life will get harder and then harder each time that you runaway Henri still waited for her name, Welcome to the compound!

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14 Re: Life's Changes on Wed Oct 31, 2012 9:35 am

Angel breath caught in her lungs when she marvels at his perfect wash board ads, damn, this man has been working out, she thought as she took in the definition of his chest and stomach. What is your name? She heard him ask as he untied her. Rubbing her wrist, she glances at the bruises when she notices his hand held for her. No one has ever helped her out of a car before.

Angel slowly placed her hand in his; she glided out the vehicle to see a huge mansion and grounds. You have the run of the place; I will show you the areas that you will live in and the areas that you are to stay out of. Angel listens as she turned to see many men and very few women. Then her eyes stop on him; my name is … she didn’t get to finish it when she heard the screams of her friends. Turing she saw some very vibrant wolves scaring them. Angel covers her laugh when she felt something cold touch her inner thigh. Oo, she said as she turns to see several wolves pushing their snout between her legs. Hey! Stop that, she said as she thump each of them on the snouts. You should ask first, she said leaning down and rubbing each one of the. The next time you do that I better get dinner first, she said teasingly at them.

Angel had a very good and loving way with animals. She always had an awareness about them. If they were good or bad and when and when not to get close. Somehow animals were always attracted her and she never knew why. Rubbing them each gently letting them have her scent she giggled when they licked her cheek roughly. They rub against her playfully then moved to rub against Henri then stand at his side. They will help in catching you if you run, when you are brought back life will get harder and then harder each time that you runaway. There are men all over the place and I have some friends that live outside all around here, as he said. Welcome to the compound!

My name is Angel and I give you my word I will not run. You have my friends and I do not wish to see any of them hurt again. Not for something I did beside it seem we are too far from anywhere to run away safely and if I ran where would I go, she asks when she notice Tenshi and the blood on her legs. Lowering her gaze she thought she did it again… Speaking out of turn and not being asked and saying too much. I really must learn my place, she said. Please do not punish my friend for me being too forward, she asks keeping her gaze towards the ground.

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15 Re: Life's Changes on Tue Nov 06, 2012 11:31 pm

Henri watched as Angel took everything in as she spoke to him. He saw her eyes dart towards Tenshi and then to the ground, she had earned a reward for knowing were she stood for the time being anyway. John take them all in the house and give them rooms, they all get seperate rooms to set up how they want. Put Angel next door to mine, the one with the ajoining door! He looked back at Tenshi, Take her to the medic and get her taken care of, Ladies as long as you do what is asked or told of you things will go good, IF you are disobedient it will go bad and it will be your friends who suffer for your mistakes. John watched as they all walked away. He saw the sway in Angels hips and it aroused him. He would have to partale of her soon or he would burst.

Henri looked at the wolves and pattied the lead on the head and took off at a run. He knew what he was about to do but was not sure how long it would take to get there but he was willing. Henri had establishments all over the place and he was headed to one that he might take them women to so that they could work. He owned a couple strip clubs and this one was the biggest and best in the area, also it was the cleanest and safest. The woman running it was one of his Hand picked part of his inner circle, Savan was a fiery redheaded minx. She was a spitfire and was tough as any man out there and she was the closest thing to a female confidant that he had, a friend with great benefits was more like it.

Henri walked into the club and looked to see how things were going, the place was jamming. Savan had spruced the place up it seemed, pool tables, what seemed to be gambling tables as well. The girls were wearing just enough to not show it all, some were wearing bondage collars as well, Henri smiled at those. He nodded at Savan and walked in to the office closing the door behind him. He went over and sat down at his desk and pulled out his massive cock and waited for what would happen.

Savan had been tending th ebar as she was apt to do alot, it was how she learned what was going on in the area. As she was pouring a couple drinks she saw Henri come in and smiled, he showed up when he need some of her pussy, she liked that as she needed his cock and had not had it in a while. Johnnie, you got the bar, I will be back in a bit! Johnnie smiled and nodded as she sauntered off. She was pulling her skirt up as she walked into th eroom pulling her panties off. She smiled when she saw the fire in his eyes as he watched her body. She rounded the desk and hoppe dup on his lap settling down on his massive member. She sighed as she felt him enter her . His girth was the best she had ever felt and the only girth since she joined his family. She started toi slide up and down nibbling his neck as she did. He grasped her hips and and pulled her all the way up to the tip and plunged her back down, up and down he bounced her and she pushed down as hard as she could as well. She road Henri for a good while before he decided to lether have his cum in her. He said, You may cum! She screamed as she came all over his cock as he filled her full of his semen. She shivered as she finished cumming. She slid off Henri and dropped her skirt.

So What brings you to the Wolf's Den? She sat down on the edge of the desk and looked at him. I have a group of women that would be perfect for here. They are beautiful and they are partially trained. One is my personal woman who is not to be touched by anyone,She will dance, the others are to various degrees to be trained and used as wiatresses, a couple could be dancers. He smiled at the thought of his new women dancing and attracting more money for him. I will return soon with them as then need some training. Quickly and with out her consent Henri grabbed her and shoved her down on her back and began to eat at her dripping pussy. He worked her clit for a long time she needed to cum and he knew it, but she was trained to only cum when he told her she could. She sat there squirming and begging Please let me cum,OMG please? Henri stood up and pulled his cock back in as she lay there squirming and begging. See you soon Savan With that he walked out, She lay there writhering on th edesk, Damn him! She worked her clit trying to cum wetter and wetter she got the pressure building and building but not orgasming. The phone rang and she groaned, REALLY! She picked up, You may cum! was Henri's voice on the other end, she dropped the phone as the damn broke and she screamed as the orgasm ran through her body.

Henri wa sout the door and running when he pulled his phone out and called her in the office. You may cum! He listened as she screamed as the flood gates opened and she came. Henri ran and enjoyed his fuck with Savan, he knew what was coming for the girls and he was gonna make them ready for Savan and enjoy them as he did. He walked into the compound and went to his room. He opened the door to see how Angel was doing? How do yo ulike the place Angel?

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Lowering her gaze she turns back to her friends as they followed the man into the house. She listens as they each talked about the man and how good he looked. Angel didn’t see it but she guess it was ok. He was a handsome man it just he wasn’t that man him she said as she turn to see he was gone. Sighing she couldn’t believe she wanted him what was she thinking he just used her mouth to relive his sexual tension. Pulling herself out the silly daydream she turns her attention back to the house and the ooos and ahhhs she heard as they enter the house. Material things didn’t impress Angel anyone could buy material things. It was the things giving with the heart that Angel long for.

The house was if not exquisite but to Angel it was just another prison, a prison she was bound to, no freedom no friends she thought as the moved towards the stair. Well maybe not the friend part as she watches friends get excited, realizes this must be more freedom than they’ve ever had so she said nothing to spoil their happiness. They love the house and the idea they were getting their own room to fix the way they like. You wait right here, the man said point to a spot and giving her a stern look. Angel nodded as she watches him lead her friends to the right and down a long hallway. More ooos and ahhhs were heard as each girl received their own room and instruction to write down what they wanted but not to leave the room until they were sent for.

Angel was looking around when she saw the man approaching her. It was something about these men that gave Angel a chill it wasn't a bad chill just something different about them and how they worked as a group as if they were more than men more like a unit… no not unit a hmm… she couldn't place it but it was there in her mind. You ill or something… She heard him ask as she saw him glaring at her. She shook her head no. This way then, he said as they moved towards the left and a long very long hallway that was guarded by a very mean looking man who glared at her making her angry. She wanted to tell him to not look at her like that but she would be putting her friends in trouble. Angel stood there while the men spoke with each other for a moment then the guard looked at her and smirks, if that’s what you can call his look. Angel frown then stuck her tongue out at the man when he moved to open a door that lead to a beautiful room. She notice the look the over grown guard gave her make her frown. Would she be in trouble for that she wonders as she moves to the middle of the room.

Write down what you like for your room and someone will come and get it soon. Angel turns to say thank you but the door shut quickly leaving her alone to look around. The room was nicer than the one she had at Luke's but it wasn't hers either. She took a deep breath and moved slowly at first looking at everything. It was still a beautiful room. She could tell no one has ever stayed in the room so why put her here when he could have put her with her friends. Angel knew she may not get any answers to her question so she decide she wouldn’t think of any, she would look around the room and enjoy herself. Noticing how the room was decorated it had a woman’s touch but who was it decorated for. Looking about the first thing she found was a closet. It was larger than the one she had before and it was empty. Somehow she was glad it was but why, it shouldn't have matter to her if it was or wasn't but it did. Next she moved to the very large window that let out to a very large balcony. Angel love the night, the moon its stars and all the wonderful sounds. She thought for a moment should she and if she did would it get her in trouble. Slowly she press her feet to the concrete and step outside. The wind blew her hair about her face making her smile as she closed her eyes to let the calm wash over her.

Angel tried not to cry but tears came again, she wasn't free to be herself, find out who she wanted to be or find love for the first time. Opening her eyes she notices she was being watched, grumble something about take a picture it will last longer she moved back to the room. Moving to the large fireplace she turns to see another door, god I hope this is the bathroom, she said as she open it to see a very large and very elegant bathroom.

Angel walks in slowly marveling at the beautiful bathroom, not in her wildest dream could she ever have imagined something this beautiful. Moving to the mirror she glances at the ring in her lip. At first she wonders how he got it there without any equipment then she realizes it wasn't like the others. Hers was gold… gold, why was hers gold she whispers as she removed his shirt. Then she did something she has never done. She put the shirt to her nose and took several deep breaths. My god his scent was intoxicating she thought sniffing it one last time them moving to the glass shower.

Warm and relax was how she felt then she grab a soft towel to cover herself. Moving back to the room she found a pen and some paper and move to sit in the soft bed. Gazing around the room it hits her that this wasn't a room it was her prison, so why… why make changes to a prison she thought, even to one as beautiful as this one. Maybe to make it feel less like a prison or to help her pretend she wasn't a prisoner and that no one cares. Sighing she put the paper and pen down, ten year of being someone prisoner now at 25, she still one but to someone else. Angel was tired, tired of crying, tired of being unloved and used. Her eyes felt heavy from a day’s worth of crying that she felt maybe if she closed her eyes she feel better if only for a moment.

Somehow Angel moment turn into the dream. The same dream she had days before the evil man came to take her away from her family. The evil man she called him but her dad told her it was a nightmare somehow she knew it had to be more. The woman, the man … Angel could see the love they shared and feel the pain the woman felt as she was ripped from the man's arm, as the evil man knocked out her mate... why did she call him that. Angel mind was racing when she heard the evil man tell his men to kill the man, the same evil man that killed her family and given her to Luke, not possible her mind thought as the dream played out before her but with more detail. Then the man decided to spare the man’s life. Why Angel didn't know maybe it was because they resemble each other in some way. The evil man has his men take the man away, she tried to follow but couldn't her dream drug her with the screaming woman. She never saw this when she was younger, the man rapping the woman ever day and night till she gave birth to a son… his son then he kill the woman to insure she would never return to her true love or that he would find her. Angel started crying … as she fell to the ground of the unmarked grave of the woman. Someone who shared Angel pain but who was she and why was she dreaming of her again. Angel mind was slowly waking when she heard a voice asking… how do you like the place Angel? She jumped from the bed losing her towel. Not sure if she should pick it up or not she just stood there looking at the ground. The room is beautiful thank you.

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17 Re: Life's Changes on Thu Nov 08, 2012 11:17 pm

Henri watched as she jumped at his question and then admired her body as she dropped her towel. She earned another reward when she did not instantly grab for the towel. The room is beautiful thank you. Henri walked in and looked around the room and then over to her. You learn quickly, He said as he watched her. He bent down and picked up the towel traced his hand over her body and watched as goose bumps formed on her flesh. He wrapped the towel around body. His hands ran along her skin feeling the bumps that he had caused.

Henri stepped over tothe door and opened the window, Do you like the view? He stepped out on the balconey and looked up at the sky and the moon. He felt a shiver run through his body as he stared at the moon. This woman had some hold on him, he was not sure what it was or why. The moon caused him to have another He stood at the lake waiting for Elayna to get there. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever met and in his buisness and with his "family" he had met a few. His father had found out and had been furious as she was to be off limits to him. He had told his Henri that she was of the wrong family and was not to be seen or met. Henri had told his father he would not see her, He had left that night and seen her and had been for a while now.

This night was no different. He turned as she came close he could smell her scent on the wind, it was so sweet. He turned and took her in his arms. He leaned down and kissed her only to feel her stiffly being kissed. Henri looked down to see that he had Angel in his hands. He looked confused for a moment then He let her go and stepped away. How did you do that? Henri stepped to the rail and vaulted over and landed two stories down and headed off towards the lake.

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You learn quickly, he said watching her. Angel held her breath to keep from speaking but somehow she knew it wasn't going to be as easy as she thought with him. Closing her eyes her mind swirled as she bit her bottom lip. How in the hell could he be single. She thought when the sparks in his touch brought goose bumps to her flesh. She stood there her eyes close waiting for more but it never came. Before she would have been happy but not now, not at this moment, she craved him, she wanted no she needed his touch. Dear god what was happening to me, she asks herself trying to get a grip but it just wasn't happening. Something was pulling her to this man, like a moth to a flame and he was the flame and she was the moth about to be burn.

Do you like the view? He asks getting her to open her eyes to see he was on the balcony. Angel nodded at first then realizes she better speak since he did ask a question. Yes I do, she said as she moved to join him keeping a good grip on the towel this time. You have a beautiful home. It isn't hard to see why you chose this spot to live, looking out at the land then up at the sky to see the moon shining down on them with the stars looking like diamonds. Nights like this are for lovers, she said to him when she felt him pull her to him. Her breath caught in her lungs as his lips brushed hers before he placed a very passionate kisses on her. She didn't know what to do especially when she felt as if he didn't know what he was doing so she stiffen up not from the kiss but for the thought that he wasn't kissing her but someone else.

When he looked at her, really looked at her she could see he realize what was happening and she knew what was coming next. How did you do that? He asks. I didn't you did she wanted to say but didn't. She knew it, she knew he blame her for what he did or didn't realize he was doing. Swallowing her fear to run, she stood there waiting to accept her punishment but nothing came. Only aloud thump form something hitting the ground. Looking up she saw he was gone. Turning she realizes the door never open, so where did he go she ask herself as she moved to the railing. How? This wasn't possible she said as she saw him moving away from the house. No one could make that jump. Not without breaking almost every bone in their body, if not all. Angel looked in shock as he walked away without looking back. Who are you? She mutters as she watches him vanish from sight.

Angel stood there a bit longer hoping he would return to let her explain it wasn't her. Would he believe her? Would he believe he did it and not her? Sighing she knew it was no use he had already blamed her and it was his word over hers. She turns and headed back into the room. She started to close the door to the balcony then realize maybe he wanted them open. Breathing deeply she headed to the bed. Like always she was sleeping naked. Removing her towel, she slipped under the covers. It was never her choice to sleep naked, it was Luke’s he made the choice for her. He said she could never run away if she were naked and he was correct she wouldn't but the truth was she wouldn't have ran away because she had no one to run to. Now it as just more comfortable to be naked when she slept plus no one has offered her anything to wear so naked it is. Laying there she tried to understand how someone could live after jumping that far. The last thought as she drifted off to sleep was of his kiss, his touch and how it felt to be in his arms.

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Henri hit the ground and was off running this woman was causing him to remember Elanya like she was her. Her touch, her scent they were hers but yet they were Elanya's as well. What about this woman did this, how was she connected to his long lost love. Henri ran, he kicked in his speed and ran he needed to exert some control over the situation.

In the shadows he stood out of nphase with time but yet in phase with it. He had learned over the years how to hide himself. He had learned how to slide his conscience into that of others using them as his heyes and ears and sometimes his mouth. He could make them do as he said. He watched as the man that he had thought would die ran through the woods towards the lake that he had taken his mate from so many years long past. Jagang stepped back into the dark and disappeared.

Henri stopped at the lake and sat at the bench that marked where she was taken from. He had gradually built this lake area up since it was their area and he would never leave it. Henri sat there and then decided to do some meditating. He closed his eyes and sat cross legged on the ground overlooking the lake. He stared out at the lake letting his mind wonder, it traveled to Elanya. He could see her perfectly along with her family. Her family, thats right She had a twin sister.

As soon as that registered with him, he blacked out and was transported somewhere he knew not where. He looked around and began walking, it was the lake area but was back when he was with Elanya. He walked and she stepped out from behind a tree and surprised him. She looked like Elayna in every detail except her attitude was totally different. She was a she wolf in heat all the time and she had made a vow to Elayna that she would have her man. Melina walked up to Henri and kissed him passionately and started to manhandled his cock. It was already large for its size but her hands made it grow even larger. She dropped down to her knees and pulled his cock out and began to suck him for all that she was worth. The whoe time she had been working her panties off. He looked at who he thought was Elayna and watched as she pulled him down and straddled him, never once making a sound to give herself away. She rode and rode Henri taking what was hers and leaving none for Elayna. Unbeknowst to either one of them Jagang was watching thinkiung as well that it was Elanya and Henri. Just as Henri came Jagang struck. Thats when things changed yet again.

Her mother stepped out, Henri, It was Melina that took you not Elanya and she is still alive find her, Save her. A locket fell to the floor where she was standing. This will help but only when the time is right and you have her broken will this make her yours in all aspects. You just have to find her now. But beware a dark shade from your past hunts her as well and it is not alone. Henri picked up the locket and was sitting there meditating with it in his hands. He had an idea but was not sure just yet. He got up and began to walk when a couple of mountain lions attacked him.

Henri struggled as he was not expecting the attack, they had him down and sliced up before he finished them off. Henri lay there bleeding on the ground.

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The night air was cool to Angel skin as she pulled at the cover to keep warm. Tossing and turning as if in a nightmare, Angel dreams were empty and dark or was it. Breathing rapidly Angel jump from her sleep sweating as if she was running from something or someone. Looking around the room she remember where she was. Angel couldn't understand why she was so frighten it was just a dream. Lying down again Angel grumbles when she realizes she wasn't going to remember her dream or why it frightened her so much. Angel stared at the ceiling for what seem like hours before she drifted off to sleep again or so she thought. Angel... a soft voice said as the wind blew over her causing a chill.

Angel sat up and looked around the room. She knew she was alone so she shook her head and lied down when it happens again. Henri needs you Angel, the voice said. Mama… Angel said when she shook her head. It couldn't be she had no mother. Angel jumped from her bed, moving to the bathroom she grab the only thing she had to wear. She couldn't shake the feeling the man … Henri needed her. If that was his name since he never told it to her, if not then her friends would pay for her disobedient.

Moving to the window she realize she wasn't going down that way. Damn it this isn't going to be good, she said looking at the door. If you can't be a good example at least be an excellent warning, she said trying to remember who told her that. Moving to the door she pared out to see where the guard was. Sighing she started to feel bad for what she was about to do. I’m sorry, she said hitting the guard with a lamp. Running pass the guard, she descended the stairs quickly as she bolted out the front door causing the house alarm to sound. Sorry… sorry… sorry she kept saying as she followed her gut, not really she just remembered the way the man went.

Angel could hear the men giving chase but she couldn't stop she couldn't get capture not yet not when he needed her. Running towards sounds she felt something grabbing her shirt. Looking back she saw one of the wolves ripping at the fabric as she pulled away. Noooo… please, he needs me she said when she fell over something. Looking down she saw the man cover in blood. Angel knew she be naked but she couldn't let him bleed to death. Removing the shirt she wore she used it to cover his wound when she felt herself being jerked to her feet. YOU will pay for this his friend said with anger. Please...she pleaded. Punish me later but now he needs us Angel said pointing to the man on the ground.

John glances to where she was point to see Henri laying on the ground. He released Angel and moved to his friend side. Hold on Henri he said as he instructed some of the men to help him carry Henri back to the compound. Angel did her best to keep up with the men as they carried him into the med lab. She moved to follow when the door was closed in her face. Angel felt eyes on her as she waited for someone to emerge from the room. Angel did not move from her chair as she kept her eyes only on the door when it open and John emerge with a blanket; take this, he said handing it to her.

Her trembling hands still cover in the man’s blood took the blanket and covered her nude body. Is he OK? She asks looking at the man with tears in her eyes. John step towards her but she stood her ground. Yes he is thanks to you. Take her back to her room, he said to the guard. no… clearing her throat.... No, please let me stay with him, Angel said causing the men to look at her astonishingly. John couldn't believe she was this brave. Smiling he nodded as the door open and some of the men came out carrying the man. She followed behind them as they took him to his room.

Entering his room Angel couldn't believe how breathtaking it was. She somehow thought it would look like an unkept man cave. Angel was looking around when she heard the man's friend speaking. The doc said he would be OK just need to rest. Angel couldn't stop herself. She moved towards the man as if something or someone was pulling her. Looking over his body she marble and how he looked as if he was healing before her eyes. Who are you? She asks when she felt a shock from touching him. Everyone left the room except for John; go shower Angel, he said as she looked at the blood on her hands. Nodding headed towards her room when John stopped her. You can use his, he said. There are some fresh shirts in his closet. Angel knew the man didn't want her leaving the room. Maybe he wasn't sure she wouldn't run and she wouldn't she gave her word. As you wish, she said going into the man, Henri bathroom. She bath, dried then dressed in one of his shirts… it was big on her but she loved the feel of it against her skin. Emerging from the bathroom she found the room dark. Looking around she realize no one was there but them. Moving towards his bed she climbed in pulling the cover over them both. Not wanting to hurt him she kept some distances from him as she drifted off to sleep.

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Henri lay there he saw everything that had happened and had seen Angel leading them to him. She had lead help to her master, only she did not know that he was her master yet, he would have to teach her. He rolled over and felt a woman in his bed he began to caress the flesh that was bare in the bed with him. He ran his hands over the taunt ass and tight abs that made him begin to grow. He had not experienced a massive hard on in ages and he was growing rather hard touching what was with him. He pushed his hard on between the ass cheek of the woman and reached around and began to rub her breasts they were a nice sixe his hands that were big fit them well, the nipples under his palms grew hard as well. He began to work the nipples in his fingers then ran a hand down to the wet hairy patch between her legs, HAIR, this was not one of the older women this was a new untrained woman. He rolled slowlly out of bed and looked at the woman realising it was Angel.

She was not awake yet she was writhering where he had been playing with her. He walked into his closet and opened up the drawer where he kept his special items. Grasping 4 scarves and a big belt he walked back into the room and slowly and carefully tied her hands and feet to the bed with silk scarves. He made sure that she wa sin no way hurt by this but he had a few things tp do and knew that she may fight it. He called john in and told him, I need towels, shaving cream, nair, electric trimmers and a good razor! JOhn smiled, you going to personally take her hair boss Henri smiled, yes she is mine and I will see to her in all aspects, get the others done and bring me the other japenese girl with you and Valen as well! John smiled Yes sir!

Santina had been Henris maid for a very long time and he had been attracted to her so much that he had turned her in the peak of her alluring beauty. She walked in the room and smiled, I take it this on eis all yours, Finally a woman worthy of my man! She smiled at him and saw his cock. She is doing this to you bwith out touching you, She dropped to her knees and quickly began to suck on Henri, she worked him at a steady pace so that he would enjoy it. He pulled her head all the way onto his cock and shot a nice huge load of cum in her mouth that she swallowed with no problem at all. She stood up wiping her mouth and smiling. Thank you Santina, Gracias Mi'Lord!

Santina why don't you get that pussy of yours licked while i take care of my girl here, The woman crawled up and lowered her body down and hiked up her skirt revealing a pantiless shaven pussy. She lowered her pussy over Angel 's mouth as she woke up. Henri watched as she started to struggle, STOP! he leaned over the bed to where she could hear him, you will pleasure her pussy while i attend yours!

Henri set the trimmer to on and began to trim at the hair in and around her pussy, careully trimming it all away. Once he had the hair down he smiled as he applied Nair to the outside areas away from the pussy and waited for a few. He hoped that it would not hurt much, the girls before had only had brief pain nothing bad. He waited for the time and then wiped it off with warm cloth. He washed and lathered up the whole area, Santina was moaning as what ever angel was doing was causing intense pleasure. Henri took the razor and gently cleaned off any excess lather and hair. He smiled at his work, I think that is as smooth as a baby's bottom, he leaned down and began to lick the wet pussy, his tongue sliding deep into her, tasting her nectar. Henri then realised that she was a virgin. He smiled and sucked hard on her clit flicking his tongue over it as he nibbled on it at the same time.

Henri stood up and then slowly untied the ropes on her and let her free. YOu have been rewarded for saving me, you also will not be punished as you did not leave the area, yo uare free to go when you want, you may use my bathroom and shower again if you would like. Henri stepped to the door Santina please clean up the mess, Thank you Henri walked out with a smile on his face.

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It had been a long time since Angel had a good night rest. Even her fear of being punished couldn't keep her awake this night. Henri was safe; she wouldn't have to go back to that place or Luke’s. She couldn't understand why, why she’d rather be here then she thought it had to do with him, Henri. She felt safe even if she was a prisoner, maybe not prisoner maybe sex slave. Angel felt her body trembling even while she slept and a growing urge to spread her legs. As she struggled something or someone flashed in her mind a face making her struggle. It was him, the evil man he was after me again. Struggling she felt fear as she remember him dragging her from her home, her family and into the arms of Luke. She felt something holding her down as she had flashes of memories she suppressed so long ago.

Keep her hidden, she heard the man say. She is never to be touch in anyway. Here take this paper, show it to her when she wakens. Luke grumbles something about her not being his wife. I know she isn't your wife but if she thinks so she will never run, the evil man said. I know she the one and I sure that bitch hid her from me but you’ll be surprise what jealously will do between sisters. Angel watched them with sleepy eyes. He had giving her something to make her sleep but she was fighting the affects losing slowly. The evil man scooped her into his arms and carried her to what she knew as her old bedroom. He will never find you Elanya, he said rubbing her cheek. I know this is you, no one could never hide you from me, you’re mine, he whispered in her ear as she drifted off to sleep.

Tears rolled down her eyes as she fought to get free from this evil man. Sleep child sleep, I will not have you till you’re of age. Angel struggled with her nightmare as her eyes sprung open. STOP! He leaned over the bed to where she could hear him; you will pleasure her pussy while I attend yours! Angel realized she was bound and at the mercy of her new capture. She wanted to tell someone she wasn't married to Luke that it was all a lie made up by the evil man. Still frighten from her dream she did as commanded. Dear god what is he doing to me she thought as she closed her eyes and worked on the woman that was sitting on her face. Angel wasn't sure if she was doing it correctly, she felt the woman rocking back and forth but it was the sounds she made that caused her to worry. Opening her eyes she saw the woman gripping the bed tightly and smiling. Angel figure she was doing it correctly but if she wasn't she would keep trying till she was. She didn't want her friends punished for her mistake.

Unexpectedly something moved though Angel; her nipples harden in response to the fire started deep within her body. She moaned for the first time as she began to understand why the woman was smiling. Yes, yes, yes she thought as she closed her eyes trying to control her body. More please more, she thought as her body thrust forward for his face but her mind didn't. It was telling her, she wasn't supposed to be enjoying being taken, being raped. Angel mind was at war with her body. One part of her wanted him to stop and the other wanted more as the feeling spreading though her like a wildfire. She was battling herself when a sharp pain hit her. Angel stiffens as a single tear rolled down her face, this was it she thought she was about to lose her innocent and like this. When the woman came in her mouth, Angel knew she had as she felt something warm and creaming flowing into her mouth. Angel braced herself for what the man was about to do when she felt him untying her bounds. You have been rewarded for saving me, you also will not be punished as you did not leave the area, you are free to go when you want, you may use my bathroom and shower again if you would like. Thank you he said to them or was it only for the woman.

Angel looked for the shirt she was wearing. There was no sign of it as she looked around the bed. Hmmm, that’s strange she thought. She knew she didn't remove it so who did and where did it go. Alex gave up as she moved towards her room. Please, the woman said to her in a very thick Latin accent. Angel turns back towards the woman. She could tell she wanted to say something but didn't. Angel nodded then moved to Henri’s shower. She did the same as before and showers slowly this time she did something she’s never done. She let her hand play with her clit. Angel moans for Henri as she found the spot he had awakened in her. Slowly she dove in and out of her wet pussy making herself moan for her capture or was he something more. She wanted him between her legs, when suddenly she felt a cold touch.

You’re mind the voice said as she looking into the eyes of the evil man. Angel screamed! You can’t be here, she said as she was able to free herself from his grasp, and running from the bathroom she turn to see him still following. I told you, you were mind and I meant that Elanya. You can’t hide from me no matter how deep she hides your memories your soul is still Elanya. Santina grab Angel as they ran from the room. They stopped at the guard and Santina spoke, there’s an intruder in Alpha room she said to him in her very thick accent. But the guard looked at them as if they had been drinking. The girl is mine the man said as he moved towards them. How did he find me? Angel asks herself as the guard and the man started to fight.

Santina pulled Angel down the other hall as her friends open their doors. Angel they said as John and Valen emerged. Santina pointed to the intruder. Just as Henri and other came up the stairs. SHE’S MINE, he growled at Henri. YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW WHO SHE IS… DO YOU!! The angry man vanished before them only to materialize behind Angel and her friends. The women scream as he reached out for them. Luke has paid for his betrayal. Do you want them to die for hiding you from me? I’m not yours she said backing up. Stay away from me. Then he notices the locket. Noooo… take that off. Angel didn't know how she got it or who place it around her neck but she wasn't going to remove it. Not when she could tell he feared it. No, she said as the man vanished. Angel felt someone grabbing her arm. Turning her eyes met his. Henri, she said softly with a beautiful smile. Why are we here? She asks jumping into his arms kissing him very passionately. Who are all these people? She asks blushing. Angel looked at Henri as the locked fell from her neck.

Angel release him and step back. I’m sorry, she said out of fear. Please forgive me, she said struggle trying to remember what she done. Looking at them the fear took hold as she ran passed them back to her room knowing somehow she just did something wrong but what. Hiding in her room she wonders how they had gotten her locket. That evil man kept appearing. How did he know where to find her? How did he get in? How did he vanish like that? Angel had so many unanswered question but fear and tears had taken hold of her causing her shutter and cry uncontrollably, when the man appear before her again. I will kill you before I let him have you Elanya. I did all that work to hide you from him for you only to end up in his arms. Two souls in one body where only one can live, he said moving toward her causing her to scream. Don’t touch me; she said moving away from him. YOU’RE MINE; he yelled slapping her so hard it knocked her human fragile body into Henri’s room. Landing she looked up to see she was at Henri's feet. Coughing up blood she softly spoke, I'm sorry,then she clasped.

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Henri had left her with Santina and had went to his office to watch what she did. He smiled when she went into the bathroom and took a shower in his bathroom again. She wa sin there for some time before she came out, She must have played with the freshly shaved pussy. He chuckled She came out and headed to her room and thats when all hell seemed to hit the fan.

As he watched the monitors they all fuzzed out and then came back in, What the hell was that? He had worked and bought the best technology that money and brains could gather. He had some top research and development people working for him and something had caused his security system to fuzz out. When it came back on he wathed the cameras and found that each was working fine. In the hall way outside his room was a fight between one of his guards and smme man that should not be that far in the mansion or in his room for that matter. Henri was out his door running.

Henri was running with men behind him and as he came up the stairs he saw Angel and Santina running to the womens hallway where John and Valen were coming out of with the other girl he had asked for. SHE’S MINE, he growled at Henri. YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW WHO SHE IS… DO YOU!! Henri looked at the man, there was someting familiar about him. Then he was gone. Suddenly he was behnd the women as they started to scream and scatter he reached for Angel yet again, Luke has paid for his betrayal. Do you want them to die for hiding you from me? I’m not yours She backed away from him as he came on, Stay away from me. Then he noticed something about her. Noooo… take that off. No, she said as the man vanished. Henri grabbed her arm, she turned and as her eyes met his. Henri, she said softly with a beautiful smile. Why are we here? She asks jumping into his arms kissing him very passionately. Who are all these people? She asks blushing. Henri was confused this seemed to sound like Angel but she spoke like Elanya would and had. Angel looked at Henri as the locked fell from her neck.

Instantly she was on the floor out of his arms running away from him. He looked at John and Valen, WHO WAS THAT AND HO DID HE GET IN?Henri was livid as to who this was and why did he look so damn familiar. Henri headed to his room he figured she would be hiding in hers as that was where she turned. FIND OUT HOW HE GOT IN AND WHY WE DID NOT KNOW. There were multiple Yes Sirs as he walked into his room.

As he walked in he heard a lound noise form her room as ahe came bursting through his door but not the easy way, She lay there with blood on her lips as Henri growled at the man that was standing in her room. As Henri walked into the room the man began to laugh, You still do not remember me, you do not know who she is! This is too delightful! The man stepped quickly up and jab a hard shot to Henri solar plexus, He walked over and grabbed up Angel. This must seem so familiar to you! As he started to fade something happened around him and he screamed dropping Angel to the floor, Henri's eyes were glowing as the man stared at him. I would have never know who you were if you had not made that comment Jagang. Henri stood up, glaring at the man, that was the first and quiet possibly the last mistake you made! He clenched his fists together and started to glow his eyes turned a bright gold color and he raised his hands at Jagang and blasted him, I have learned a few thinks since then! Jagang screamed and disappeared. Henri picked Angel up and began to walk to the med center.

Angel's breathe should be ragged and foamy but its not. If she was a normal human then she would be more injured than what she seems. He walked into the lab with her in his arms. Mina where do you want her? The woman popped her head up from her work and moved with speed, right here boss! Henri admired this woman Mina was very good at her job. Run all the tests, there is something special and something different about her, Find it! I have things to do! Henri walked out headed for the lake, he knew what he needed to do and for now it would have to work.

Henri reached the lake and sat in his meditating spot, but he did not meditate this time. Henri looked into himself for the area that he had kept locked up for a few hundred years now. Henri concentrated on what he wanted and began to see it in his minds eye, he closley examined it and found it to be flawless, it would do the job that he needed. Once he was set he pushed the construct out from his body stretching it and forming it to fit the massive area that he wanted it to fit. She would be safe from every one outside that barrier and that man would not be back in it again. Once it was the size he wanted he set it to the place upon where he was sitting. No one could do anything to it except him. He stood up and began his walk back.

Unbeknownst to Henri a raven sat up in the tre above him watching all that went on. Jagang spoke out loud to himself. You may have stopped me from getting in there but my mind can still reach towhere it needs to and I can watch what goes on.

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The evil man that hunted her nightmares and destroyed her life as a child was back to destroy it again. All Angel felt was fear but something in her wanted to fight to make him know she was no longer that child he ripped from her world so long ago. Now many would have thought she was crazy for fighting for her life but not her not if death would claim her as it prizes. But somehow she knew that wasn't going to happen anytime soon not if he had his way. The last thing she remembers was falling at Henri feet. The man she kissed and what a kiss it was but why had she done it. She was back to having emotional conflicts with her life and the life she was ripped from. She was not hiding in her room from the man but from Henri and what she had done in front of his people. His look was so overwhelming to see. He looked surprised, confused and a bit unhappy at what she had done. Getting to her room was all she could think of when the evil man’s attacked again this time without warning injuring her small human body or was it human. Angel life was about to be turn upside down again the question is can the man that had her now handle the truth.

Angle wanted to struggle free of what she thought was the evil man’s grip but she couldn’t move her body need to heal even in his arms…. His arms… there was something comforting about these arms, these arms that held her to his chest and the sound of his beating heart rung through her sleeping mind. How could she feel safe? How could these arms, the arms that killed her family. Angel wanted to stay where she was with... can’t think of that her dazed mind said as she wonders. Was she somewhere new? Were her new friends safe? Had he decided it was time to claim her as his? Boy your mind could drive you nuts when you’re unconscious or was she.

Angel felt being placed on something struggling to open her eyes she saw the face of a beautiful woman. Please… was all she could say as her mind went dark again. Shhh! You rest now. You’re safe, Mina said to the girl while she watched Henri leave the lab. Mina looked down at the girl with a familiar look on her face. Have we met before, she asks the unconscious girl. Mina was one very smart were. Maybe to smart, sometime that would get her into trouble but everyone knew Henri had a soft spot for her. Mina loved medicine that’s why she held two doctorates. One as a MD, that way she could give back to the pack she loves so dearly and ensure they were always healthily. The other was in forensic anthropology, she love the study of bones and what better people to study then her own kind.

Mina did as she was ask, taking blood then analyzing it in her machines. While the machines were doing their job she examines Angel trying to be as gentle as she could. Mina was almost done when she came across a small mark at the base of Angel hair line. So small she almost missed it. It’s looked like a birthmark but on closer inspection it was a symbol of something. Hmm … I've seen this before she said covering the girl with a warm blanket. Henri will bring you something to wear when he returned so no need in redressing you in that bloody shirt you had on, Mina said to the unconscious girl. Mina loved her place in the pack as the doctor. It allowed her to interact with the pack and be alone if she wanted without looking antisocial. While the girl slept and the machines were analyzing the blood, Mina took a picture of the girl and her mark then she moved to her computer and her books to see if she could in some way identify them both and to see why she felt as if she knew the girl.

Angel moans softly as her eyes slowly open. Greeted with soft lights and a comfortable bed she thought she had been taken from Henri’s compound. Noooo… she said softly when she heard the same soft voice answer. Shhh… it’s ok, Angel heard again causing body relaxed. Slowly the woman came into view. Well hello there, the woman said with a bright and beautiful smile. You’re safe, Henri brought you here. Here is the Medical Lab. He asks me to examine you to make sure nothing is broken or damage. Don't worry you seem to be healing nicely for a human but I am running some test to make sure. I hope you don’t mind.Angel shook her head no. Good, my name is Mina, can you trust me enough to tell me your real name. Angel turned away from the woman. She hadn't trusted anyone in a long time why should she start now. It's OK we can work on the trust if you like, Mina said as she sat down next to Angel. Placing the images she took on the bed she took Angel hand. I can’t help you if you can’t find some way to trust someone.

Angel turned back to the woman who was sitting at her side. This was the first time in a long time anyone asked her anything instead of telling her or forcing her to do something. The woman Mina had a gentle touch just right for a healer and the way she spoke to Angel made her feel at ease. We know there is something different about you Angel. Henri just wants to know what it is in order to keep you safe. Could they be trusted Angel ask herself. Mina could see the worry in Angel eyes. Mina moved to close the door to her med lab then turn and smiled at Angel. I little privacy would be nice don’t you think she ask giving Angel a wink and a smile. Mina could see the girl was still a bit nervous. I promise no one will enter that door. Well that is no one but Henri. Angel for the first time in a long time smiled, thank you she said. You’re welcome Mina replied.

I can’t remember my name, Angel said to Mina. I was a young girl when this man stole me from my family. He said I was stolen from him, pulling me into his arms the evil man told me he’d been searching the world for me and that he won’t be denied what is supposed to be his. I can’t say how long I was out when I woke up living with Luke and his men. I have no family, no name, nothing she said as tears rolled down her cheek. Mina didn't know what to tell the girl when the first of her machines ding then the next one and another. Mina could see the girl was getting upset, don’t worry you aren't alone and Henri will not let that man have you. I’m going to give you something to help you rest. Angel couldn't stop crying when Mina gave her a sedative. Mina covered Angel with the blanket that had fallen to her waist exposing her ample and beautiful breast. Hmmm… you’re still a virgin she said wondering what was stopping Henri. He’s never let any woman leave his room untouched.

Mina moved to the first machine… match found. Wait I wasn’t looking for a match. Mina was confused as she moved to the second machine; it found a match to the image. Sitting down Mina started reading but it was hard to believe what she was reading.

Mina’s Notes….

Girl has total memory loss. I have a feeling the family or tragic she experience isn't real. The man that took her had her memory wiped and others place in her head so she wouldn't run or go looking for who or what she is. Angel doesn't know who… or what we are but I have a feeling she figured out we aren't human. Smart girl.

DNA reveals she’s an immortal but not just any immortal. DNA and the birthmark match the missing Elanya Corvinus. Not possible their images don’t match. Who is this girl? Mina circled that in red.

Mina was about to finish reading and making notes when someone knocked at her door. Enter! A cute young pup enters the lab. Ma’s in labor doc she said giving her a toothless grin making her laugh. Mina grabs her medical bag and moved towards the door. Stopping next to the girl she makes sure she was still cover. Do not worry we’ll figure out who you are she said as she moved to the door forgetting to shut down her computer or putting away the notes she wrote. But she knew the girl was safe with the guard outside the door and no one dared enter her lab without her being there well no one but Henri he was the alpha. If any harms come to that girl you will not like what I do to you, Mina said making the guard growl. You’re not the Alpha or his bitch. Go do your job and keep your mouth shut, he said to Mina. Mina smiles; it’s your funeral not mine, she said leaving to deliver pups.

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25 Re: Life's Changes on Fri Nov 30, 2012 5:15 pm

As Henri walked off the Raven took flight and slowly almost lazily as if it had no care in the world. It followed as Henri made his way back towards the mansion. Along the way he decided to stop at the wolves den to see how they were doing. There was a litter do soon and he thought he would stop by and see to them. He thought about picking one up to give to Angel, he thought that she would like some one she could trust. Henri arrived just after the birthing of about 5 pups. He looked at the male and it seemed to beem wth pride. Henri lookd over the pups and smiled picking out a pure white one. He did not take it at the moment but mentally told the male what he wished to do with the pup. It nodded its head.

Henri walked slowly away towards the house when he heard a young one saying his mother was delivering again. Henri tried tomake it to all the births so he had to swing by this one as well. Henri headed tothe house and thought along the way that there was something special about Angel. He needed to find out what it was before he began her training.

Henri walked into the house and then realsied that the family having the birth was out in a smaller place and he walked that way thinking about Angel. She for some reason was on his mind alot, especially after the thing with the necklace. He thought about Jagang as well. As he did he could feel the rage build in him towards the man, Henri's wolf growled as he came upon the house and heard Mina's voice saying push. Henri had no children of his own he had made the decsion that he was to never have any because Elanya was not there. Now that had all changed with this Angel, there was something that sparked interest in him.

Finally Mina walked out and smiled as she saw Henri! You are in for a surprise!She grabbed his arm and said, Come on I have some things to to show you! Mina was one of Henri's most trusted people and one of the only nwomen that he let control him at all. He smiled as she steered him towards the big house. As they walked Henri watched her body, she was well built and stimulated him enough that he would grow, as she was doing now. As they walked he stepped up behind her and reached around grasping her breasts. She sucked in air as he did thsi, her nipples grew at his touch. he pulled open her shirt and lifted her bra up and began to roll her nipples, as he nibbled on her nake. Her hands made they way between their bodies and she unzipped his pants and began to fondle his cock. Henri moaned as she worked his cock, being a doctor gave her an idea where men liked to be touched and how, she used that knowledge very well on him. To his happiness she only used her charms on him these days, He had told her she couldl find a mate but she chose to do her thing the way she had and with him, like now.

MIna smiled and said, Henri Some one will see!He lifted her roughly and stepped off the side of the roan and as he set her down she dropped her pants and leaned over a tree tha twas laying there waving her ass at his member. Henri walked over and pushed the head of his cck into her. She moaned as he sat there on the edge of shoving in and just enticing her. He needed this and pushed on into her. Mina moaned in pleasure as he filled her full and strecthed her hot wet pussy out. Henri began thrusting in a steady pace. He was not trying to hurt her but yet needed to work out his frustrations. In and out slid his cock out of her pussy, she was so wet that as his balls banged against her pussy they made a squishing noise. Henri picked up the pace and she screamed out as the orgasm hit her hard, she shook and shivered and Henri kept right n pounding into her. he held her up because she was not able to hold herself up any longer. Henri kept her impaled on his cock as he worked her around and spun her on his cock so that he could see her pleasure. She looked at him through raptured eyes as he pounded in and out of her. Henri got a weird look in his face as pulled out and shot his load all over her stomachMina lay there for a moment. A little pent up were we? She sat up as he stepped back chuckling and zipping his pants up, Yeah I guess I was!

She stood up and pulled up her pants and pulled down her bra and shirt. She took his hand and said come on I have something that you have tosee, You will be surprised i think! They headed to her lab where she had information that would halp, she hoped!

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